The Fake


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Jaytim, umm… robin Jason and stalker Tim please if that’s okay?


Title: The Fake

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Rating: PG

Summary: “It’s 4 in the morning. I can’t deal with your crazy until at least after 8.”


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Now You're Talking My Language


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OF COURSE DARLING. It’s harder to write babbies than I remember haha.

TItle: Now You’re Talking My Language

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Verse: Arranged Marriage

Rating: PG

Summary: “It’s a spaceship, Timmy. I made up this game, I’m the human and you’re the alien.”


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In My Veins

Another thing I wrote for Elizabeth. It’s part of this three-part thing I’m doing for her, which also includes Dick/Tim and Ben/Tim. I haven’t written JayTim in so long, you guys, I’ve missed it so much aaahhh.


I’m still sorry I don’t know how to write sexy.

Title: In My Veins

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Rating: NC17

Summary: In the living room on the couch, Jason fits himself into the space between Tim’s legs, easy and familiar, and they kiss lazily.


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The Only Exception

Because I felt bad for not posting fic at all today and because I was suddenly invited to breakfast before falling asleep and I realized there is a possibility I might not post tomorrow. So here. Title comes from the Paramore song. Enjoy <3

Title: The Only Exception

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Rating: PG13

Summary: Tim wakes up and has to pinch himself every time.


Tim wakes up and has to pinch himself every time - bring me back bring me back it isn’t real I’m awake. He dreams of echoes and empty houses and cars pulling out of the driveway and hands on his shoulders and lips pressed to his face, lips that mouth goodbye, lips he doesn’t see because he only sees backs growing smaller in the distance.

Tim pinches himself, a reminder. That he isn’t his parents.

That what he has with Jason won’t end the same way his parents’ marriage did, distant and quiet, continents away, until poof, nothing.

He hopes, desperately wishes, that what they have will last. That they don’t end up like his parents because one and a half of them are already dead.

Because no, he doesn’t want to lose Jason and he doesn’t want to lose half of himself. It’s too lonely, he thinks, lonelier than when he was a little boy in a big empty house.

(And Jason’s bigger, it would take longer for his broad shoulders to turn into a tiny dot in the distance until poof, nothing, and he burns brighter too, he’d leave a trail of ashes for Tim to lie in, even when he’s gone).

Tim wakes up and has to pinch himself every time. Lies awake in the dark until his breathing slows, until reality swims back to him. Until.

Until Jason curls his arm around Tim’s chest and pulls him close, in, like an oven, puffs air against the back of Tim’s neck, blowing away his dreams, his memories, until poof, nothing. Nothing but Jason and Tim and Jason’s arms and their bed and the moon and a small apartment that’s filled to the brim with them. Together.

Still, sometimes Tim wakes up not knowing what’s real and what isn’t.

Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night or too early in the dark morning, with the memory of goodbye and the feeling of alone. (But never for long, Jason always drags him back, like an anchor).

Sometimes. Jason lets him sleep in until mid-afternoon, right before the sun begins to set. And when Tim wakes, Jason feeds him, with more than just food. With kisses and laughter, a warm belly and a warm chest, and warm hands.

Tim wakes up and has to pinch himself every time.

Because when he dreams, he dreams of cramped apartments and big rooms in a bigger manor and sleek cars pulling into a dim cave. He dreams of hands around his shoulders and lips pressed to his face, lips that mouth I love you and always and Tim, lips he kisses back. He dreams of a broad, leather-clad back growing smaller in the distance, but when he wakes, it’s to the back’s owner returning.

Tim wakes up and has to pinch himself every time.

And he smiles, because he finds that everything he dreamed of is real.


For Hearts, who prompted “watch”. lmao wow the only thing I know how to do = angst, almost 700 words of angst what is my life but sad??

Takes place in a convoluted combination of DCU & DCnU or something.

Title: Watch

Pairing: Gen

Rating: PG13

Summary: He’s deserved a break for a long time, but not like this. He never wanted it like this.


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Gold in the Sunlight

AU inspired by King Midas and Florence & the Machine.

"Midas is king and he holds me so tight and turns me to gold in the sunlight."

~Florence & the Machine, “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”

Title: Gold in the Sunlight

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Rating: PG13

Summary: “You are already like gold, my dear, my sweet, my heart. Gold in the sunlight, silver in the moonlight, a precious jewel through and through.”


"I’m sorry."

The healers all say the same thing.

"I’m sorry."

"There is nothing we can do to help you."

