One problem that Eurovision has in the last couple years is that it is unfairly stacked against the “big 5” countries and the host country. They act like they’re doing France, the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy a favor by putting them directly into he final, but they’re actually ensuring those countries can’t win.

All the rest of the countries perform in the semifinals in the week leading up to the final. That means that the voters and the juries have seen the performance once before by the finals and the song is already familiar.

For the host and the “big 5” the finals are the first and only time you see them perform. It’s no wonder that the lowest scorers were Austria, Germany, the UK and France. No one knew them or had time to form an opinion of their songs. In my opinion they might not have been he best but there were far worse than them.

The solution to this is that if they continue to put six countries each year directly into the finals those acts should perform in the semi finals anyway. They’re always scrambling to fill time during the voting period at the end. Have 3 of the acts that are going straight to the finals perform during that time in each of the semifinals.

Also, they said that the producers chose the running order for the performers in the final. That’s grossly unfair. It’s well established that certain time slots are absolute death. They should be assigned at random so that every country has an equal chance of getting a death slot.

Finally, they need to reduce the influence of he juries on the results. They added the juries because they were annoyed with political voting. But the effect has been that everyone has learned that the wacky and fun performers - the main reason most of us watch Eurovision - can’t get any support from the juries. The Polish butter churners last year got most of the UK vote last year but only a few points because the jury hated them. So no one is willing to put up the fun acts anymore because the jury system has made it too hard for the fun ones to win.

So that’s my rant about things that need to change in Eurovision for next year.

the signs as eurovision 2015 songs (inspired by gothstrology)
  • aries:georgia - warrior
  • taurus:poland - in the name of love
  • gemini:united kingdom - still in love with you
  • cancer:greece - one last breath
  • leo:israel - golden boy
  • virgo:belgium - rhythm inside
  • libra:russia - a million voices
  • scorpio:latvia - love injected
  • sagittarius:australia - tonight again
  • capricorn:lithuania - this time
  • aquarius:sweden - heroes
  • pisces:hungary - war for nothing