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I like this girl who is super cute but also kind of a tomboy. She always sends me music she writes /plays and lent me her sweater and laughs at all of my dumb jokes. She's so protective it's adorable. I don't want to romanticize the attention (though we are friends) she gives me because what if she acts like this around everyone else? What do I do? I hear galaxies in her laugh.

She certainly sounds like a beautiful person. If you are not sure how she feels towards you, then asking is the best way to find out. It might be hard to ask that kind of question without making things awkward for a lil bit, but it’s definitely worth the clarity, especially if you’re both mature about it. Good luck!

9 Unlikely Reads that Will Make Your Writing Better

There are thousands of “best books for writers” lists out there. (I’ve written one!) But what about the inspiration that comes from all around us? Not just Bird By Bird (even though everyone should have read this one by now…) but poetry, graphic novels, non fiction etc. Writers always have their eyes and ears open about ideas and jumping off points. Where do your ideas come from?

Here are 9 Unlikely Reads that Will Make Your Writing Better:

1. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

One of the most important skills a writer can have is to deeply understand the human condition. Everyone we meet in life is going through a personal struggle and so should every character.Tiny Beautiful Things is Cheryl Strayed’s book of advice from her former Dear Sugar column in The Rumpus. This book is profound in its way to relate to people and thinking about the meaning of our troubled lives.

2. Neruda

I’m a strong believer in the power of poetry. Everyone has their own go-to poet, but mine has long been Neruda. I’m a sucker for love stories and sometimes it feels like every story that can ever be told has already been written. Neruda (and many poets) have a way of distilling love and life into such simple and clear notes that it rejuvenates your inspiration and teaches us that simple stories are the most powerful.

3. This One Summer written by Mariko Tamaki, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki

Emotions are conveyed not only in words, but often in images. This One Summer took the world by storm with its beautiful coming-of-age story set to illustrations. It won awards for its portrayal of adolescence featuring secrets, melancholy and wistfulness. When you write, images are often filling your mind and as a writer you try to get them down on paper. One of the hardest things to do is communicate what’s in your head and get it down on the page. This graphic novel is a reminder of the power of imagery.

4. Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

This is an award-winning portrayal of a child looking for her place in the world. We’ve all felt like outsiders, but diversity and diverse representation in literature is something all writers should be working towards in their fiction. Please pick this up.

5. This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper

Comedy is not easy to write. In fact, humor might just be the hardest thing to write. Time after time, I see writers who are writing what their idea of funny is, when in fact, we all have a different sense of humor. This Is Where I Leave You is darkly funny and never lets the reader forget that sometimes humor comes from unexpected places.

6. Shakespeare

Everyone has a favorite play. Mine is Macbeth. It’s one of his easier reads, but I am always very moved by the motivation of the characters. Greed, love, passion, and legacy are universal emotions that never get old and never date themselves. I think Shakespeare is a great way to reconnect with the themes of life that run deep in our DNA.

7. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Writing for teens is not easy. Ask any YA author. What makes this book soar is its ability to remind us what our teen years were like in a honest way that few books can. We can all remember what our high school days felt like, but that’s through the lens of years of healing. Few writers can tap into the true life and death emotions that teens feel about love, life and their futures. This book is a great teacher in knowing your audience.

8. August: Osage County by Tracy Letts

Family drama is my favorite kind of drama. Secrets buried by family members for the sake of their own sanity–this is a hook I can always get behind. I was blown away by this screenplay, which was originally written for the stage. Southern charm, family issues that span generations and learning what stigmas/secrets/ways of living are genetic and what you can leave behind is a lesson that takes decades to learn. This is a beautiful script based on a moving play that you can find in the link above under “2013 Screenplays.”

9. Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need by Blake Snyder

Writing a novel, is very obviously different than writing a screenplay–that’s easy to see. “Saving the cat” is a metaphor for more than just writing for the screen. Saving the cat is about letting your story and characters reach an all time low, and then bringing them out from the darkness when it seems too bleak. Don’t be afraid to challenge your characters and risk losing the cat–you’ll always find a way to save her.

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The only flaw I can find in your magnificent, beautiful, and superb writing is that you haven't written a fic about Cullen where he and the Inquisitor dress each otherrrr (in reference to a post of yours from earlier) Seriously though, you're writing is some of the best I've seen. On Tumblr or anywhere really. You're great at portraying characters (Cullen the most!) and describing scenes and thoughts...just keep writing! Moar please <3333 love you

Hmm, you’re right. That is a glaring oversight. I’ll have to fix that. 

