We Dig for Matchbox Victory - Artist's Eye opens

Hackney Museum’s temporary exhibition, Artist’s Eye, opens today.  My animated story, We Dig for Matchbox Victory, is being shown on a 50 inch plasma screen between now and 28 April. 

The work is a road movie in miniature about four Matchbox construction toys from the 1950’s to 60’s.   It includes images of the old factory at Hackney Wick from Hackney Archive, along with footage of the toys in action.

It’s one way of exploring themes such as identity, belonging and a sense of place, along with some of the symbolic impacts of the 2012 Olympic site.

The toys are miniscule when compared to the area of the screen and it took the zeal and technical mastery of friend and collaborator Marcin Noga to nail the lighting and photography . We worked over three shoots, two on location and one in the studio.