Taken and Miserable

"Zhe hell you cry to Andy? He doesn’t want you, why you can’t just accept it?!"

Yeah. The cold truth. Which came from someone, Robin didn’t need to hear it from. Robin had been on his way back to the base, he had went to buy more booze for himself, when someone had kidnapped him.
And it turned out, that someone, was this one BLU spy, his ‘best friend’ had been seeing. André.

He had heard from somewhere about Andy’s and Robin’s little fight couple days ago, when Robin told his feelings for Andy. And of course, this jealous and possessive bastard had thought that it needed to stop. He needed to stop it.
So he had kidnapped Robin. Very wise move. But at least he got Robin to understand and believe he had even less chances he had thought. And considering he already knew he had zero chances, André was doing a great job.

So André had kept Robin probably one day or less and some of the time Robin had been fainted. He was bleeding. Badly. His right arm didn’t move. His face, clothes, hair.. All covered in dirt and blood. He had almost zero energy left but he had to keep going. He had to get away.

So how did he get out? Well, André sort of let him. Said he was free to go but if he ever even looked at Andy like he was in love, André would come and kill him. Very nice.

Robin had been walking maybe one hour already. He was so tired. His other eyes had swollen and he couldn’t even keep it open. His legs had wanted to stop walking soo long ago, but Robin made them keep going. Shit.

He was near the base, he felt it, he saw some familiar trees and other stuff. When his legs just decided this was it. Robin leaned on the nearest tree with his hand, coughing blood, soon falling on his knees. Only if someone found him..

Vacation all I ever wanted

Justin threw the bags in the trunk, slamming it shut and leaning against the side of the car, staring at the front door seeming very annoyed. Yes, they were going on a little trip all the five of them, a little vacation did some good to all of them and it was going to be very nice little adventure… if they ever were going to leave. Since Robin and Andy seemed to think that they weren’t in any hurry and that Justin and others would wait them for hours when they were packing and being even slower than women in that job. 
"Seriously it can’t took that long" He groaned as he opened the door and sat on the driver’s seat, legs still being outside of the car and staring at the door like boys would magically appear if he did that long time enough. 
"Why is it always us waiting for them?" Justin complained, being pretty sure that if those two idiots weren’t about to soon appear he surely would go and get them, drag them from their necks and carry them into the car like a kidnapper. At least he had Joel and Lukas, those sweet boys who where always in time and never did anything wrong or stupid like those two morons. 

Andy laughed, he laid on his bed and he had no hurry to leave yet. He was still packing some clothes, but he had a huge problem deciding what he wanted to take with him. And the other problem was that for some reason he didn’t know how to pack clothes, or anything at all, in any bags. Everything he had decide to take with him was just tossed inside the bag so it was already almost full of stuff even though there wasn’t really anything at all. 
"Why Justin didn’t do this for me.. I’m too lazy to do this, it’s borin’ and dull and seriously we have to sit HOURS in a car… what the heck am I going to do there?" He asked and got up from his bed, wandering back to his bag and continuing the packing, even though it was very slow. It didn’t help much when Robin was goofing around him like a one big moron and kept Andy’s thoughts away from the packing. 
It would take forever before they got to leave. “Dadda Justin is probably goin’ nuts at mo, don’t cha think?” He grinned, knowing how easily annoyed Justin was when they had to wait for Andy and Robin. After all these years they still hadn’t get used to waiting those two, even though it happened like, always.

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have I ever told you how much I love your text ;n; I miss those nightmares! oh and want to rp ? c: this sounds interesting!]

Aww thank you. :) I really appreciate that. I really ought to get back to writing Frightful Fridays someday. It’s just Uni had been taking up a lot of my time and writing priority.

And sure thing. I actually will be posting up an Open starter for this if you wanted to check that out too. :) )) 

I'm a survivor, I'm not gon give up

Robin had been walking some hours now. Bleeding, all sweaty and dirty. His wounds must been inflamed since they were open and Robin was sweaty and dirty.
Where had he been then? Well that was an interesting question.

A week ago, he had a fight with his best friend Andy, because Robin told him about his feelings and Andy didn’t response to them. So Robin had isolated himself, stayed alone, no matter who tried to get him out of his room. He only left when he needed booze. And that, he needed, a lot.
Well one night he was coming back to the base when someone knocked him down and the next thing he knew, he was sitting on some chair, hands tied up together behind his back and a BLU spy standing in front of him, hitting his face again.

Apparently André wasn’t too happy about Robin’s feelings for Andy. No big surprise..
Well Robin had been there a day, or two? He didn’t even know. When André left to take care or something, Robin had escaped. Of course it was hard, but not impossible..

Robin had no idea where he was so he has been walking around couple hours now, he was tired and he just wanted to sleep, or better, die. Yes, he wanted to die. He hated everything so much. And he missed Andy. Damn he missed him!

But it was too late now. He couldn’t ever have Andy. And André made it pretty clear.


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Weeel yanno.. I’m open to anythin’. As always. Name what ya want. *Little grin* How’s Joel btw?

Anythin’? Is it too early to go to bed already? *grins and winks at him* I hear that yer penis is back *gropes him to be sure* Yup. There it is, ahh, I missed it already.. *laughs but then looks at Rob, looking pretty serious* I think he’s bettar *shrugs* at least he’s smilin’

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*wakes up at 11:20 am and listens the messages* *calls andy* “hey the hell I just woke up, Kyo gave me strong sleeping pills because of the pain I had last night, shit, where are ya man?”

*answers* “I don’t know dude..” *looks around* “Somewhere on the road, I think-.. ?” *frowns* “I think I’m lost… umm, help? oh, boring! I didn’t have as much fun as always last night without cha!”