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After tyrion left for the free cities, do you think he is still fond of Sansa?

Tyrion in ADwD is in a terrible state of mind, and is not fond of anything or anyone. He believes himself a monster and all his women “false”. (Except Tysha). He’s mourning and blaming himself for what happened to his first wife - and he is blaming himself for a lot of things and deliberately acts like a monster. Tyrion isn’t thinking a lot back to Sansa during ADwD - all the quotes from that book taste wrong in my mouth and it would be out of context if I’d quoted one here for you. It’s very interesting, but Sansa thinks more of Tyrion (and fondly) than Tyrion thinks of Sansa.

As for the show, he also does not mention her - just like Sansa, Tyrion seemed to forget they were ever married. They did mention it in season 4, but since then they think the audience is dumb and forgot it ever happened. I cannot tell the show’s perspective, they both look like they had amnesia or something. I assume we might see some parallels (anti!parallels) with Sansa now that she’s getting married again - as for Tyrion…he may think back on Sansa fondly…I can’t tell. Tyrion in the show is doing much better than Tyrion did in the books.

I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t. The show absolutely gives nothing, they completely dismissed their entire marriage, and that was a shining opportunity. So now all we are left with is tiny headcanons.

Edit: I did forget to mention, that in ADwD there’s an ambiguous passage - it can be interpreted to both Tysha and Sansa, if you interpret Sansa then this is probably the first time he’s thinking back to her nicely, and honestly. I do love this passage, but I repeat, it’s ambiguous.

““What do you miss, Halfman?”

“Jaime, thought Tyrion. Shae. Tysha. My wife, I miss my wife, the wife I hardly knew.””

I enjoyed it because they were having so much fun, that I genuinely forgot about zayn. Didn’t even notice he wasn’t there. I didn’t think about him other then when they mention him. Doesn’t even phase me. They clearly are still just as happy; Maybe even more happy! That is the ONLY thing I care about, that the four of them are all still grounded and having fun. Not sending Zayn hate or anything, but if they are happy I am so . ** shrugs while drinking tea **

About Hakuei

I find it rather suspicious that we’ve seen all the Kou Empire’s family members after Hakuryuu’s rebellion except from Hakuei, who is after all the closest to him.

It could be argued that she’s not gonna play any important role in this arc and thus why the mangaka didn’t bothered to show her. But I disagree, especially after the latest chapter.

In chapter 265 we saw the rest of the Kou siblings on their way to fight Hakuryuu and it was mentioned that Hakuei and her troops won’t join them:

I think it’s rather important because so far in this arc, Hakuei was always mentioned alongside the rest of the Kou family members who have sided with Kouen and was never excluded of that group. But this time she’s singled out, thanks to her different decision and I think that Ohtaka-sensei has a good reason for doing it.

Perhaps she has decided to side with her brother? Or could it be that she doesn’t wish to see her family members fighting and she’ll try to stop this war? We can only spectulate right now (although, it is interesting to note that in a later panel she’s still shown fighting against Hakuryuu alongside the rest of the Kou siblings) No matter what she’s going to do, it should be interesting to see it play out as she’s related to all the parties involved and she is a reckoned power since she’s a capable dijiin user and has a huge and loyal household.

Also, let’s not forget the Arbakuei theory. According to that theory, after Hakuryuu killed Arba’s “doll shell” Gyouken she possessed/is going to possess Hakuei. If that’s theory proves true, then that could be a  good reason why Ohtaka-sensei hasn’t show us Hakuei yet.

More stuff: he basically also said Cas goes where he’s needed (like where the mission calls for him to go) and will never have a home, and totally forgot to mention that this is being clearly and quite explicitly problematized in the show, which obviously needs to have a reason to be. He replied this to a question that begun with, ‘last episode Cas indirectly called the bunker “home”’, so like, ???

Basically of all the facets of the issue he could chose he chose the least positive and pictured it in the least positive way omittig the fact that said aspect is being treated as a problem on the show. I just.

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how do you apply your foundation so it doesn't cake and looks natural ? i really struggle with it as my foundation cakes up on my spots and makes it really obvious ...