I’m sorry.

Tim is sorry, too. When he had finally found his happiness, the sickness from his childhood reared its ugly head once more. He’s sorry because he thought he’d been getting better - the pain hadn’t bothered him for years - since meeting Jason. He was getting better.

Jason made him better.

Tim wants to scream and cry, pull the expensive curtains from their windows and flip over tables filled for a feast. He wants to take the chaos inside of him and reflect it to the world.

But he has to be strong, a pillar. For Jason.

"Don’t tell the King," he begs. "Don’t tell the King."

They all nod and promise not to tell, and they send him off with pitying looks and offers to at least ease some of his suffering.

But there is no cure, no easy way to bear this kind of suffering.

Tim refuses to see any of them, but he can feel the burn of tears behind his eyes.

The King shall not discover the truth. This will be Tim’s secret, his burden alone.

I’m sorry.


The disease eats away at Tim’s body from the inside, slowly. Soon, he might not be able to hide at all.

Either way, it would have been impossible to keep Jason from noticing it completely. He spends hours a day just contemplating the beauty of Tim’s face, his body, his skin, all of him. For now, Tim can hide the physical effects but the emotional ones, not so much.

"Lover-mine, what ales you?"

Tim doesn’t flinch. If he wasn’t so worried, he might have laughed at the irony of Jason’s word choice.

"Nothing, my King. I feel as fine as a hummingbird in a garden of cosmos."

Jason doesn’t exactly frown, but his eyebrows stretch downward. Tim longs to reach out and smooth the lines in his forehead, to tell him, "It is okay, I will be alright. As long as you are by my side and I by yours, everything will be fine."

But he has already told enough lies (ommission of truth is also a lie, is it not?) and he is loathe to remove his hands from where they press against the King’s warm chest.

Tim gets a long look from his lover, but after a smile, to show Jason that he is alright without speaking, Jason returns to rubbing Tim’s neck. The sweat there is too cool, but beneath his leather gloves, Jason cannot tell.

Over the balcony, morning dew still clings to flower petals. A mixture of sweet scents wafts in on a soft breeze. Cicadas buzz in the distance, and Tim falls asleep to their song.


In the mornings, Tim is always first to rise. But today, he wants to bask in the sunlight for a little while longer. Reveling in its warmth and in the warmth Jason leaves behind, Tim stretches like a cat with a full belly, even though he has not had an appetite for days. The sheets glide against his skin. He misses this already.

He knows Jason will be sad. Because of him. Because he is not strong enough. Jason will break.

The pain that comes with this knowledge is a hurt different from the one that claws at his stomach, burns in his lungs.

Some days, he wishes he’d never met Jason. So that Jason would never be sad. Because of him. But with a bitter taste of guilt and shame, he takes back the thought. Tim is not conceited, but he knows that he means the world to Jason. This is something Jason has never, will never, let him forget. This is something Tim would never have known if not for Jason.

He is Jason’s world. And Jason is his.

If Tim could fix this, fix himself, he would. But there isn’t any cure, in all the kingdom and beyond, even with all the gold Jason can make with a single touch.

The garden looks its best this time of year, and Jason should be out there right now, waiting for Tim to join him. But Tim cannot even muster the strength to get out of bed. With great effort, he rolls over and pretends he can see the top of Jason’s head bobbing among the rose bushes, looking for him.

I’m sorry.


Once in a while, Jason must attend meetings. He is King after all. He has responsibilities he must attend to. Tim understands and sends Jason off with a kiss, several kisses, because he understands. That a whole kingdom is more important than a sick, dying man. Even if Jason doesn’t think so. Doesn’t think to think so, because he has no idea.

Jason pries himself from Tim reluctantly, returning each kiss twofold, with promises to return soon. His leather-clad hand slides out of Tim’s at the last possible moment, and Tim’s hand hovers in the air, still reaching for his King.

It wavers, taking too much strength that Tim doesn’t have, to hold it up in the air, but he does well to hide it.

Jason smiles and sends him one last look, one that promises a swift return and makes Tim shiver even though it is summer.

The door shuts softly, trailing after Jason’s gold and ruby robes. In the privacy of their chambers, Tim examines the thin papery skin of his skeleton hand. Tries to recall the feel of Jason against him, with difficulty.

Jason has always been careful with Tim, careful about touching him, with his hands especially. He never forgets his gloves, specially lined with rare material, found deep in the faeries’ forest. He’d turned half a meadow to have them made just so that he could hold Tim. He rarely takes them off, but when he does, he always makes Tim wait twenty rooms over.

