in honour of me hitting 1k and opening up the teenswolfnetwork, i’m doing my first ever follow forever!!!! I want to thank everyone who’s ever followed and supported me throughout my time here on tumblr omg you guys are brilliant and i love you all so much <3 

there are a few people i have to thank specifically, because you guys are the serious lights my life omg:

lotta: you were one of my first friends on tumblr, and i know we don’t talk much, but you will always have a special place in my heart forever and ever

edgar: you were my other first friend on tumblr and introduced me to the world of fandoms. i love all the edits you’ve ever made, and despite us not talking anymore, you still mean so much to me and without your or lotta’s friendship, i might have never stayed on tumblr for as long as i did <3

olivia: you are one of the most friendly people i have ever met!!! i know we don’t talk much anymore, but i still love with with all that is my soul and love <3 i will always love you dearly omg

beth: hello u rascal of a perfect person u!!!! gosh i remember when weused to text all the time and talk about things gosh i love it :) you are perfect and you know i love you dearly and we defo need to start talking again <3

rena: u are one of my favourite people in this work!!! stop using his hips against me u already make me cry enough stop it ok but dont actually stop i love looking at his hips they’re so mesmerising sigh

laura: bby i know we just started getting close, but i love talking to you and you are such a perfect person god i can’t even describe how great and important you are to me and i love you forever and forever omgggg

some of my new friends that you must adore otherwise u will not get visits from the unicorn of rainbow and sexyland:

arny: he’s actually god in disguise don’t let him fool u he has begun to supply my fix addiction so he is awesome and u can’t have me only me can have him line up ok

emily: she’s actually a siren she’ll pull you in and u can’t leave and its great and then you’ll be addicted just me and then BOOM ayyyy happy times forever

liz: she introduced me to arny and emily and is currently feeding my terrible addiction to stereo fan fiction so I’m convinced she’s a goddess in disguise and no one can change my mind otherwise ok

banna:  whats this i see its a hot person oh shit run away oh look its a great blog and also 1000% perfect and hot person oh shit i died looking too long ayyyy

i just realised a horrible thing i’m awful at keeping in contact with people jfc what is wrong with me i need to learn to keep better contact with people i’m a horrible person kill me

i also need way more people to add to this list because i am a bad person 

now i shall move on to people i adore on my dash and can never get enough of because im a horrible stalker and i love people and their butts


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i’m not sure if everyone is on there, and if i missed you, i’m really sorry!!! please forgive me!!!! and gosh this has been an amazing journey so far!!! 

and now enter my excessively long blogroll ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

which hasnt been cleaned in forever <3

I was tagged by carstairsopium ;)

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Ever been to a concert before?

Yes! I went to see Justin Timberlake and Cody Simpson.. eehehee


Last book you read?

The book thief yo

Favorite fictional character?



Favorite restaurant? idk


What countries have you been to, if any?

I went to france, mexico, united states and cuba. :)


What are you most looking forward to in 2014?

the summer holidays ehehehhehhhe.


Ever been in a relationship?



Favorite subject in school?



Favorite game? idk!


Favorite season?



Weirdest dream?

I make a lot of weid dreams but idk


  1. What’s your otp?
  2. what’s your worst subject at school?
  3. How old is your blog?
  4. What’s your notp?
  5. Favorite book series?
  6. What is your worst fear?
  7. Favorite tv show?
  8. idk what to ask anymore
  9. eheh
  10. ehehheh

Okay so I recently hit 1K (which is crazy thank you so much) and when I asked you guys what I should do to celebrate a lot of people voted a follow forever so here goes:)

Thank you so, so much to everyone who follows me you mean the absolute world to me I can’t thank you enough. These are all the people who make tumblr such an amazing place for me and fill my dash with the best posts ever so if you don’t follow any of the people on here I fully recommend you do, my tumblr wouldn’t be the same without all you guys-


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