Elysse grinned up at him, arms tucked tight against her belly in a display of playful rebellion. 

“You’re going to be late, Inquisitor.” Cullen held her shirt out, eyes narrowed in a dare. Surely the famed Herald of the Inquisition wouldn’t linger in her room because she refused to dress. 

“The guests can wait,” she said, unmoving. “Just like I’m waiting for my good morning kiss. My getting dressed is entirely in your hands, Commander.” 

“A kiss?” 

“Mmhmm.” Elysse shifted onto the balls of her feet, her skin prickling at the traces of heat emanating from his body.  “One little kiss.” 

Cullen’s lips quirked up into a smirk before he flattened it out with an exaggerated scowl. “If it’s my duty to do so,” he said, leaning in closer. His kiss hovered out of reach as he pulled away when she moved closer, then pressed in when she began to part. 

Forfeiting an arm, Elysse wrapped a hand around the back of his neck before pulling Cullen in closer. He was laughing when their lips met, his kiss warm and lingering with the trace of his languid tongue. She grinned again, relaxing her arms as she let him pull her shirt onto place, shivering when the tips of his fingers trailed along her naked skin. She kept the kiss going, shifting with him while she snapped the clasps into place. 

“My turn now,” Cullen said after they finally separated. He held his arms above his head, his lips red and tempting from her attentions. 

“You don’t want a kiss too?” 

“I’ll take mine later.” 

Elysse smirked, her thoughts already drifting to when they’d be alone again after their meeting was done. Retrieving his shift from the bed, she laughed when Cullen bent over so she could slip the linen into place. She moved in, hands teasing the fabric down by inches as she let her fingers search out the planes of his skin. She paused over every scar. His muscles jumped under her touch and she smiled up at him, savoring the adoration in his eyes. No one else got to have that look. 

“Breeches next,” Cullen murmured. His gaze flicked down to her lips before he bit his own. 

Laughter echoed through the room when he held her waist, keeping her from falling as she tugged the last of her clothes into place. His hand was heavy on her shoulder, his movements purposefully clumsy as he pulled his breeches up before stumbling towards her. An accident, he laughed as he kissed her for the second time, arms wrapping around her. 

Together, they shifted and stumbled towards the stairs, breathing heavy, fingers running through hair and gripping at shirts. 

“I’ll join you soon,” Cullen all but panted. He glanced to his pile of armor before offering her an apologetic smile. 

“I have to go alone?” Elysse pouted when he started to smooth away the wrinkles his grip had caused. 

“They won’t bite.” 

She scoffed. “You didn’t see Duchess Beaufort last night. Even Josephine’s powers of diplomacy may not hold her at bay.” She sighed when he pressed a kiss to her forehead. 

“I promise to come to your rescue.” 

“You’d better,” she grumbled, tugging on his shirt and she pulled him in for one last kiss. 

Who will believe my verse in time to come,
If it were filled with your most high deserts?
Though yet heaven knows it is but as a tomb
Which hides your life, and shows not half your parts.
If I could write the beauty of your eyes,
And in fresh numbers number all your graces,
The age to come would say ‘This poet lies;
Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces.’
So should my papers, yellowed with their age,
Be scorned, like old men of less truth than tongue,
And your true rights be termed a poet’s rage
And stretched metre of an antique song:
  But were some child of yours alive that time,
  You should live twice, in it, and in my rhyme.
—  Sonnet 17, William Shakespeare