It had been an accident, the first time, with Prince Damian’s first dog. Jason hadn’t meant to, but the dog, it had been such a grand creature, and so eager, jumping into his arms. It made Jason laugh, and he’d reached forward to steady himself. It was an accident.

Tim knows that sometimes, Jason still visits that dog in the locked room with all the golden things he doesn’t need or hadn’t meant to create. Locked not to discourage thieves but to hide away regret. Damian hasn’t completely forgiven his brother but he has moved on. Jason, though…

He hears Jason calling for him (is the meeting over so quickly?) and Tim hopes someone will pass by their room so that he may ask for them to bring him to their King.


"Timothy, my heart, I have been calling you for quite some time. Did you not hear me?" Jason sounds worried but his voice is gentle. Always gentle.

"What of your meeting?"

"I ended it early so that I might spend time with you, sweetling. Are you sure you are alright?"

The crease in his brow is back and Tim, once more, longs to reach forward to smooth it out. But forward implies removing himself from the wall and walking across the room.

"I have told you, my dear, I am fine. Especially now that you are within my sight." He smiles, weakly, but even when the sickness has sapped his strength, his love for Jason continues to shine strongly in his eyes.

"If you are sure—"

"I am."

"—then come. Let us take a walk through the gardens."

Thankfully, they must go back the way Tim came. When Jason reaches Tim, he holds his arm out for his lover to take. Tim leans all his weight on Jason, shuffling his feet, but Jason does not notice because Tim has always had a delicate touch. And now, Tim weighs almost nothing.


Outside, Jason chatters about nothing and everything, and Tim hangs on every word, tries to absorb the shape of each sound on Jason’s lips.

The sun is warm but a cool breeze threads its fingers through Tim’s hair, across his neck. He sighs, happily, because there is no trace of lines on Jason’s forehead. His King is just as happy as he is and that’s all Tim could ask for these days.

Their pace is lazy, relaxed, as if here, in their sanctuary, together, time neither runs backward nor does it race forward. After a while, they reach an archway covered in roses. It’s where Jason first confessed his love for Tim, and he does it again and again, each time they come here together. It has been some time since the last.

"My Beloved," he goes down on bended knee and kisses Tim’s palms first and then the backs of his hands. "My One, my Only. I have loved you in the past, I love you to this day, and I will continue to love you in all the days to come. Even when our kingdom’s time has come to pass, I will always be Your King, your Jason, and you will always be my most loved, my Timothy."

Jason will love him forever. Tim will love Jason for even longer than that. And that’s when the idea comes to Tim.

He pulls Jason to his feet and kisses his face, over and over again, until no trace of skin has been left untouched by Tim’s lips. Jason cradles Tim’s face and presses their lips together, slow and sensual and for the first time in such a long, long time, Tim’s knees don’t wobble because he is weak.

When he pulls away, he drowns in the teal of Jason’s eyes. The burning within him washes away, replaced by cool relief and the weight of Jason’s hands on him, rooting him to this singular moment and all their shared moments, strung together like the pearls around Tim’s throat.

Jason rubs his thumb lovingly against Tim’s cheekbone, but Tim pulls away. He holds Jason’s hand in front of him and kisses each leather-tipped finger before reaching to pull the glove off.

"Tim, what—"

He tries to pull back, but Tim tugs on his wrist and he stops.

The glove drops to the floor. The wind grows stronger as if magnified by Tim’s feelings.

Jason tries to pull back once more but not too forcefully, because his hands and Damian’s dog and Tim

"I’m sorry." I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry. For everything, I’m sorry.


"I’m sorry," he repeats (over and over again - I’m sorry) because he can never be sorry enough.

"Tim, what—"

"I love you." Forever and ever, and I’m not sorry, not about this, never, Jason, my Jason, I love you.

"Tim, no, stop. Tim!

Tim surges into Jason’s hand. There’s a smile on his face and it is gentle but so, so immensely happy because Jason’s hand and oh, this is how it would have felt, to be held by this man. The man he loves more than the entire world, more than the rose garden and the sunshine and the feelings that make him golden from the inside out.

Before Jason has a chance to shed a single tear, Tim turns into gold forever beneath his palm.




Live a long good life, my King. My Jason.




The King grows to an old age and throughout his reign, the whole kingdom flourishes. Even for the small towns on the kingdom’s outskirts, poverty is only a distant memory. Small battles are fought, but there are no wars. It is a long, prosperous time for everyone.

