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“being adam parrish was a complicated thing” no KIDDING
a miracle / a study
terrifying / fearful
proud / lonesome
he didn’t wanna be hit / alive because he bleeds
a sacrifice / an ugly plan hatched by an ugly boy

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THANK YOU for the Parse meta, it was really thorough and a lot of things that I felt squicked me about that scene but couldn't articulate.

UR SO WELCOME tbh i started that meta intending to just address the one panel that i screencapped at the beginning, but then i really closely re-read the scene and realized that the whole thing was an abusive pattern of escalating manipulation and i just. ended up writing for two hours lmao


AUDIO/VISUAL: a lincoln larkin ep - [listen]

I’m so ready for this bachelorette party and wedding! The only thing I’m not excited for is the “peck the pecker” game. Which is going to be me actively avoiding the pecker area of this picture. (It’s funny that these people don’t realize I’m not straight?? But anyway.)

And I’m in charge of the scavenger hunt and party playlist!!

hello friends it’s 3 am and i have opinions about sirius black here they are

there’s a LOT of stuff about fandom sirius that grinds my gears but the one that really drives me up a wall is the flirty let’s-fuck-everything persona

like I get that a lot of people go ok hot===promiscuous but there’s really nothing in the text to support it i mean hell it’s implied that he’s oblivious and/or doesn’t give a shit (that girl in the ootp flashback who was “eyeing him hopefully” who he “didn’t seem to have noticed”) and tbh i feel like all the sexy posters in his room were just to piss his parents off (since they were muggle pictures; i feel like if he were actually into it he’d. uh. utilize that wizarding photography)

tl;dr I would really like to see less serial dater sirius and more hot and oblivious sirius

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Dont tell me youre one of those weirdos that prays in KJV language as well…

You mean in English? ;) Haha, not deliberately in a pretentious way. Occasionally, KJV English does slip out, though not that often I don’t think? It depends. If I’m quoting Scripture or a hymn, then yeah, I’m more likely to just because that language is used. But outside of that, probably very rarely if at all?

I don’t really pay attention to how much I’ve used KJV English in prayer. *shrug* I just pray however comes naturally. :)

//Okay, so!

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tbh all i can think of is fullmetalnipples bc they tag you in stuff sometimes and also drinkyourfuckingmilk bc i feel like you guys are friends are you friends? if not you should be

Who are three tumblr users that you associate me with?

fullmetalnipples is fucking gay and i hate her that’s why we always have matching icons

and holy shit I wish drinkyourfuckingmilk and i were friends I mean we’re mutuals and she reblogged my selfie once and also some art I did but Sophie is bae and im in love with her tbh

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Ey laura what is the most scotish thing you could say?

I sound Scottish all the time so I never really notice tbh 😂