Foundation is meant to even out your skin tone and eliminate most, if not all, imperfections. Don’t apply a full layer of it on the first go. If you have blemishes and they still show through your foundation, do not apply another thick layer of it. Instead, build the foundation up gradually or spot conceal (meaning, apply concealer only on your imperfections)! Applying multiple layers of foundation just to get rid of blemishes will equal to unnatural, cakey-looking skin. Finish with a setting spray–I’d recommend MAC’s Fix+ as it emulsifies whatever products you have used and helps the makeup look like a second skin!

Edit: I forgot to mention that tools also play an important part in the coverage of your foundation. To avoid cakey skin, try using your (clean) fingers or a damp sponge! Fingers are better as friction causes heat and that helps the product apply better and work faster and better with your skin. Damp sponges seem like a better alternative to brushes as they absorb any excess product, so even if you apply extra foundation, it’ll soak it right up!

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You want a gorgeous feminst role model for young girls and a well written show? Where the star is great at social media and the writers are kind, responsive and inclusive to all fans? Watch Agent Carter. Oh forgot to mention it also is has a great femlash ship. Not to mention star is a cinnamon roll that is too pure for this earth.

i am not particularly in the market for a new show, but thanks for the recommendation. 

though, based on the academics i’ve seen talking about it Agent Carter has a serious diversity problem, as bad as OUAT or worse. so while it apparently has many benefits, there are also drawbacks. i also think that all the shows should be like that, so people just migrating to a show that does it better doesn’t necessarily solve the larger issue.  

also, off topic this new cinnamon roll thing makes me want to set stuff on fire and i don’t know why.

Tattoo Help Needed

     I would really appreciate it if some one could help me with a tattoo design I have in mind. I want to get a tattoo dedicated to my mom and 3 younger brothers. My mom pretty much raised me and my bros without a step/father, while protecting, clothing, and feeding us. My mom has a tattoo of the 4 aces for us since our names are Armando, (me) Anthony, Alex and Alan. So they I have an idea of what I want and if someone would be willing to help me?

     The design I pictured in my head is a Queen protecting the cards or showing its care for it. I don’t really want the Queen to be a certain queen of the cards, in fact a queen that represents all of them I would like the most since we are all different but we all came from the same mom. 

     Thanks if anyone could help me with this design or anything. All help is appreciated! P.S. I forgot to mention that I want it on my left shoulder arm

Doctor Who fandom, I think we’ve forgotten something very important. Namely, the super secret, suspiciously named Cobra organisation. 

It was mentioned in the Forest of the Night and fandom collectively went crazy because a name like Cobra in a show like Doctor Who porteneded bad omens for the finale. Then, of course, they didn’t show up in the finale and we all collectively forgot about them in favour of Missy.

Which, I mean, fair enough it’s MISSY

Since we’re in the midst of season 9 filming, however, I think I should just casually bring them back into the conversation. Moffat isn’t normally a showrunner who would say ‘Cobra’ when ‘the government’ would have been a perfectly good explanation for who authorised burning trees. He’s got something up his sleeve, I just know it.

All that bullshit that happened yesterday… I really hope that the girls are doing okay… can’t imagine how upset they probably were, maybe still are… But honestly, what was the reason that their performance got cancelled?

Not enough time? An award show like that knows how to schedule things…

This rumor that the girls wanted Kid Ink to perform with them and their team forgot to mention that to Billboard, so he wasn’t invited? Sounds stupid, they could have just performed their usual version of Worth It. No need to cancel everything.

Billboard wanted some more viewers or some shit like that because we always create some buzz on social media? Doesn’t really make sense either, because then they should know what happens when it comes out that we got played… but that could be a possibility…

The only thing we know for sure is that the girls flew to the BBMAs, thinking they’d perform…

What the hell happened between rehearsal and the red carpet?!

