George Washington Motor Lodge - Allentown, Pennsylvania

George Washington Motor Lodge
Route 22 and N. 7 St. Extension
Allentown, Pa.
350 luxurious units. Complete with air conditioning, free hi-fi and T.V., wall to wall carpeting, room phones. Dining room, cocktail lounge, heated indoor pool and outdoor pool, sauna, bath. Complete facilities for banquets, meetings and conventions.


This is Brittney Marie Race. She is 15 years old and lives in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area. She is a student at the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute. She has been missing since the end of the school day on Monday, October 20, 2014.

Brittney has a wonderful family who loves her very much. In addition to her parents, she has an older sister named Jess and a newborn brother named Jacob. They are all very worried and praying for her safe return.

If you have seen Britt or have any information about where she is or who she is with, please, PLEASE either message me directly or call her mother, Kim, at 610-737-3674. 

Signal boost, please. Help bring my friend’s daughter home safely!

I know that some people are reluctant to reblog things like this in case it’s someone escaping an abusive environment or other dangerous situation. I just want to assure anyone who is hesitant for that reason that Britt’s parents are really, really good people. I have known her mother since we were six years old and she is one of the kindest people of my acquaintance. She loves her children more than anything and it kills me to see how scared and sad she is, so if you can help, please do.


The Yetis - Little Surfer Girl

Been day dreaming about the summer? Me too. Thusly, I can’t get enough of these guys, and this video they made “on one of the coldest days of the year” makes me excited about the sun. I’ve been hot on their Beach Boys sounds for a bit now, and I’m happy to see their first official video come out today. 

"We filmed this video in Surf City, NJ last summer and in Allentown at our practice space this winter. It was the second coldest day of the winter so far! This is totally why we wrote this song last winter!" Enjoy!


Scenes From Hess’s Department Store International Flower Show - Allentown, Pennsylvania

Fashion accessories from around the world are displayed with living plants and flower from the four corners of the earth, making Hess’s week-long International Flower Show an event long to be remembered. You’ll enjoy an adventure in shopping at Hess’s department store.


I’m looking forward to being at The Great Allentown Comic Con this weekend! If you missed me at NYCC, this would be a great event to swing by and visit.

Here’s my schedule. When I’m not running a panel/judging the costume contest, I’ll be at my table, free for chatting and photos, and with my collection of prints to sell. If you’ll be attending my panel, maybe think up a question or two, cause I love audience interaction!

On Saturday I’ll be debuting my personal redesign of Black Cat (heavy on the Adam Hughes/Terry Dodson influence, but more of a stylized bodysuit with thief-y additions I thought Felicia would have), and on Sunday I’ll be Rogue, either Xtreme or Legacy, I can’t decide.

Hope to see you there! :)