Maybe too long for some.

Jason is gray now and his bones creak when he moves. He cannot move among the palace grounds as he did once before.

Life has been a long weary journey, but it is also filled with more good than most could ever dream of, certainly more than Jason thinks he ever deserved. But there is nothing he would ever take back - or give back, for that matter.

He gave the kingdom away long ago, to a younger, smaller boy - now a man - who knows how to cherish life and the blessings bestowed upon him.

But this is still his (their) home. And he has made sure to put it in good hands.

Standing over the rose garden from his (their) balcony, Jason closes his eyes and relishes in the sun’s golden warmth. Among the flowers, a statue of a young man glimmers brilliantly.


Your life has been long and good, my King. My Jason. Now rest.

Return to me.


The next morning, the King does not wake from his slumber, and they find him like that, basking in the late morning sun.

The whole kingdom longs to mourn, but how can they, when their King looks so happy, so at peace?

They bury him in his (Timothy’s) garden, among the roses he tended to so well, and watching over his grave, a beautiful young man shines gold and continues to love his King, in the past, to this day, and for all the days to come.




"What will you do when you grow tired of me?"

"I will never grow tired of you."

"But let’s say you do. What then?"

"I will love you with my body and my soul one last time, and then I will love you with my hands."

"You will turn me into gold?"

"You are already like gold, my dear, my sweet, my heart. Gold in the sunlight, silver in the moonlight, a precious jewel through and through."

Tim hums thoughtfully, his lips vibrating, tickling Jason’s arm.

"That doesn’t sound so bad."

Jason barks out a laugh, jostling Tim against his side.

"Which part, my love? The part where I grow tired of you? Or the part where I turn you into gold?"

"The part where the last thing I feel is your hands upon my skin."

50 Jason/Tim Sentences

Dedicated to everyone whose life is simultaneously ruined and made better by this pairing. A bunch of AU’s I wanna write and I borrowed some of Cap Holly’s baby!verse. Also cheated about the “one sentence” thing…oops.

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Rating: PG13


1. Motion

"I propose we spend your day off having sex on the couch then in the shower, back on the couch, maybe the floor, before we move to the bed. Possibly a meal or two somewhere in between."

"I second, third, and fourth that motion."

2. Cool

Wow, Tim thinks the first time he sees Jason shrug on his jacket, biceps flexing and hair ruffling in the wind, too sexy to be legal.

3. Young

The first time they kiss Jason realizes Tim could outgrow him one day, so he takes a step back and another until he’s leaping across to the next rooftop because if it gets broken again, his heart probably won’t survive this one, not this time.

4. Last

Jason’s had a lot of kisses in his lifetime (Bruce, Dick, Talia, Kori, Roy, and a handful from before his life really began and then more from when his life began again), but he knows, he wants, his last kiss, his last breath, to belong to Tim.

5. Wrong

They say it’s because he’s a bastard, because he doesn’t care, because he’s got someone on the side or that Tim is the one on the side; but they don’t know the truth, that it’s because he does care, he cares too much, that’s why he leaves, because he doesn’t want Tim to wake up one morning and realize he could have had so much better.

6. Gentle

Jason’s a smart guy, but he doesn’t know the true meaning of the word until he’s cradling Tim in his hands, trying to keep him awake, trying not to break him anymore than he already has.

7. One

One day, Tim hopes, it won’t hurt to love another person.

8. Thousand (Arabian Nights!AU)

The last story Timothy weaves for the Second Heir is supposed to end with the vizier’s daughter marrying the prince but he bids good night at the part where she is kidnapped by bandits; in the morning, when Jason asks him how the story continues, Timothy offers a smile that does not reach his eyes and says, “she dies.”

9. King

They love their bed back at the apartment because it’s theirs and they have to lie tangled together to fit properly but there’s no denying that the bed they share back at Wayne Manor opens a whole new door of possibilities.

10. Learn

Jason had only been teasing because he’d been so blown away ("Where’d you learn to kiss, baby bird?") but when Tim mumbles a name (or two or three), Jason takes it upon himself to make Tim forget (with his tongue) and then reteaches the boy from the very first step (which he conveniently decides is Frenching. The second is blow jobs.)

11. Blur

He keeps one picture under his pillow then in his wallet then under his armor and it’s old and faded and the colors have bled into each other in some places but when Tim looks at it, it’s a clear image in his mind, a red and gold and green smile against a splotch of Gotham night.