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Hey! Just wanted to give y'all a film rec and some ship recs. The film is "The Dreamers", with somehow canon incest between twins (it's so weird you'd have to see it for yourself, I can make no good summary). And the ships: Robb/Jon from Song of Ice and Fire, every combination among the Pevensie siblings in Chronicles of Narnia (especial mention to Edmund/Lucy), and Alec/Jane from Twilight; they're all pretty interesting. So, if anybody else ships any, you're not alone, and also... *high five*.

Anon from before here: I forgot, I totally need to add another film rec. I’ve read you personally don’t like many brother/brother ships, so this is for your followers. “From Beggining to End” is a really cool film that doesn’t show incest in an unhealthy way for once; it’s actually very sweet. I’ve only ever found it in Portuguese, but it has English subtitles, so… there you go, hope you enjoy.

Wow, thanks, Anon, for all the recommendations! I really love hearing about everyone’s favorite ships. And yeah, it’s always good to know when we’re not alone!

Alec/Jane is very topical given the ask I just answered and I’m very partial to Edmund/Lucy as well. Jon/Robb - classic. 

What you said about The Dreamers - “somehow canon” - is so accurate. It’s so much more than subtext even though nothing really happens. (My main commentary post for Isabelle and Theo is here.)

And I’m really glad you brought up From Beginning To End. I haven’t seen it but I know it’s a very beautiful film and it’s an important rec. 

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I sent in the eight part theory, sorry I forgot to mention that it was based off other theories I had saw online so a lot of that wasn't out my own head just wanted to clarify but I did theorize a good deal of it lol but I wanna remain anonymous so it's all good

Well thats how theories are built.. you see good points and you elaborate, show proof, and build from that.

I saw a very small wren is a theory from pllmysteries over a yr ago.. then added over 10 observations, photos, logical explainations and built my own wren is a theory.

I respect your wanting to be anonymous so thank you for your theory ♥

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Does Girl Meets World really get better? When I watched it the comedic timing seemed way too fast. Especially with Farkle, lol || I kinda wrote it off in the first few episodes but...I didn't like Boy Meets world in its first few episodes either and it became one of my favorite shows as it went on. Should I give GMW another shot?

definitely! it’s pretty mature for a disney channel show and i’m really involved with everyone’s relationships with each other. it is basically a more censored version of boy meets world with girls and i really enjoy it c:

edit: i forgot to mention but they have people from the original show guest star all time time like shawn, eric, and mr. feeny!

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And you didn't even mention how they whitewashed Lily, or Rumbelle's fucked up relationship where he lies to her and tricks her all the time. OR how the only queer poc (Mulan) was instantly off the show the second after revealing her love for Aurora. Now that made me super mad. What about people like Ursula though? I can't remember anything particularly racist with her character (then again, I don't watch very closely).

oh yeah i forgot about the whole lily thing, that was pretty bogus too. and yeah, the emotionally abusive relationship i was referring to was rumbelle lmao. him pretending to be killian and taking the dagger from her and just all of that sickened me and how she was so scared of him and now?????? i’m just???? she’s putting herself back into an abusive relationship and it makes me want to vomit like what kind of message is that sending? it would be one thing if they did it and then explained at the end or somewhere throughout it how the relationship is wrong, but we know they’re not doing that. and yeah mulan was yet another instance of a&e & co. letting their homophobia show by cutting her out of the show and then saying “maybe” “we’ll see” “anything can happen” when asked if she’d ever come back or if they’d ever revisit that storyline ((queerbaiting !!!)) ursula i think was one of the only black people/poc who wasn’t totally fucked over and actually got a happy ending, though i would’ve liked to see more flashbacks of her and cruella and how they got on and adapted to our world, but the once writers lack of any ability to flesh out characters’ backgrounds is another story altogether.

At the moment I’m really obsessed with Once Upon A Time. When it first began I watched most of the first season, but then during the break between seasons I kind of forgot how amazing it was. So I started from the beginning 1-2 weeks ago and I am completely involved in it again, but now I have to wait until September/October for the new season to begin. My emotions right now are all over the place (not to mention that I should have been studying for exams, which I am stressed about).

