It sucks horribly, but everything has been put on hold due to my recent surgery…but right when I heal up..holidays or NOT! It’s time to get this mixtape out because right before my surgery, i finished it!

It’s currently being mastered as I’m currently healing. And after I do so, it’s photoshoot/artwork time, video shoots and new singles released.

“So Versatile” [coming very soon].
Here’s “Back To The Basics”, off the tape. - for more.

Here’s a record of CHAZZY’s upcoming mixtape: So Versatile.
“Back To The Basics” [prod. by The Passion Hifi] 

“Dedicated. Hard-Working. Focused. Business Orientated. Only some of the words that describe this upcoming artist. Hailing from California, CHAZZY is the mere description of a hip-hop hurricane in motion. With his EP, I Am Music ranging widely from raw & rugged aggressive rap to club appeal-move that ass dance tracks, he describes his art as ‘real hip-hop’.

Continuously on the grind, he is now focusing on his 2nd EP "Better Than Enough”, while preparing for the release of his upcoming mixtape “So Versatile”.“

“I just wanna be heard.” - Chazzy

 – I Am Music EP –
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Man, it’s official. After the holidays, I’m back in the booth, back on the stage, back on the mic. After a long & still not over recovery, I’m gonna do all I can to push thru & make this music.

“So Versatile” [mixtape] is a wrap! Time to get these photo shoots & video shoots officially on the way as well. My Album is half completed, so expect that in 2k12 after “S.V.”. I will be workin’ close with the members of Urban League in the very near future & as for the artists who contacted me for features…LET’S GET IT! Send submissions, if any, to


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