“We were absolutely smitten with each other. It was mind-blowing. The life that he’d readied himself for, and maybe given up on, and the life that I’d readied myself for and had all my wheels going for, was about to get going because of the other guy. We were totally excited about where we were going to go and were falling over ourselves with ideas.”

- Johnny Marr (Mojo, June 2007)

Happy birthday, Morrissey!

Wheel of Time Reread! Post #1: The Eye of the World, Prologue

I just completed my reread of the very first prologue of The Wheel of Time in which Lews Therin breaks the world and raises Dragonmount.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So.  Very.  EPIC.  The Prologue of Prologues.  The Very Short Prologue Of Many Very Long Prologues.  However, you do pay for it in tears…. Sorry about that.  I’m not sure if that’s in the small print somewhere.  Deal.  

Prologue of FEELS.  

Anyway.  I have read the prologue many times over now, with the last time being right after the dreadful pilot earlier this year… (ick).  But THIS beginning will always get to me.  There is something about a well-planned prologue that gives so much weight and mystery to an upcoming stories….   I feel like Robert Jordan is at his best here.  I have so much nostalgia.  My heart.

The fact that what caused the Breaking was Therin’s immense, unfathomable guilt over murdering his wife and children….  Agh.  It gets to me. That guilt.  THE GUILT.  This one broke my heart, as it always does (feels warning):

And this: 

So sad.   The foreshadowing is intense here, but reading these excerpts only makes me think about what’s in store for Rand, and aaagh.  

Well…. to change the mood…. It’s now time for the fantastic windy-windy bits that start out each new book :)  I’m excited to read about the early stages for our fandom’s particular scooby gang and I can’t express how glad I am to be reading for fun again.  I’ll be back with more!  

(if there’s ever an appropriate use of gif…)

Some final notes: just so ya’ll know this may not be the best re-read-along if you’re new to the series.  I did not complete the series but I have gotten far enough along previously that my posts may contain spoilers (up to Path of Daggers), so take care if you’re new!  The purpose of this reread is to a) to finally complete the series and b) enjoy the hindsight’s perspective with all you Wheel of Time lovers.  I will be splitting up my reading between Audible and actual reading, so I will probably make some reference to those at some point.  If you stick around, well you’re awesome and I love you :)