Valentina Rodionenko explains about the team situation for Baku. Aliya Mustafina is in the team, as will be Viktoria Komova. They were not sure for a long time because she was out for so long. As result of a control training, Seda Tutkhalyan obtained the third place over Maria Kharenkova.

Seda says she is looking forward to the competition but realises she still needs to show she can do well in Italy this weekend. She knows she could’ve done even better at the control training, so she is ready to fight hard. She feels very good.

Vika says her ankle is feeling fine, and recognizes that all the talk about injury makes her think that she still has pain somewhere. She says she was put in the team because of a successful control training, just like Seda. She also feels like training at Round Lake now feels much better than training in Moscow, for example (which she did during injury).

Aliya says she and her team is ready to fight for gold and will not settle for silver or bronze. They feel very positive and she says that because they don’t know exactly what the other teams will do, they are preparing mostly for the fight with themselves. 


“That bronze might be worth more to her than gold. I can’t even recall an example of any gymnast having an injury like that and then coming back to the very highest level.” - Alexander Alexandrov on Aliya’s floor exercise bronze