NEW DOCTOR IS VERY NICE AND KNOWS ALL THE THINGS. He is also very popular with the people in the village though so couldn’t guarantee I’d always get an appt with him but that he made sure my notes on the system were up to date and that if I needed a new sick note another doctor would be able to provide one. But he gave me a sick note for THREE MONTHS, because he KNOWS that ATOS* aren’t doing any more Work Capability Assesments (WCA)* and the new company doesn’t take over until April.

Also he is a little bit good looking, he is probably in his 40s but looks like he’s maybe 28.

10/10 new doctor.

*ATOS are the company that do the WCA on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). WCAs are the appointment/test you go to to be assessed for your capability to work when you want to claim out of work sickness benefits called Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) The government seems incapable of organising things like this in-house and outsources the contract to companies who make promises that they can’t keep. The whole system is a wreck, I’ve been waiting 15 months for my WCA. It’s supposed to happen after 13 weeks.

어느덧 아침……? 2차 가기 전 느닷없는 단체샷. 그 이후로는 기억도 사진도………ㅇㅇㄷ
translation: it’s morning before we knew it….? before we left the second time there’s this unexpected group shot. since then the memories and also the pictures…. (x)

I have no idea where my thing for high school/college AUs comes from. Seriously. I know nothing about the american school system and like a third of what’s going on is completely lost on me.

“Oh… Wait. What does that mean? What are they doing? Who are those people? Why is this shit important? I have no idea… But damn it’s cute!”

okay so basically

my mom is crying and being angry at my sister and me because we didn’t make food. Yeah.

Because my sister already ate and I wasn’t hungry. So she basically chewed us out over that. Ugh.

And now my sister was annoyed at me because I said we “dropped her off” when she walked home from Lowes–which is literally across the street from the complex we’re at.

What the hell guys.

What the hell.

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Maybe I am stupid, but what does it mean, OC?

It’s short for “original character”. If I were to use the terminology precisely, though, Skaila (as well as my other game protagonists) would actually be called a PC (player character), whereas her family members are OCs (i.e. they are purely my creations that don’t otherwise exist in the game). I tend to call all my game characters OCs, though, since they are customized by me and developed just like any other original character would be.

Just saw patd in concert and it was amazing we had to wait for over an hour in the rain in the crowd waiting for the rain to let up so panic could come on and do their thing we sang songs and chanted things while waiting I got acquainted with this one guys armpit bc he was holding a tarp over us for some of the time and when panic did come on the energy was incredible it was sooo good brendon was amazing as always I’m jealous that he got to stay inside all dry while the crowd waited without knowing if we would even get to see panic bc the radio station running it wouldn’t tell us anything but anyway I had a great though exhausting time I crowd surfed for the first time ever panic played bohemian rhapsody at the end and I’m not sure if it’s because we were singing it while we were waiting for them or not also brendon said he just learned the song 20 minutes beforehand but idk if that was a joke or not bc I’ve seen them perform it before but anyway after panic awolnation played and I crowd surfed twice to them too the energy at the concert was so intense for panic bc most people were only there for them it was so fucking cool

Winona Ryder (2009)

“I don’t know if it’s because of my love of books and the pages and the print-there’s just so much romance in them-but I hate all these doublespeak abbreviations like “OMG” and “LOL”. I still don’t know if that means “Laugh Out Loud” or “Lots of Love”.”

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(ㆁᴗㆁ✿) <(I have a bird named Pikachu~)

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compliment: omg pikachu pika pika pik  A thats so cute hol y fri ck djfskjdfh omg can i tell you a story so this year in stat we were taking quizzes to collect data for some hypothesis testing and confidence intervals and all the quiz topics were like famous actors/actresses and movies and logos and whatnot and i did so badly on all of them ._. but then i got to pokemon identification and i goT ALL 120 OF THE LISTED ONES CORRECT IM STILL SO EMBA RR AS ED

Send me a fact about yourself and I’ll rate your blog~

my communications technology teacher is such a strange person

he has no… limits as a teacher. he’ll freely discuss weed and heroin with students, he swears (a few days ago he screamed “SON OF A BITCH!!!” when his computer wasn’t working), and he was also talking about what would happen if employers could watch their workers through their webcams and the worker was masturbating all day, followed by him making a jerking motion with his hand

he’s also colourblind and bought us a sheet for the greenscreen so we could wrap ourselves in the sheet and make things float in front of the greenscreen. obviously the sheet would need to be that obnoxious green colour

it was brown

now he’s insisting that “at all” can be abbreviated as at’ll and then he went on a rant about how English is a useless subject and that u don’t need to learn English anymore after u learn to talk… like wtf

And I have no damn clue how to use this PMD editor cos the english translation is just changing all the options to abbreviations that I can’t understand. (cos there was a character limit or something?)
Also it doesn’t load pmx files when all the stuff I’ve been finding on the internet is pmx files.. weird that it wouldn’t have the same compatibility as the main program!

i didn’t love it.

dadrielle this is what I sent kel and pepperbear earlier:

So, a modern day AU where Cora and Maggie grow up together and they’re best friends and okay they really love each other, too, but in this AU, neither confesses how they feel while they’re young. 

Cora graduates from high school and joins the military so she can pay for college, but she ends up shipped overseas to fight in a war she doesn’t understand

But she rises through the ranks and does a really good job as a leader. And she skypes with Maggie when she can. She goes home on leave at one point and visits with Maggie, but something happens between them that puts a strain on their relationship, so when Cora goes back overseas, there are no more skype calls or letters.

Anyway, she’s doing a pretty great job in the army until she has a rough encounter with explosives, which lands her in a hospital back in the states where she can recover, but her injury means she won’t be able to go back over. That’s fine with her, but she does have trouble adjusting back to civilian life on top of recovery and dealing with PTSD. She doesn’t even tell Maggie that she’s back home. 

Meanwhile, Maggie is stressed out over the pressures her family is putting on her and always being in the public eye, so she finally acts out and does some things while under the influence, which ends with her spending the night in jail and appearing in court later on, where she is slapped with a community service punishment

which is how she ends up as a volunteer at the hospital Cora is in 

and things are strained between them still, but they eventually end up confiding in one another again, which leads to a happy ending.

Also, the dragon riders are in the AU as pilots in the air force

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I hope you'll manage to get it all ! And um I mean holyday as in holidays lol :P

I hope so too! And ohhhh, haha I’m sorry, I’m super unhip (so much so that I use the word ‘unhip’). Like, I’m secretly a 95 year old in a 21 year old’s body, and thus, will be completely lost because of a single letter change in a word.  But yeah, I’m on my summer holiday at the moment. 

Sometimes I take interest in the major issues on this site. Then all these weird abbreviations and term come to play. So I give up on following it and play video games. The only abbreviations I need are STR and DEX.

Just a Note on Date Abbreviations

Hey y'all, when abbreviating dates we put the apostrophe before the last two digits, not after. For example, ‘89 is short for 1989. Same goes for decades- the apostrophe comes before and the ’s’ is usually alone (z.b. The '50s).

Remember that, like in other contractions, the apostrophe stands for something that is missing. If it appears between the number and the ’s’, the reader will assume that it refers to a possessive (which is arguably correct, if awkward, but still requires an apostrophe before the digits: The '70’s financial crisis left many unemployed.)