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maureen mcdonnell is the real life narcissa malfoy


Jackson’s face after April’s first time | 8x21 Moment of Truth
[requested by anon]

I could go on for days, months even, about this moment. Because it’s almost kind of perfect while actually being incredibly heartbreaking. While one of them is wrecked with guilt because she’s just betrayed her faith and doesn’t know what to make of what just happened, the other is smiling. He’s happy. With himself, with her, but mostly that she chose him, and that she trusted him enough to give him that part of her. He’s happy, because she’s now his, without actually being his. A small part of her, his sometimes shy sometimes annoying best friend, now belongs to him, to his heart. He’s amazed by her. She has grown, she has become someone else and he’s proud of her for that, and he’s proud of himself for being the one to help her achieve something new, discover herself that little bit more. So, he smiles; because he’s happy, and in the moment where the tension is high because while he doesn’t regret a single thing, she might do. But she’s his friend, his best friend, and she’s just handed him something so special that he will do anything she asks of him. And when she clearly wants some time alone, he obliges. Because she’s her, and he’s him, and he knows her better than anyone, now outside just as much as in. And his voice husks and her lashes flutter, and he’s suddenly aware of who she is now becoming to him. He’s amazed by her, in awe of her, of what happened, and he has a small smile on his lips as he kisses her goodnight, goodbye, because she probably didn’t expect him to kiss her anyway but he can’t help himself. It’s quick, and soft, and a simple kind of gentle because that’s who she is. She deserves that much. He’ll do anything she asks, because she  somehowmanaged to infiltrate his system after a round of lovemaking and innocent breaths. And while a small piece of her now belongs to him, for his safe keeping, he also willingly gave her a part of himself, of his heart, when he kissed her with that damn smile.