hello hello! so i decided that I would do a “leading up to 5k followers” tumblr awards!! YAY


mbf me

must REBLOG this post (likes = bookmarking)

that’s pretty much it!


best url (3+)

best theme (3+)

best icon (3+)

best reblogged content (3+)

best original content (3+)

cutest people (6+)

nicest people (6+)

best hair (4+)

best eyes (4+)

best non-humor blogs (4+)

honorable mentions (?)

best overall (1+)

W H A T  Y O U  G E T

a follow back from me (if i am not already)

a link on my blog FOREVER (basically)

my never-ending love and friendship

original post and selfie reblogs whenever you ask


in order to be eligible for any of the appearance categories, you must have face page (a tagged/me or something)

in order to be eligible for the nicest people i must have talked to you in some way (so make some conversation with me!)

the number of winners depends on the amount of notes this gets

i made the banner yes taiga yes

i will be picking the winners when i hit 5k!

if you have any other questions please just send em in my ask!


Today a weird and exciting feeling took over me and I decided to come back from what I thought was a permanent hiatus. So I’m gonna celebrate by making something fun!


  • Reblog this post.
  • This will be open until June 1st.
  • You don’t have to be following me, but well, I’m not gonna pretend it wouldn’t be nice.
  • By reblogging this, you’ll automatically enter the mini awards.
  • But, if you also want a blog rate, a compliment, a promo, or a hand written message, message me which one of those you’d like (you’re gonna have to reblog this, too).
  • Winners will be announced June 2nd, and I’m going to start with the blog rates, promos and son on as soon as I start getting them and stop on June 1st.


  • Best theme
  • Best url
  • Best superntural
  • Best multifandom
  • Best overall


  • A spot on my updates tab
  • A +follow
  • A solo winner announcement

I’m so excited I might pee my pants.


to celebrate jess’ new follower milestone and my end-of-exams-period, we decided to make our first tumblr awards!

the rules

  • mbf jess and karen
  • reblogs only! and only reblog once, please!
  • likes don’t count
  • you have until sunday 15th september, midnight AEST
  • winners will be announced around the week after
  • at least 50 notes (please?)
  • one winner, and then +1 winner for every 40 notes after

the awards

  • the hermione granger award (best posts)
  • the weasley wizarding wheezes award (best creations)
  • the peeves award (best url)
  • the malfoys award (best icon)
  • the hedwig award (best theme)
  • the loony lovegood award (nicest blogger)
  • the ferret award (best dhr blog) 
  • the blog who lived award (best hp blog)
  • the chosen one (best overall)
  • the cho award (jess’ favourite)
  • the chang award (karen’s favourite)

we had too much fun naming the awards, if you couldn’t tell already (cho and chang, because we’re asian, geddit)

the prizes

  • follow backs from the both of us! (if we’re not already)
  • promos/blogrates whenever you want (for a week)
  • you can request anything of either of us, like a url graphic or something :)
  • one pick from a list of our saved urls
  • featured on our blogs
  • eternal glory and fame
  • our undying love and admiration + friendship (you know you want it)

good luck lovelies!

Welcome to my New Years Tumblr Awards! I haven’t revealed my current tumblr award winners yet but shh we’ll get to that later;) 

credit to bridecas who made the graphic :)

we wont talk about the graphic rn thats my next url ok iM THInking ahead


  • mbf me 
  • reblog this post (likes do not count as an entry)
  • Ends December 28th


  • Best URL
  • Best Icon
  • Best Theme
  • Best Updates Tab
  • Best Sidebar
  • Best Colour Scheme
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Rising Blogger*
  • Best Original Content

*Have to have under 500 followers and to submit a screenshot of your followers to me.

Prizes Winners:

  • A follow from me (if not already)
  • Unlimited promos throughout the month of January whenever you ask
  • A spot on my updates tab throughout until 1st March

Runner ups:

  • A follow from me (if not already)
  • 5 promos throughout the month of January whenever you ask
  • A spot on my updates tab throughout until 1st March

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me  :)