• Thing actual straight allies say:“If you’re homophobic I hope your kid turns out gay >:P”
  • Translation:“I hope a child is born into a hateful environment because the irony of the situation is more valuable to my concept of political wit than the safety of the people I claim to care about.”

21 supportive Bruce Jenner tweets that everyone needs to see

Despite the typical outrage from some, Bruce Jenner garnered plenty of support for his brave coming out interview from people everywhere, including family members, fellow athletes and LGBT celebrities. The support swelling around Jenner shows exactly how to be an ally.

(Note: Jenner has requested to use he/him pronouns and the name he was assigned at birth until a date to be determined.)

The fact that there are so many allies believing the A is theirs is so ironic to me. It’s for aromantic and asexual. By insisting the A is yours, you’re erasing an entire group of people from the LGBT+ community. You’re actively erasing queer people. If you insist on taking the A from me, then you are absolutely no ally to me because you are hurting us more than you are helping.

As a student council member at his high school, Anthony Martinez is often tasked with planning school dances. But the 17-year-old, who is gay, says that he “never [gets] asked.”

Until now, that is.

Martinez, who attends Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, shared on Twitter this week that he was asked to prom by someone entirely unexpected. It was his best friend, Jacob Lescenski – who is straight.

For the promposal, Lescenski (wearing camouflage pants in the photo above) created a banner with the words: “You’re hella gay, I’m hella str8. But you’re like my brother. So be my d8?”

This is rapidly going viral as a public, adorable act of allyship. Thoughts?

Terry Crews’ 4 easy steps to being a male ally 

Before one can outwardly identify as a feminist or male ally, they must address the internal forces holding them back. One such obstacle, according to Crews, is embracing gender fluidity. “Every man and every woman has both sexes in them … We have to embrace the duality that we are,” Crews told Dame, addressing how neither he nor his Brooklyn Nine-Nine character are afraid of their feminine sides. “When you embrace either side of who you are, if you’re a woman and you embrace that manly part of you, or if you’re a man and you embrace that female part of you, it makes you a really whole, wonderful person.”

Crews explains how to “walk the walk”

five ways to NOT be an ally to black people*

1. say the n word in front of them in any context or capacity.

2. ignore them or otherwise shut them down when they raise concerns about your non-black run “#blacklivesmatter” protest.

3. complain about how protests are pointless.

4. tell them they should be grateful for your support and that they need to stop being nitpicky.

5. changing the message to all lives matter.

*i have experienced all of these and y'all need to stop.

A statement from Marcus Golden’s family:

This is our son Marcus.  Marcus died unexpectedly on Wednesday January 14th when he was shot and killed by police in St. Paul, MN.  Our family is seeking support from friends and family to assist with the home going service and burial of our loved one.  

Marcus was born June 2, 1990 and was 24 years young.  His death came 5 months to the day after his older brother committed suicide.  Marcus was caring, loving, and loyal to the ends of the earth to his family and friends.  He loved his family with no strings, no limits, his smile was endless.  Caring with his whole heart and had a wonderful sense of humor.  

With losing two sons, 5 months apart, we have depleted our savings burying his older brother.  We would like to lay our son to rest with a proper service and burial and are asking everyone to please, even if you cannot donate financially, please share this.


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Did you know that allies are not part of the queer community? Regardless of how many A’s people try to put into LGBTQIA+, allies are supporters of the community, not part of it and the A is for Asexual (it can also be for aromantic, agender, and more!).