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1) What’s your favorite class you’re taking this year?

my first period! ‘cause i don’t have school then :’D

2) Reason behind your URL?

a placeholder until i find a better one? 

3) Favorite anime/TV show and why?

uhh, shit

umm, i guess diamond no ace right now ‘cause its actually pretty realistic for sports anime and also EVERYONE IS SO PRECIOUS ALKSF;KJL

4) What kind of music do you listen to?

i like all genres, but i especially like instrumental music.

5) Favorite food and could you eat it 3 meals a day?

cereal, and hell yeah i can, i’ve done it before

6) Would you date the genderbent version of yourself?

hell no. 

actually, maybe…


7) What would you do if your favorite celebrity said hi to you?

try to keep a calm front while  internally squealing

8) Favorite reaction gif?

does this count idk i really like cats


9) Do you know another language?

yeah, vietnamese but i don’t speak it all that much. very rusty.

10) Favorite album by your favorite band?


um let me get back to you on that.

okay, um maybe Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die by Panic! at The Disco?? Back in Black by AC/DC??? ICONA POP???? I DONT KNOW

11) Wow, these are some shitty questions, NAME YOUR FAVORITE COLOR GO!

teal? or pink (piggy pink according to wikipedia). i like mostly all colors though.