I can’t stop laughing right now during this half time because imagine going up to all the people you know saying “OMG I’M GONNA BE IN THE SUPERBOWL 49 HALFTIME SHOW WITH KATY PERRY!!!” and them being like “AHH THAT’S AWESOME! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA BE DOING???”

and you’re like "I’M GONNA BE TREE NO. 3!!!!1!!" 


NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

It seems these “liquid ink foundations” are taking over the world. NARS is not a brand that pushes out new foundation formulas every other year, so when they do launch something new, it’s worth a look. 

To read about my first impressions of this new formula and what I think of the coverage, finish and lasting power, hop on over to my review on!

I’ve always hated that “fighting like a married couple” is the like ~marriage stereotype~ or whatever because that’s pretty much enforcing the whole “marriage is terrible and will ruin ur life” shit that boys are taught and runs right along with romanticizing discord in married life like its fun and cute and constant that perpetuates that “u have to get married!!” shit that girls r taught and idk I just really hate it and there’s more to it but j just can’t put it into words very well I just wanted to vent

earlgreyhaught asked:

Frerin, can you show us your adorable stuffed ram?

Thorin: Go on Frer, show them.

A small smile teases at the corners of Frerin’s mouth, before he buries his head further into the stuffed ram in his arms.

Thorin: Sorry, he’s a bit shy. Âdad says he’ll grow out of it by the time he’s my age though.