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[ fuck that anon. that was Oscar winning porn. worthy of the rimming presidency. the society of breath play. the association of the wall smut. and the angst gets Tony award roses thrown on stage. now, MORE SMUT I SAY. -fluffs pretentious moustache- you know, priorities. bc sach writes grade a porn and on the seventh day it was decreed: LET THERE BE PORN. ]

(Oh, oh wait a sec. Wait. It’s been decreed? Oh, if it was decreed then it must happen. There must be PORN! Though I think this dramatic little speech about the porn should win some awards too tbh. Porn and porn speeches all around pls and thank.)

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Hi! I've been on this site for quite a while (I believe its been a year.), and I have 16 followers. My followers are extremely inactive and I'm not sure on what to do. Should I completely restart or is there something I can do to make myself more popular here?

i could promo u f u came off anon, and i guess just nice clean theme and original posts. don’t delete b/c i dont think it’l help but maybe get to kno some ppl, reblog all those promo things/blog of the months, tumblr awards etc.

I guess pl just come and follow based on interests. Like it’s not rlly about the followers, but i i kinda got lots of followers bc i was a 100% pjo blog (now its multi fandom) but yup c:

c'era una volta il uest:) by Eni Turkeshi
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i’ve been watching fox news for 2 hours 

Im not mad at australia, but for real what are they doing in eurovision? Its ab europe. Now that we accepted australia, should we also accept usa and the whole world too? No dude, im protective over eurovision, you have your superbowl and all the awards i want this one day for us to be special pls guys :(
Australia, your preformance was bomb, congrats!