Happy New Year, you guys! I have now been a member of tumblr for one year! In this last year, I have met some amazing people. I would like to start this off by saying thank you to my friend Jake, who introduced me to tumblr. 

Now, here are my Top 10 Blogs that I am looking forward to in 2012:
allanson | batfeathers | buttsexington | flynnbledore | hamletmachine | FO killingcapulets | BFF lehxluthor | thorodinsons | suspiciouslips | CMO vulcanprincess

You wouldn’t believe how helpful all of you have been. Thank you all so much, and make 2012 a great year. 
<3 <3 <3 ___________vintzent 

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I really really love/hate XI. I love it, but god, I have a lot of problems with it. Even if I didn’t know TOS history/characters and all that, there’s still some serious storytelling and character flaws. I don’t know if that’s just me but oh well :)

No, I totally agree. It’s such a beautiful movie, but there are moments when I get so frustrated with it that it’s hard to watch. I hate a lot of what they did with Kirk, though they at least took out that god awful scene with the other Orion that he mistakes for Gaila. And of course, Uhura. You already perfectly summed up all my feelings about what they did to her character.

This is why I’m so anxious about the second one.

Ros: AWWWW YEAHHHHHH ;) Also HEY I just realized, I never got that drunken New Years card you said were sending me!

Brodie: It’s only approaching 2AM here, so I have the bulk of my day ahead of me yet! And thaaaaank youuuuu~

Chris: SOB SOB SOB i suspected as much~ also oh my godsdkjhcj i just mistyped your name as “christ” i am dying over herenskdfcdjnvjcm

Varsha & Katie & Falak:

Shannon’s Must Follow Blogs list:
|allanson|ALLANSON|Star Trek ☑ Fantastic Personality ☑ ☚followfollowfollow
extra: Okay seriously, I have basically moved her blog onto my blog. Every single thing she posts, you can basically guarantee will show up on my blog at some point. very quality indeed.