12. Wait ("You and I"!AU)

Jason sleeps in the clock tower, cells regenerating and scars melting away, and all the while Tim grows older, waiting for him to wake up.

13. Change

The pretty “girl” names her price, but Jason curses colorfully when he reaches into his pocket and finds only loose change.

14. Command

"Tell me you don’t want me to leave."

"I don’t want you to leave."

"Tell me you want me to stay."

"I want you to stay."

"Tell me not to go."

"I…if it’s what you want, I won’t…can’t stop you."

"Tell me to stay."

"I’m sorry." 

15. Hold

Tim finds it embarrassing at first, but after a while, he stops pulling his hand back when Jason reaches for it in public.

16. Need

There’s nothing Tim needs that will cure him because Jason isn’t something he can be cured of.

17. Vision

One day, Jason thinks, he’ll show Tim what he looks like through Jason’s eyes.

18. Attention (from captainnaustralia's baby!verse, I hope you don’t mind!!)

Tim’s swallowed in WE paperwork when Peter suddenly holds his face in pudgy hands and plants a wet bubbly kiss on his cheek, and Peter definitely did not learn that from Tim because that’s what Jason does when he thinks Tim isn’t thinking about him.

19. Soul

When Robin, Jason, dies, Tim hoards all of his pictures and holds them close because he heard once that every photo has a small piece of the person’s soul in it.

20. Picture

He wakes up first for once and his first instinct is to envelop the sleeping boy in his arms and never let go; his second instinct, however, is to pull out his phone and make this image permanent.

21. Fool

"Who do you think you’re fooling, Jason? I know you. Even when you didn’t know me. I’ve known you for a long time."

22. Mad (Ghost!AU)

The one where Tim gets angry - Jason doesn’t know what it is he says, just a simple joke from a classmate he thought worth repeating, but as soon as it leaves his lips, Tim’s face contorts and he disappears and the whole room shakes and objects fly off the shelves and all across his room; it doesn’t stop until Bruce and Alfred burst into the room, worried about all the noise.

The one where Jason gets angry - He asks about Tim and Bruce tells him, but when he’s told they don’t know what happened to him, they haven’t found him yet, Jason screams and yells and hits ("But you’re Batman, you’re the world’s greatest detective, and you can’t even find one boy," and he’s somewhere out there, waiting, all alone.)

23. Child (Le Petit Prince!AU)

Talia abandons him in the desert (“training,” she claims), and Jason wanders for days before meeting another soul; his name is Timothy and he moves with the grace of a bird and smiles with the eyes of a thousand laughing stars.

24. Now ("You and I"!AU)

Jason wakes up alone but with dreams of a blue-eyed boy; when he looks at the inside of his wrist, there’s a faded drawing of a watch.

25. Shadow

Tim sees his shadow seconds before (and that’s a sloppy move, though maybe Jason had intended it), but when Jason jumps him, wraps his big strong arms around Tim’s shoulders, the laughter that bubbles from Tim’s lips is genuine.

26. Goodbye

Tim comes home one day and all of Jason’s things are still there (the ashes from an old cigarette, and his jacket, Jay’s jacket is still on the back of the couch smelling like smoke and gunpowder and Jason), but somehow, he knows; Jason’s gone, and there isn’t even a note.

27. Hide (Bones/Finder!AU)

Four to six times a month, Dick calls and Jason sits in Tim’s apartment for hours, sometimes days, until his sixth sense gives him a hint to where the boy is, and every time Jason finds him (and he finds him every time), Tim smiles, unsurprised (“You found me.” “I’ll always find you.” Always.)

28. Fortune

Tim has unlimited access to his trust funds and if Jason asks, Bruce (and probably Talia too) will give him almost anything he wants, but the crowded apartment in Crime Alley with the sofa that folds out into their bed is their own secret treasure.

29. Safe (Ghost!AU)

A chill goes through the room - Tim - and Jason struggles awake.

"You saved me."

"I thought you were going to die."

"Would’ve been like you."

"No. I never want you to be like me."

30. Ghost (Ghost!AU)

Jason always thought Alfred was pulling his leg (“Be careful when you sing at night, Master Jason, you never know who might be listening,”) but then he forgets some of the lyrics one night and a voice in the corner of his room finishes the song for him.

31. Book

Tim doesn’t know how he did it, but one day Jason just shows up and presents to him a book, an exact copy of the only book his parents ever read to him before they died ("Happy birthday, baby.")

