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Good music blogs you'd recommend?

Outside the tumblrverse, I sometimes drop in on:

Here are a few music- and musician- tumblrs I enjoy. They’re all very different and lovely. I could add more:


Mitsuko Uchida on Schoenberg’s Piano Concerto

I love her <3

Glad to announce that we have a confirmed winner in our drawing for an original composition written by yours truly — alittleurbanmusician was chosen at random from the pool of 103 entrants, so congratulations to her! I’m looking forward to working with her on some new music, so we’re getting started discussing that. 

Thanks for all of your entries, and as always, sincerest thanks for following the leading tone. Perhaps we can do this again later in the year. 

alittleurbanmusician replied to your photo: In consideration of my astonishment at the prices…

w-w-w-w-w-w-what. jealous :(.

Come to Canada! Honestly. It’s cheaper, you get health care while you’re in school here, and most of our universities are as good as your top universities. We don’t have the same university/college ranking systems that America has. My school’s program is just as good, if not better, than that of a lot of American University Music Programs/Faculties (obviously depending on who you want to study with/what exactly within music you wish to study).


alittleurbanmusician replied to your post: EW so for an audition I have coming up we have to play Weber’s First Concerto and I’m literally puking and I hate it so much and we have to play the whole four pages and it’s just nasty. Any advice?

Omg manasse’s recording is like butter. I just had to say that. I love Manasse!

Jon Manasse drives me crazy. I dream of playing like him. And to top it off, he’s a super nice guy (at least from the ten minute experience I had with him). I mean… come on… do something wrong. 

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Hayyyyy there!

Hiiiii! I just sent you a message that went exactly up to the character limit by the way!

1. First impression: You are so cute and small-looking and you play the clarinet and live in New York that’s so fantastic!!! Let’s be friends :3
2. Truth is: I think that one day after we’ve had all of our training and we’re travelling around playing with orchestras and pits and stuff that we’ll meet and get to play together and it will be awesome :)
3. How old do you look: 18
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes, quite often!
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope
6. Best feature: Your bubbliness! You seem like a great person to be around and you’re beautiful!
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: No
8. You’re my: Fellow musician and someone I could definitely be best friends with
9. Name in my phone: You’re not on my phone
10. Should you post this too? If you so feel empowered to

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i’ve neer played any of kovacs works but I’ve heard that the hommages are a lot of fun to play :D.

They are so much fun to play and are very helpful! If you’re ever looking for repertoire, keep those in mind. I especially love the Strauss, Bartok, and de Falla ones. Kovacs also wrote a Barber of Seville fantasia that’s really fun.

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Don’t worry, It may be that they are just in denial that you’re so grown up. Maybe they just need to get used to it all. It’ll take a while, maybe a couple days or a couple months, but it’ll be okay :).

It’s true, that’s what is going on but I feel like it’s not me that’s wrong here and I shouldn’t have to wait. They should already understand that people get older and kids move out and make friends and go out more and get a job and go to university. I feel like they should have seen this coming since I’ve been preparing all year. But there’s nothing I can do and yeah, I just have to wait. Thank you :)

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*_______* grad school.

Do it. I’m applying to two schools in the states for my master’s, but mostly I have Canadian schools on my list.

However, if I decide to do my PhD I will most likely go to the US for that, but I think I still want to be here for my master’s. But we shall see!

It depends on whether or not I’m able to get funded and full coverage from any of the schools. Because I am the poorest of poor lol. Sigh.

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blargh. That sucks D: i hope to never get my wisdom teeth pulled out. Or i’ll like keel over and die.

The procedure isn’t that bad. It’s just not being allowed to practice. Especially with an upcoming audition with 11 pages of excerpts. I didn’t know what to do with myself all that time. I’ve read two books and watched over three seasons of TV shows since last Wednesday. It would be really awesome if you never had to get them out though…