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Revelations about surveillance, intimidation, and exploitation of the press have raised unsettling questions about whether the U.S. and other Western democracies risk undermining journalists’ ability to report in the digital age. They also give ammunition to repressive governments seeking to tighten restrictions on media and the Internet.

To combat these trends, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) today along with more than 45 supporting partners including The Associated Press, gettyimages, vicenews, humanrightswatch, amnestyusa, Bloomberg News, aljazeeraThe Huffington Post, First Look Media, Slate, globalvoices, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation launched the campaign “Right to Report in the Digital Age.”

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Al Jazeera Media Network Opens Innovation Challenge

Global Online Competition about Nonlinear Narratives in Apps

The Innovation and Research group at Al Jazeera Media Network has kicked off its first major community initiative with an online Innovation Challenge. This is an open competition aiming to surface new ideas about storytelling in mobile and web applications.

The Innovation Challenge competition offers substantial rewards, including the possibility of future incubation of winning ideas, invitations to large innovation events in the future, and $25,000 in cash prizes.

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AJ+ launched this week

This week AlJazeera ;launched it new digital news product , AJ+, along with a dedicated iPhone app. It is meant to target millennial consumers who prefer to get their news on their mobile devices. 

I haven’t seen a ton written about the launch this week but I think Gigaom gave a good summary .

Some noteworthy bits:

“So how does AJ+ intend to make money? Apparently not with oldschool advertising. [Yaser] Bishr [AJ+’s Executive Director of Strategy and Development]  categorically ruled out mobile or banner ads, but said that at some point, AJ+ may venture into sponsored content, or monetize its own videos by licensing them to others.

But Bishr also stressed that there is not a lot of pressure for Al Jazeera, which is funded by the ruling family of Qatar, to be profitable with a venture like this.” 

“The team wants to launch an Android app next, and Al Jazeera is looking to launch an Arabic version of AJ+ in the coming months as well. However, there seems to be no rush to launch a full-fledged website.”

Food for thought: According to the Pew Research Center, in 2013, “ 64% of tablet owners and 62% of smartphone owners said they got news on their devices in 2012.” But it also said that more than half of mobile and tablet users got their news mainly from their device’s web browser. 

While AJ+ definitely isn’t the first mobile-native news product to come about ( NowThisNews comes to mind), I am interested to see how this sort of product could be developed for international audiences. It seems to be the edge that AlJazeera has in this case. 

I am also curious to see if other international news organizations will follow suit with similar products catered to millennials. 

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Al Jazeera hat uns für ein kurzes Interview im STUDIO COOLIO besucht.

"Usar el hijab nos hace sentir más libres, pues ordena que se nos muestre respeto. Nuestros padres nos han educado con liberalidad y por eso valoramos nuestras tradiciones y nuestra religión: no por fe ciega, sino porque advoca a la bondad. Y se nos enseña a entender esa diferencia”.

"Wearing the hijab makes us feel more free as we feel it commands a sign of respect. Our parents have brought us up liberally and which is why we value our traditions and religion not because of blind faith but because it advocates goodness. And we are taught to realise that difference".

/Shuchi Kapoor/Al Jazeera