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  • Who was the one to propose: Stiles is super nervous about it, but he planned everything so it shouldn’t be a problem. But when the time comes he starts babbling and babbling, Malia is confused at first until she realizes what he’s trying to do and stops his babbling kissing him and saying “Marry me, Stiles” and he’s all like “I was the one who was proposing to you” but Malia kisses him again and they smile at each other.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Malia doesn’t want a big and fancy wedding, she isn’t really the type to stress over it, so Stiles wants everything to be perfect, but Malia in the end convices him that a small cerimony with their friends and his father is all she wants.
  • Who decorated the house: they decorated it together. They experimented a lot while panting the walls to find the perfect colour. Malia moved all the furniture around the house (even the couch with Stiles sat on it - he had an heart attack at first, but she had a lot of fun xD).
  • Who does the cooking: Stiles, but Malia likes to help him. Sometimes he teaches her to cook something but it usually ends up with the kitchen being a mess. Despite this, Malia never gives up and Stiles always smiles saying “it’s progress”.
  • Who does the cleaning: Stiles does the laundry and makes the bed, Malia is really energetic when it comes to the floor cleaning and cleaning the windows - especially if she can climb the wall outside. Of course Stiles always worries when she does that.
  • Who is more organized: Stiles, but Malia learns a lot from him - they have a similar way of organizing things.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Malia. She’s really direct about it - and we know that Stiles likes “lot of it”. He has a more sweet approach. He likes to put her hair behind her ear and strock her cheek and then he comes closer slowly.
  • Who suggested kids first: they start a conversation about it one day, they talk about which names they would give to their children, how many children they want - and Stiles says he can’t wait to have some of their own - at that point Malia brings him to their bedroom.

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allinmyfeels replied to your post:Bracing myself for tonight’s episode of Twisted…

uhh i’m def not expecting dacey sexy time in tonight’s episode

Yeeeeeeah my feelings when from “IT MIGHT HAPPEN OMG” to “Idk maybe?” And the funny thing is is that that had almost nothing to do with any changes in spoilers or whatever.