The thing is though, I think one of the reasons that I’m so obsessed with this show is because I want a happily ever after. And I know that’s silly, and unreasonable, but… I guess it’s not the happily ever after, exactly, it’s more I want someone to look at me the way Killian looks at Emma. I want someone to speak about me the way he speaks about Emma. I want to speak about someone that way. I want to love someone so deeply that they know they’ll never be alone. But more, I want someone to love me so deeply that I might believe that I’ll never be alone, that I’m loved in a way that most people dream about. I want to be happy.

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17, 22 and 32

Hello friend! Thanks for the questions!

  • 17. What do you love?

Oh that’s a good question actually because I really have no idea~ I love the trash anime I watch but I also love rocks so I guess let’s go with rock hard anime abs.

  • 22. Nicknames people call you?

I got lots of nicknames ranging from normal things like “Matt”, “Math”, “MJ” and “Matty” but then for some reason my family calls me “Jillean” “Gregory’s brother” my all time favourite “flibbity jibbet’s left nostril” so yeah. I think my Mom just forgot what she called me so I get new ones almost weekly.

  • 32. Favorite show?

Probably my all time favourite show is Avatar the Last Air-bender simply because I think it’s a really well made show with lots of characters and interesting plot. Not to mention the basis for it is one of the best ideas ever and the humour is top

Grande Premiere 2015

Garment: Representing Madame Red (from Black Butler)

Designer: Kayla Kerry - Kake

Model: Amanda

Facebook page:


Hey there! So this was probably one of my favorite pieces I’ve made! I love every other garments just as much, but this one was the fun one! I wanted a little something extra, because the show started with Ciel (OH WAIT, I also forgot to mention, I was the very first designer to go out on stage, no pressure at all, hehe), then Sebastian, Alois and Madame Red was the one to ‘close the show’. So Iwanted it to be extra special! So Wat I did was a top and a wrap around skirt, with shorts and another kinda skirt under neat it, so when she was walking down the catwalk, she could start untying the first skirt halfway and twirl it off with the first skirt over her shoulder like an accessory. IT WAS PERFECT. Really hope you guy’s like my very first clothing collection :)

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hayley is beautiful as well but she isn't in the films!! apart from first avenger, she is probably best looking in marvel tv show... and scarlett um she is beautiful but I prefer Elizabeth she just seems a bit cooler, whos emily?!! oh god forgot about jaimie alexander and cobie... damn ehhh whatever they are all godnesses, but i think elizabeth may be a bit more!

well i didnt forget about them i just mentioned just the ones who are the most attractive for me 

emily is emily vancamp, aka sharon carter 

well no i still couldnt pick between scarjo and lizzie it’s just IMPOSSIBLE 

The feels I’m in, caught up
Can’t help but to smile when your name is brought up
Treat you just like how my mother taught us
Couldn’t dodge the arrows so Cupid just shot us

And it’s not a bother 
If our daughter is just like her momma I’ll be a proud father
And if our son is just like me
He’ll know the proper way to treat a lady, baby

Maybe I’m speaking too soon, staring at a blue moon
I sees stars in your eyes when I view you
Do we really need to sit up?
We can lay on our backs and never have to get up

So comfy in your presence, shower with attention
I forgot to mention, it’s all good
If I could, show you the world, I would 
And I’m working on it now like I’m under the hood

And I love it, I love it

Have I ever told you I like the way you dance?
I like how you move a storm with that thunder in your pants
Not be near you, I can’t, be near you every chance
You’re mines when I see you so don’t make any plans

But plan on having fun, you’re second to none
In my eyes, so don’t try to lie-ie and tell me any different
My ears are yours so when you talk I’m going to listen
And they’re cute too so feel free to kiss them

But you get me, I’m only on you tough cuz you let me
Figured out why I’m cute, so you won’t forget me
Are my lips really that sexy?
Am I really bomb or only after I kiss you gently?

And you? all that then some
Me and you? Could be the perfect outcome
The world, we can out run, let’s go
And we can grow to be more beautiful than any flower that’s ever grown

And I love it, I love it

—  Fertilize The Growth - by Me