Okay, but just imagine that Luke has to leave to go on tour, so you wake before him and make him breakfast and don’t tell him. Then you go back to your shared bedroom to snuggle in bed with him, just trying to make these last two and a half hours count. You don’t wanna wake him, though, because he needs his beauty sleep, so instead you just look at him while he’s sleeping and take in all of his features- the way his lips are almost pursed in his state of sleep and the way his hair is all over the place and not maintained in its usual quiff and how he’s only wearing boxers because it’s too hot to wear anything else so you just look at his pale stomach and bask in all of his sleepiness. Then you accidentally say “I love you” out loud and it wakes him up and in his groggy morning voice he tells you that he loves you too and then envelopes you in his strong arms and kisses your forehead and lets you snuggle against him. You stay like that for a little over five minutes and then tell him that he has to get ready to go, so he groans as you get up and leave him, because he doesn’t wanna leave you (and he doesn’t wanna wake up) and then he tells you that he won’t get out of my bed and he pouts and crosses his arms, so you just giggle and pry his arms apart and grab his hands to pull him up. He’s too big, so you tell him that you guys can make out later if he just gets off his lazy butt and then he immediately gets up. And although you two have been together for almost three years, he’s still super nervous around you and gets butterflies and even though he knows that you won’t judge him, he still gets insecure about his stomach (it isn’t like you haven’t seen his adorable little tummy before or anything, though), so he puts his shirt on and it almost breaks your heart, but then he opens the door to leave your room and you discover that he isn’t putting on any pants and that he doesn’t have his shirt all the way buttoned up and you smile, because you know that that means that he’s becoming more comfortable with you. He goes into the kitchen and instantly turns around with an excited expression on his face and hugs you, and then kisses the top of your head and you laugh at his sudden excitement which makes him chuckle and when you ask him why he’s excited he tells you that he can smell the food you made. With a straight face, though, you look him in the eyes and say, “I’m sorry, babe, but I didn’t make you any food; I woke earlier and was hungry, so I made my own food” and then you fake sympathy and his eyes instantly droop, but he tells you that it’s okay and that he can just grab some cereal (because you both know darn well that he can’t cook for the life of him). Then as he starts walking toward the cabinet, you start giggling uncontrollably and he looks at you with an adorable, confused expression and then you grab the plate of food out of the microwave, where you put it so that it might keep a wee bit of its heat, and you set the plate down at the table and grab a fork and knife to put on the plate, and all the while Luke is just staring at you dumbfounded. And then a smirk plays on his face, but you barely register it, and then he tells you that he doesn’t wanna eat it because he doesn’t know if he can trust you because you just lied to him, so you just shrug, sit down in the chair that he was supposed to sit at, and start digging in, then with a mouthful you say, “I guess I’ll just have to finish it for you then” and he laughs slightly and pulls you up and grabs you by the waist and starts to kiss you before you push him away and say, “No making out until you finish the food I made you. Got it?” He pouts but that pout quickly turns into a smile when he takes a seat in the chair that you were just sitting at and starts devouring the toast. With his hair all messy and his sideburns showing and his shirt not buttoned up all the way and the enjoyment he has because of the food… It makes you happy, so you take a picture right after you sit down. Then you put your small hand over his huge hand and start playing with his ring, teasing him for falling asleep with it on, along with his bracelet. And then when he’s done eating, he grabs a napkin, wipes his mouth, and actually cleans his dishes for once. Then he looks over at you and you’re confused until he walks over to you and starts kissing you and ends up pushing you against the fridge and yet again, you push him away. He says, “You’re a clock-bocker, you know that, right?” and then you burst laughing, then you control yourself and say, “First of all, it’s a *cock-blocker- you must be really tired. And second of all, you have less than two hours until you have to leave. You have to pack everything and get ready.” He gives you his best puppy dog eyes and a wee little pout and when you still won’t give in (it takes all of your willpower not to), he simply states that “packing can wait. Right now, I need you” and then he starts kissing you again, picks you up from under your legs, squeezes your bum, and then walks to your bedroom, all whilst holding you, and then you two break apart as he sets you on the bed as delicately as he can, and then he goes back to making out with you.

“Beauty is Harsh.”

Even though this may not represent The Secret History it shows what I feel about it, reading ancient stories, liquor and dinners, shifting smoke and secret love as well as Italy. Of course Italy. 

5/5 Stars 

may12324 BROUGHT MY FAVOURITE OCs TO LIFE!!! Apparently, even in my own writing, my faves are still the minor characters. They are siblings and they aren’t Mika’s biggest fans. Though Zohaib is much kinder than his sister, Zohra*. (Unsurprisingly, I mean, look at his dorky face.) 

*dreamy sigh* Aren’t they beautiful? *hugs them* *allows Zohra to wriggle free*

*ahem* Anyway, if you’re writing a novel and want your OCs to be illustrated, may12324 is open for commissions and yes, all of Annalise’s art is brilliant! *goes back to staring at the perfection* (◎ ‿ ◎)

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Can you list the Nordics from favorite to least favorite? If so, why?

