This is my first texture pack and idk if this is going to be helpful to anyone but i hope it is :)

Lots of people are wondering where to find images used on collages so i put together a pack of over 40 different textures to use. ((i didnt create any of the images, i just put them all together. credit goes to rightful owners))

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Download link - { mf }

Gif in picture tutorial

i suck at explaining but i’ll try my best okay so i just got asked to do a tutorial on this:

also if its for tumblr make sure the canvas is 500px in size. you might have to resize the background picture before you start.

1. find an image for the background (i chose the Bad Day album art) then copy then paste it into photoshop. before i went further, i rubbed out the original writing that said “justin bieber” and “bad day”

2. find a video you want to make as a gif. i searched youtube for a rain video then went to to download it. when you paste the link and the video loads, make sure you choose the highest quality to download

3. ok so go into photoshop, file > import > video frames to layers. then choose the video you selected and choose the part of the video you want as a gif (try not to make it too long).

4. then create your gif. if you don’t know how to make one,this is a good tutorial i would make around 20 frames all timed around 0.05 - 0.07. you’ll see on the left too that it might say once, change it too forever. i would also resize the gif to around 300px wide (you can change the size if its too big later on). 

5. once that’s done click the timeline button:

then go to the layers panel and select all of the layers. (right click and select “select similar layers” will select them all quickly). then right click again and choose “convert to smart object”

6. leave that for now and go back to the background image. select the part of the image you want the gif to be in using the magic wand tool:

so for mine, its the cloud. when the dotted lines appear around the part you want, just click delete and it will go, a bit like this:

afterwards click “ctrl” and “d” to deselect

7. now drag your gif so its next to the background image like:

then select the one layer thats on the gif window and drag it onto the background one (it will look like this):

8. then all you have to do is drag the gif layer under the picture layer and hey presto, it looks like this:

9. of course i added other things such as different text and a psd. also, if the gif is too big, select the layer then to to edit > transform > free transform. then just hold shift and drag the corner points in to make it smaller.

10. to save, go to file > save for web devices and just make sure its under 1k in size. this is how mine turned out:

any questions, just ask :)