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I don't get why she didn't knock her role on Midsomer out of the park b/c she seemed to be playing herself. Her character Bella was supposed to be the pretty girl that all the men want (an article said all the boys at Oxford wanted her) & she was a bit haughty towards one boy. There was not a whole lot of variation in her emotions like sad, nervous & scared were pretty much all the same look. 9 year old Dakota Fanning in "Man on Fire" had better acting chops than Sophie on Midsomer.

Yes, she does have quite the limited “acting” range.  Probably why she switched to “Theatre Director”, tho someone on SOGO has been pulling up her CV on that front too.

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18, Smokes cannabis, Loves dubstep, Just quit cigarettes after 3 years. i do screamo, black hair somewhat in a pixie cut, Toned body from karate, hazel eyes with a golden ring around the pupil. I play video games like they are the bible (lol) Not religious at all. 5'9, 134 pounds, and i always dress nice ;)

Pass sorrrry x

~ describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I would date, fuck, kiss or pass you ~

Before I buckle down and write this essay just several months late, I’m going to complain about how sucky I am and complain some more about how I never realized how sucky I think I am and it’s really confusing and FINALLY, i’m going to talk about how exciting this all has been, albeit difficult and entirely too fast-paced.

So yesterday I lost my phone charger, not sure how I went from 5-something to none but moral of the story is I no longer have a phone charger and I hate it because I really really need one. I totally forgot that I was supposed to cover someone at work today, so a little before 5 a.m. all the way to 9 something I was being bombarded by texts and calls from my manager and my bosses who were obviously upset but also very worried because I’ve never just not showed up with no call or anything. I didn’t know people were trying to get ahold of me because my phone was dead, and I didn’t even get it plugged in until around 3 right after I had gotten sufficiently high. I sent super long explanation/apology texts to everyone and only got one reply…ugh. I also had about 5 texts and messages from friends who I said I would hang out with but haven’t even tried to get ahold of because I’m horrible and unreliable. Which is something I said I would never ever be. To top off the mountain of things that I have supremely messed up with no one to blame but myself, this essay was seriously due a long long time ago and I told her I would have it emailed to her yesterday, but I just slept all day instead because I was so tired from taking a bunch of addys the night before. Go me.

I feel so awful. Genuinely sick to my stomach. Why can’t I do anything right??? Why do I feel like this? I am realizing recently that the constant underlying feeling of being a huge fuck up has always been there, I’ve just tried to twist it around and blame my mom and stuff when really it’s my problem that I need to take responsibility for, no matter how it came to be. Maybe this was all meant to happen to make me see this in myself so I can try to work on it. It makes sense now…when I was younger everyone always told me I got offended too easily. As I got older and more sure of myself I noticed that the only people who’s opinions really effected me were those of my family, and since my mom’s were never good, I think I just transferred all the blame over the root of my insecurities to her. They weren’t a part of me, but rather something she gave to me temporarily. It was all her fault. Even after I started preaching and truly believing in the power of a person’s own mind and that they’re the only ones who can make them feel any way, I still didn’t see that my mother did not do this to me. These feelings don’t leave when she does, I just repress them.

I think I started realizing that this summer with Gdad. I was talking about how I procrastinated on something, and he said that people almost always procrastinate not out of laziness, but fear of failure. A subconscious decision made so you can make a joke out it and blame your poor product on lack of time. After that I started thinking about it in specific situations. When I try really really hard at something and still fail, it crushes me. More than anything else. The other day I got out of work in 11 minutes and I was so full of pride because when I first started it took me 2 hours. Then my manager called me and gave me a warning because I forgot to set the alarm before I left. It turned out not to be my fault, but I didn’t know that at the time and I sat in my car sobbing and beating myself up over it for an hour and a half. I listened to that one really dramatic Coldplay song on repeat…when you try your best but you don’t succeeed, when you get what you want but not what you neeeeed

now that I think about it even in relationships my most painful endings have been ones in which I gave my best and it wasn’t enough. I always thought it was just me being a whiny girl who isn’t used to rejection, but I guess that’s pretty similar. Just a different way of wording it, a different way of portraying the situation. It just makes those times harder because I’m not used to them happening. But this has always been my thing. I can apply it to so so many situations, romantic and otherwise, that have conveniently had other people involved for me to blame…but it hasn’t been about them at all. It’s been something bigger all along.

Art has been my secret salvation in all of this. Before I knew what I was even dealing with. It’s been the only thing in which I am able to be rid of my ego and view the process as most important. I wish for myself to some day be able to do that in daily life…. I am so thankful for encouraging words from artist minds. I feel like my head is stuck in the middle of a road and can’t decide which side to go to. Ought I view things from an artistic perspective, or a realistic one? Can I not do both?

I don’t know. Growth comes from pain. It just sucks being in the pain part. It’s really confusing feeling like this being someone who’s always felt so self-secure. It’s not like I’ve been trying to hide or put up a front, I just didn’t know. Now that I do I know it was meant to happen this way. I needed all of this….no, I need all of this in order to move on from it. It’s just hard. So, so hard. Lots of thinking left to do.

And as for the excitement of life right now, I am grateful. I really needed this time to be alone and write, but for the most part it’s been fun. I’ve had a lot of moments of pure joy and love for my friends. I’ve smoked too many drunken cigarettes. I’ve had a lot of deep conversations. I’ve fucked a lot of incredibly sexy guys and gals. I’ve slept on a lot of couches, and I’ve fallen in love with my little red truck. Things will be okay. I must learn to find calm in myself when it isn’t in my surroundings.