1. denmark

because he’s the biggest piece of dork trash the world has ever seen and i just want to play with his hair and hug him and give him all the happiness

2. norway


3. iceland

he is a little dork i love him so much what a nerd… i have random screenshots of aph iceland doing normal dorky things saved all over my laptop he is a prince

4. sweden


5. finland

little angel who is really born of hell’s lava, a sweetie pie who will crush anyone who messes with his family


I love reading fanfics about Hiro and Tadashi from their younger years because even though they’re all so different, they’re equally creative and I 100% believe that they went through most of those things…like..

It melts my heart knowing that so many people came up with ideas for these two dorks and how adorable they can be at times. I like writing about possible scenarios for them too. Their sibling relationship was amazing and the fact that many people think (okay, we don’t think - we know) that their life was that way since childhood is beautiful.

And it only makes it that much more sad knowing Tadashi’s fate. 

Needless to say, I’ve been reading way too much adorkable fanfiction for one day…

i kiss her lips and then i kiss her nose 

i hug her from behind 

and tell her i love her so she knows

i make her know that even though

she may not think shes beautiful

she is gorgeous to me 

she shouldn’t care what they think 

she walks on water to my heart 

while my heart made all others sink 

One of the most beautiful things about innocent is that its about something that was done to taylor, but she didnt make it about herself. Even though she was the victim, it sympathizes with kanye for all the backlash he got. We tend to only consider the struggles of the victim, but the attacker can suffer just as many consequences. And it shows so much character that she was able to write a song about kanye’s struggles with what he did. It wasn’t about taylor forgiving him, it was about him forgiving himself.

I recently reached 320+ followers and before I do a bias / follow forever / ‘yo these peeps tho!’ list I wanted to put together a quick show of love to some of the fabulous
Feмαle OCѕ that I follow.

I am constantly blown away with how creative, complex and absolutely
wonderful all of your characters are and I feel so lucky to write with you ( or simply stalk you from afar ). Thank you for being awesome and an inspiration to me!

Presented in no real order, apologies if I forgot any one!

Everyone else – - follow these beauties though.

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Hello! If it not to much, Could I request a fluffy scenario with crocodile, Mihawk, doffy, and kid ? Thank you and good luck with your blog!(=^ェ^=)

I’m so sorry, but I cannot do Mihawk, Doffy, and Kid due to me not knowing those characters much at all. If you read the rules, I have a list of who I can write for. However, Crocodile is on the list, so I wrote something for him. Again, I’m sorry. Here you go though! And thank you very much!

“Mmmh,” you mumbled into Crocodile’s chest. It was a beautiful morning. Yellow rays of the sun poured into the room in the shape of streams, some of them casting upon the both of you as you slept. However, Crocodile knew it was time for him to get to work. Unfortunately, you weren’t the kind of person to let someone go easily when you were in a cuddly mood.

“(F/n), let go. I must go discus with Nico Robin about her work over the week. It’s very important,” he warned, tone deeper than usual. You only replied with a drawled out groan, and the man rolled his eyes. Sometimes he found it cute, although he’d never admit to it for the life of him, but today was critical.

“(F/n),” he huffed, attempting to pry your body off of him. Right then he was reminded of his amazement at how impressively you were able to be as physically clingy as you were. Sitting up in the bed, you latched onto his torso like a magnet. Crocodile growled in annoyance.

He ahmed, knowing fully well you were awake. “I will give you the count to three. If you do not remove yourself, I will forcibly pry you off of me,” he declared. When you didn’t respond, he began his countdown.

“Three…” Nothing.

“Two…” You didn’t even twitch a muscle.


“What work do you even have to do?” You suddenly interrupted him, pressing your cheek to his chest. Crocodile didn’t smirk in victory with how he was finally able to get you to talk, but frowned instead. You were always so nosy.

“It’s very vital work,” he replied with a monotone voice. You rolled your eyes. Your lover was always so serious. Really; in anything he’d do, he was always so intense. Even though you knew this was his personality, it was starting to get on your nerves. He could really use some fun in his life. You wondered if it was becoming unhealthy.

