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Oh my goodness, so much is going on with the speculation of who is going to die, what happens with the foundry, what happens to Felicity in the hospital (including the close up camera on Oliver), and does the fern survive? Any theories or ideas?

I’m going to answer epiclovestoryolicity's question here to. I'm efficient that way.

Felicity is going to die. I know we were all freaking out that Colton’s difficult scenes involved his death, but after I though about it for a bit, I remembered that he and EBR are best friends. What would be more difficult than watching your best friend die in front of you (even if it is fake - remember James and Oliver Phelps could only film the death scene in the last Harry Potter movie because it was too painful). Also this would explain Stephen’s tweet: “even if it is scripted”, could be the fact that he (as well as the rest of the cast) know that Felicity will end up being revived with the Lazarus Pit, but it doesn’t make it any easier to film her murder/death scene. 

And I just (literally just, mersayseh, like right this second) had a theory about the fern. What if it is somehow similar to the magical island herbs? That it somehow has some medicinal properties that might be used to help Felicity. I don’t know how plausible that is (it would be funny if Felicity bought a plant to keep in the foundry of the magic island herbs), but it could happen—after all why would they keep mentioning the fern? Just a thought.

Oh and olicitykisses, does this count as a mini meta?




dante gabriel rossetti: a summary


My top 14 favorite TV episodes of 2014 | #13

Augustus had a sister. Octavia.

My life ended the day you were born.

The 100 1x06 - “His Sister’s Keeper”

idk why i love this scene so much but i really do love it alot

maybe its oikawas amused smug face. or maybe because iwaizumi is there.

maybe its because iwaoi just popped up together and in a random scene 

hinatas reaction is perfect though



I see her everywhere.
I wake up, and Robin’s in bed with me.
I take a shower, and she’s in the shower with me.
How am I supposed to take care of my daughter,
when I can barely hold it together myself?


Favorite Scenes Per Episode 11/20 • "Excuse me…my sestra shot me."

How do you pick a favorite scene from Season 2’s first episode? You don’t, really, it’s all gold, from the opening, to the kickoff of Alison’s crazy theater/rehab shenanigans, to the Team Science Mega Force dramatics and introduction of the Proletheans. It’s a fantastic episode.

But an undeniable shiver runs down a fans spine when the screechy Helena jams kick up and that bloody boot drops into frame. You couldn’t dream up a better final act out.

i started rewatching snk with my older sister who hasnt watched it before and she really started to like marco so i told her “oh yeah marco’s gonna do some wicked awesome shit later you’ll love him even more!!” and she got so excited but right before we got to the scene where jean finds his body i looked at her and said “i lied”


Septimus Heap Fancast: Emily Deschanel as Marcia Overstrand

"Things have a habit of working out, you know. Eventually."