ᴛ ᴏ ᴍ ᴍ у & ʟ ɪ ɴ ᴅ у
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mslabelled + outfits (1/?)

“I love fashion. The right clothes can empower you, can help you express yourself, can tell people who you are without saying a word. But fashion as an industry? It’s absurd.”


She is everything to me/ the unrequited dream/ all I need to make it real is one more reason/ I don’t know what to do.


I escorted Margaret to England for her wedding when she was just fifteen. I carried her train at her coronation. I was by her side when she gave birth to her son. I was her dearest friend. If any harm comes to me, it will be your head she spikes on the city walls.

gif request meme // bethwoodvilles asked: the white queen + favorite platonic relationship


This Is Who I Am - Ross Lynch

You have to let the love of music drive you. When you love it, and you’re playing it, and you finally get it…that’s where, like, the soul comes from. You’re feeling it. [x]