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I MISS YOU TOO. i think about you whenever i play animal crossing lmao

SAME let me know if you need any golden furniture i have some extra pieces because cyrus keeps making me duplicates. i sent you an ask the other day and wasn’t sure if it went through, but i didn’t want to like send another one or anything because WHAT IF TOO MUCH ASKS or if you just didn’t have the time/energy/etc. to answer lately, im really unlucky with tumblr glitches and really unlucky with awkwardness which is like the lose/lose combo of social media communications

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Oh so it’s wrong to believe that all people deserve At least one chance ? I don’t mean chance as in taking a ride with him or even talking to him , I mean give him a fucking chance by telling him to back off before being an asshole.

i have already outlined some reasons why i think that your recommended approach might be a bad idea for my situation with this particular person, but okay. what the hell. let’s practice it your way for now. one chance.

please back off, tumblr user alloutoffuckstogivethisweek.

you’re right i really do feel like much less of an asshole now.