You groaned, tightening your grip. Craning your neck, you stared up at him with tired eyes. “Please, stay with me? Just for a while longer?” Before he could answer with what was guaranteed to be another, ‘I need to, it’s important,’, you cut him off. “I…never really see you anymore. You’re always out doing work that’s apparently very secret. So secret that you won’t even tell me.” At your own words you felt your heart drop.

Crocodile stared at you before sighing. Without a word, he wrapped his arms around your waist. Before you knew it, you were lying on his chest. A dark scarlet grazed your cheeks.


“Quiet,” he grumbled, pushing your head into his chest. You didn’t move, stiff for a while before slowly realizing how he threw his pride and duties away for just a bit longer for you. Snuggling into his warm form, you could hear his strong heartbeat.

“Thank you,” you whispered, closing your eyes with a sigh of content. The man hummed in response, tightening his grip on your smaller waist.

You were sure to bug him to stay with you a little more every morning from that point on.


If I ever desire the stars

I’ll build a ladder

I’ll put it together step by step

Till I touch every star

If I ever desire the stars

Maybe I will simply ask

I’ll choose my words gracefully

Till they all come to me

If I ever desire the stars

There’s no reason

Not one in the whole wide world

I won’t reach

each and every one

A present to the beautiful Giulia. I don’t usually write poems and I’m not sure I’m even good at it, but this one made me think of you, so I thought about giving it to you as a present. ❀

Happy birthday, darling!

P.s. - I hope the English version is correct, though I’m not sure at all. But know that it came out very similar to the original, so do not worry about that. ✿

So this isn’t my best but I had a massive urge to write some fluff and this is what came out :)

It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, and it was so much better because he wasn’t expecting it at all.

Their daughter was exactly 24 hours old, she had been born a week early and as a surprise to both of her parents, 6 pounds 9 ounces. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. As she was born before it was expected, it was had been a normal work day for him, and even though he had offered to stay home and get someone to cover his surgeries for the day, she had insisted on him going into work and that she would be fine. It had been a long day, and he had been looking forward to going home and seeing his two favourite girls for hours. It was quiet when he opened the front door, letting himself in incase Amelia was sleeping or the baby was sleeping, trying to make as little noise as be could possibly make. He walked into the living room and placed down his coat on the arm of the couch, turning around to see Amelia holding their baby girl and dancing slowly with her, rocking her from side to side as the tiny girl slept peacefully in her arms. She hadn’t noticed he had come home until she turned around and her eyes met his smiling face.

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In this life time I was introduced to your beauty, your laugh, and your lips. Though one thing remained missing, your heart. I will die into the next life in search of you and the secrets your heart holds. We all have that one person that does not teach us how to love but shows us how it is to be loved. Stars have died countless of times so that you may live and find that one person who will make you reach the infinite skies. We walk this earth satisfying our needs and not satisfying our inner thoughts and soul. I want to know all of you, deep down to the core of your existence. I want to know why are we where we are with no train of thoughts that can compel us from each other’s grips. The grips that holds us close is never enough, the closer I hold you the more I find my self wanting to be inside of you, inside your thoughts, inside your heart, inside your soul. I stay up until dawn forgetting you yet the things I want to forget are the things that drive me insane. I may always write about love, attraction, and you. But there is pain behind these words and scripts. Pain that no one knows. Pain that only your secrets in your heart can mend. If I do not have you in this life, I’ll wait for you in the next and 10,000 life times after.
—  Lifetime

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you dont have to write a one shot for this but calum and baby telling everyone (as in the guys + their girls) that they got engaged? you dont have to do this because i know youre swamped with requests!! :)

I feel like these two are quite extravagant, so a dinner party seems like the best way for them to announce it :) 

Being home from Paris was the worst.

You missed your little cottage in the middle of a lavender field, just outside of the city limits. You missed being in a little village with kind people and beautiful homes. You missed having Calum all to yourself. From the moment he got home, he was out and about, doing band things. He was working extra hard in the studio, writing constantly. It wasn’t like before he proposed though, he called throughout the day and he complained to you when he fell down in bed beside you. You really wanted him to just have some time to relax, to breathe with his family and friends without the pressure of work looming over his head.

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I think if I could
be with you everyday
I would find some
peace, solace,
something to
call us and make,
something to build on
something to fight for
something to live with
something to explore
all the while winding
our way though these
trails so mystifying and
finding our way to
the pieces of us
that we’ve always longed for