When the price of gold skyrocketed, illegal miners flooded into the Peru’s Amazon basin, eager to find even the tiniest bits of the precious metal. Trees and villagers have paid a price.

Here’s a great piece by NPR’s Jason Beaubien focusing on the toxic levels of mercury the miners use. Worth a listen!

Image courtesy of Gregory Asner, Carnegie Institution for Science


Love As The Stars Went Out

Poems from my new poetry anthology! Released today!

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May Book Haul 

*Atlantis Fandom Hug*

You. Were. FANTASTIC!!

We had an AMAZING turn out for the #SaveAtlantis event today and I couldn’t be prouder. According to the data from, we had nearly 500 unique posts from 88 users, leaving an impression on more than 216,000 twitter users! The data from RiteTag estimated 83 users with a reach of 8,000 users. That is seriously impressive for an event that happened during Eurovision, for an almost exclusively British audience!

I am so impressed by the turnout, and I want to thank each and every one of you that participated. Our show may be have been axed, but our passion is abundant! 

Please continue to spread the word, write letters, and support the show by buying merchandise and getting people to watch! It is truly a shame that the BBC cancelled this amazing show, but hope is in the air! 

Follow me at @saveatlantis_ on twitter

And watch @bbcPoV tomorrow night at 15.45 on BBC One regarding the complaints issued about Atlantis!

Train travel! Murder! Librarians! A Series Finale!

On all other nights, the train departs from Stain’d Station and travels to the city without stopping. But not tonight. You might ask, why is this night different from all other nights? But that’s the wrong question. Instead ask, where is this all heading? And what happens at the end of the line? The final book in Lemony Snicket’s bestselling series, All The Wrong Questions.

Amazon Pre-Order | Barnes&Noble – Publication date: 9/29/2015

Can Lemony Snicket finally discover all the right answers?

There was a town, and there was a train, and there was a murder. Apprentice investigator Lemony Snicket was on the train, and he thought that if he solved the murder he could save the town.

He was almost thirteen and he was wrong. He was wrong about all of it. He should have asked the question “Is it more beastly to be a murderer or to let one go free?” Instead, he asked the wrong question – four wrong questions, more or less. This is the account of the last…

My Mad Fat Diary series 3 DVD pre order

Series 3 DVD and series 1-3 box set of My Mad Fat Diary is now available for pre order on Amazon UK and it will definitely be released on July 27th. Both series one and two dvd’s were released a week after the series finales aired on TV,I’m now 100% positive that series three will start on Monday 6th July and I think the trailer will be released in two weeks because the trailers for series one and two aired 4-5 weeks before the new series starts so ladies we have around 6-7 weeks to be prepared,I hope your all ready!!!

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Today, the riot is a necessary form of struggle. In our current moment, non-violence as a tactic has become increasingly futile, if it ever had any use in the first place. It’s no coincidence that race riots today in Baltimore appear as a flashback to those in 1968. 2015 is 1968, only worse. All insurrectionary tactics emerge from specific material contexts. Tactics are not models advocated for in some sterile congress of ideas, from which citizens or consumers might choose the most favorable option from among all those stocked by Amazon or the Electoral College. Tactics are operations conducted in an immediate terrain, by actors whose interests are disparate and often deeply personal. At best we can, as I have attempted to do above, approach such things in a descriptive manner—learning from them for next time, rather than attempting to measure them as if we could force-fit them to some different shape.

In the context of Baltimore today and of other US cities, peace means letting things go back to the way they were. Peace means wishing that we could all just get along already. Peace means: #alllivesmatter so why the big fuss? But if we have learned anything over the past few decades it’s that tolerance, inclusion, and the celebration of diversity in and of themselves don’t get us anywhere, acting more often to disguise and condone their opposites. They are what allow all genera of despicable motherfuckers to appear as if they’re addressing real issues without actually having to confront them. To tolerate a “culture” or “way of life” is to treat that subject as a given and to refuse to investigate the ongoing processes of exploitation on which it is structured and the histories that generated it. This is why non-violence and tolerance are, in the Baltimore situation, purely reactionary: they depoliticize the struggle and seek its resolution. They are the equivalent of calling for an amnesty parade while bombs are still being dropped overhead.

Rites of Passage -Key MacFarlane