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Hello kittens!

As some of you may have noticed earlier, I attended the euroairdotcon in Milan last weekend. I’m gonna tell you all about it a bit later on. But first, since I promised, here is a list of tumblr blogs of (hopefully) most of the lovely people who attended!


allineedislol / awesome-tomato / benedictspromise / biancaicaras / bioc / blakkat23 / bluejaywi / bowl-of-glow / cabincrewcreativity / calliatra / cherrybake-wells / contaminatedbysilliness / donna-elvira-before-it-was-cool / edlynnstheatre / flavialikestodraw / forgodssakejohn / fuming-on-the-sidelines / halfapintcider / hellofcolours / highfunctioninggreentea / idrilearfalas / imrisah / itsperrac / iwanttotieyourshoe / johnfinnemoressouvenirprogramme / know-where-your-towel-is / lemonsaremydivision / letsrevitup


mainomene / mccoysm / mooninthewell / nilaza / not-sorry-enough / ohana / plushiebee / potemkinx / ravenclawesomer / redfrypan / rox712 / shadow-dream / stardustsherlock / stepfordgeek / the-travelling-hobbit / thebritishteapot / thefangirlfromhell / thelonelygraveofpaulashultz / thenizu / tj-teejay / tracionn / ultravioletness / wind-from-the-east / wingcommanderarthurshappey / you-know-nothing-of-javert

If you were there, but your url is missing, please contact me!

And just because I can: should you like fanfiction, check out my Cabin Pressure and Cabinlock ficrec lists. :) I’d also be very, very happy to receive fic recommondations from you guys!

Also. I’m really, really sorry if I end up not following you. I wish I could make a separate dash for you all. But I’m very picky on what I want on my only dash. So it’s not you, it’s me. I’m sorry. :( These days I rarely follow blogs that don’t tag nearly everything.

I was tagged :)
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I was tagged by thehumanbeing22

1. What would you do if you knew you were going to die next week?

I would travel to Japan and maybe go to London to visit the Sherlock museum. :)

2. What would you say if you had 10 minutes time to send a message trough television to the whole world?

I would tell them a really wierd and scary story to cause panic around the world and end it with “I’m just kidding with you! It was all a lie! Or was it?” >:)

3. If you could switch life with anyone, who would it be, and why?

I would want to switch life with Amy Pond so that I could travel with the eleventh Doctor in the TARDIS.

4. Your taste of music?

I don’t have a specific taste. I listen to almost everything.

5. if you could live in a movie/book/tv-serie, wich one would it be?

I can’t pick only one!!! It’s impossible! At the moment I would probably say Avengers because I’m obsessed with Loki right now. He’s just so asdsagdfg hot!

6. what do you think exist beyond the universe ( or at least beyond what we can see)

Well, I’m studying a lot of cemistry and biology so I would probably say vacuum filled with nothing but I like to belive that ther is something more.:)

7. Do you think there’s life on an another planet than earth?
I do hope so.

8. what’s your best childhood memory?

Hmm…I guess it’s when mum and dad gave me a “letter from Hogwarts” when I turned 11. I was sooo happy and when I realised that I wasn’t going to go to hogwarts, I got really disappointed. Evil parents…

9. what’s the color on your socks right now? 

I’m not wearing any socks.

10. how do you imagine me as a person?

You seem like an amazing person. And you’re from Sweden just like me! Hurray for the awkward swedes!

11. burn to death or drown?

Drown because I imagine that wouldn’t hurt as bad?

My questions:

1. Your OTP?

2. If you could pick any eye color, what would it be?

3. Favourite song (at the moment)?

4. Coffee or tea?

5. Worst habbit?

6. Would you ever consider cosplaying, why/why not? Or if you do it then why do you like it?

7. If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be?

8. Funniest dream?

9. Is there a fictional character you never expected to love as much as you do now?

10. Name 3 characters from 3 different fandoms and why you like/dislike them.

11. What are your goals in life?

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allineedislol said:

Hi! Please, can I ask you the gallifreyan translation for "Phylosophy" and "Alchemy"? I try, but I think I did a mess >.< No hurry! ^__^ Kisses and a happy new year!

Of course, dear!

I’m a little out of practice, so I apologize if these are not my best, but here’s “Phylosophy”:


And here’s “Alchemy”:


Let me know if these work for you - these are, of course, just my interpretation, so if you’d like the style of something changed, I’d be happy to do so. c:

Happy New Year to you too! <3