Thanks redlipclassicstyles for tagging me to list 15 things that make me happy! (not in any particular order)

1. Queen Slaylor
2. Food…
3. My friends and family :)
4. Seeing those around me happy
5. Shopping
6. Wrapping presents (idk, I’m weird like that? I find it so fun though)
7. Getting presents…?
8. All my TV Shows
9. Jamming out to music real loud
10. Sleep
11. Chick flicks
12. Getting cute messages!!
13. Puppies
14. Hugs
15. Going to the beach

I’m tagging lovespretty, ofbeinghonests, shadesofwrong, taylour, apenandanoldnapkin

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Omg im allergic to penicillin too (and all the cillins). 5'9" is my dream height. Too bad im 5'5 and done growing. Anyway have a splendid day, you wonderful person :)

were v alike omg 😂 but I think 5’5” is like a prefect height. it not that fun being super tall

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chubby geek with long hair and a beard, loves video games and classic TV, plays guitar and has a degree in Journalism. Loves philosophical debate and acting like children in public because fun. Can quote all 9 LOTR movies.

Long hair, beard, and guitar is my favorite trio. So yes

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yo if u get this, share ten random facts about urself, then pass this on to ur 15 favorite followers ☁️☁️☁️

thankyou ily!!

1) i would defend peter doherty faster than I’d defend myself??
2) I’m not in education or work
3)I literally just sit around all day reading and thinking about the libertines
4) squirrels are my fave animal
5)black books is my fave tv show
6) I have a really strange attraction to Simon pegg and it makes my friend uncomfortable
7) I could literally sit and eat a whole lettuce in one go
8) when the libs played you’re my Waterloo at ally pally I was on a really hot boy’s shoulders and I started crying because it was all so perfect
9) I could 100%live off pasta pots
10)I hate the word “moist” it makes me wan to vomit

Pit Bull - Gramps in California Needs Loving Home


“Does your dog like whipped cream?! Our senior rescue Gramps sure does! He’s available for adoption and a total sweetheart! Loves his foster mom and his foster brothers and sisters! He also loves to lay by the fireplace snuggled up with a warm blanket! ” - Barks of Love Animal Rescue

“Howdy, my name is Gramps.

At first my foster family wanted to change my name but my gentle, wise nature made them keep it. After all I am 9 years young. I am a sweet, gentle love but and I ‘d love nothing more than to spend my golden years cuddled up with you. I love other dogs, cats and I really love children! I’m a gentle treat taker and I enjoy my walks. Consider making me apart of your family and I promise you won’t regret it. Senior dogs Rock!

If you live in the Orange County area and are interested in adopting Gramps please contact BoL at”

year 10 is gonna be good i called it in year nine and i still think so

i’ve made like two new friends in the space of like four months and i only made like one in the entirety of y 7 8 and 9

all my teachers are good and i don’t extremely hate any of my lessons

i mean it’s not far in but it’s a lot better than how year 9 went

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1-50 excluding 26, because I'm not completely cruel

1. had sex?
Yes. This morning.

2. bought condoms?

3. gotten pregnant?

4. failed a class?

5. kissed a boy?

6. kissed a girl?

7. had a job?
For a short time.

8. left the house without my wallet?
All the time!

9. bullied someone on the internet?

10. sexted?

11. had sex in public?

12. smoked weed?
Hate the smell. So no.

13. smoked cigarettes?

14. smoked a cigar?

15. drank alcohol?
It’s my favourite hobby.

16. been to a wedding?
My mum and dad got married a few years back and I was maid of honour.

17. been on the computer for 5 hours straight?

18. watched tv for 5 hours straight?
What do you think I’m doing right now?

19. been late for school?

20. kissed in the rain?

21. showered with someone else?
Surprisingly no.

22. been outside my home country?

23. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours?
I live five hours away from my home time so it’s my life.

24. had lice?
When I was young I had head lice, I think?

25. gotten my heart broken?
I thought I had, now I know I haven’t.

27. been to a professional sports game?
Ugh, no.

28. broken a bone?
Nope. Although I nearly broke my toes today when I kicked my suitcase.

29. been unhappy about my weight?
A lot.

30. won a trophy?

31. cut myself?

32. been on a diet?

33. rode in a taxi?

34. stayed up for 24 hours or more?

35. been to a concert?
Yes. All Time Low were my favourite.

36. had a crush on someone of the same sex?
Oh, you must be new. ALL THE TIME.

37. had braces?

38. wore make up?
All the time.

39. lost my virginity before I was 16?

40. kissed someone a different race than myself?
Is this seriously a question? Yes.

41. Snuck out of the house?

42. had oral sex?
This morning?

43. dyed my hair?
I’ve not been my natural colour since I was 13.

44. met someone famous?

45. been on vacation?

46. been on a boat?
Hated it.

47. been on an airplane?
Not a big fan but yeah.

48. prank called someone?

49. taken a pregnancy test?

50. been suspended from school?


For those of you who have no experienced this grain…it’s amazing. 

It’s a complete protein and contains ALL of the 9 essential amino acids.

I made a Thai dish for lunch using 99.99% all natural ingredients and it was AMAZING. I used the Quinoa for the “rice” in the dish. Holy cow - very tasty and filling. 

Loving “The Body Book” - highly recommend it!!