32. Eye

It’s really corny ("I’ve got my eye on you" and a wink), but when Tim leaps off the edge of the building, he makes sure to give Jason a show.

33. Never

Now that Jason knows what it does to Tim, he’ll never, ever leave again, not until Death pries his cold fingers from Tim’s soul, and even then, he’s survived that once, he can do it a million times more, for Tim.

34. Sing

Tim arches into Jason’s touch and his voice fills the room with a litany of moans and sighs.

35. Sudden (Princess Tutu!AU)

"What do you want, Pretender" he growls and when Tim says, "I love you," Jason whips around but there is only a ball of light, which he loses sight of, as it joins the rest of the stars above him.

36. Stop

Tim’s always been a quiet kid, but in bed, the nickname “baby bird” fits him in more ways than one; he’s a talker (and a moaner and a screamer), but there’s just one word Tim will never say. Just one.

37. Time

Tim takes one last look at The Case (Cases, now) before turning— and Jason’s there, and he smiles because they finally have all the time in the world.

38. Wash

Sad version - If he’d known Jason would be gone tomorrow, he wouldn’t have washed their bed sheets.

Happy version - “It’s your turn to do the dishes, baby b, I did them last night.” “Jason. We had takeout last night.”

39. Torn

Jason leaves and Tim watches him, and it’s less like letting go and more like having his limbs torn from his body and there’s no way to get fixed and he’ll end up bleeding all over the place and maybe, maybe if Jason comes back, it’ll be too late and Tim will already have run dry.

40. History

"If you get the next two questions right, I’ll give you a reward~"

41. Power

In the streets (and skies) of Gotham, they’re equals, but in bed, Jason does the only thing he knows how, he takes, everything, and Tim lets go.

42. Bother


"Fucking hell, Dick, and take the goddamn troll with you!”

43. God

Jason doesn’t believe in a god, but every night he says Tim’s name like a prayer and falls to his knees to worship at the altar that is Tim’s body.

44. Wall

Sometimes, Tim gets lost in himself and nothing Jason says gets through to him, and all he can do is wait for Tim to come back, and so far, he’s come back every time; but Jason doesn’t know what he’ll do when the day comes that Tim doesn’t return.

45. Naked (Princess Tutu!AU)

He places the robin at the edge of the fountain and looks away for one second, but one second is all it takes for the little bird to fall in; when he peeks over the edge, Jason smirks and tosses an old shirt at the wet, angry boy.

46. Drive

"We could have flown, Jason,” and “Look at this godawful traffic,” and Tim doesn’t stop whining until Jason pulls over in a tree-shaded ditch and starts shedding his clothes.

47. Harm

"Please stop, baby bird, stop, I’m here, you don’t have to be afraid anymore, stop, Tim, stop, I’m not leaving, never again.”

48. Precious (more of cap's baby!verse, JUST TELL ME WHEN YOU WANT ME TO STOP)

Peter opens his eyes, making grabby hands at Tim when he coos softly, and Jason thinks there is nothing more he could ask for that would make him happier than he is at this moment.

49. Hunger

Soon, Jason becomes a habit, like eating, and slowly, he turns into a sin, like gluttony, and Tim is never full again.

50. Believe

It could go like this: “You said you would stay, I thought you would stay,” (and it did), or it could go like this: “God-fucking-dammit, just, I thought, I thought you said you, open your eyes, Tim, fuck, just open your eyes,” (and it almost did.)

But, for once in their lives, it goes the way they want it to:

"I love you."

"I know. I love you too."

"I know." 


In exchange for writing me some heartbreaking, beautiful Magnus/Alec, I promised Elizabeth some things. Here’s one of them.

Title from the song by the Cold War Kids.

Title: Cryptomnesia

Pairing: Loki/Tim

Rating: PG13

Summary: “Are you asking me—” Tim leans forward, their lips just shy of pressing together, as he lowers his voice suggestively, “—on a date?”


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Special thanks to light of my life Elizabeth who really helped me out with this one ♥

Also it’s my first time writing Billy/Teddy, and IDK I HOPE IT IS TO YOUR SATISFACTION?? I just want the weather to get colder it’s fall why is it 90 degrees outside cries this is how I deal

Dedicated to all lovers of Billy/Teddy and especially my precious followers uwu 

Title: Lucky

Pairing: Billy/Teddy

Rating: PG13

Summary: When Teddy’s hands touch his skin, Billy doubts himself and thinks, for a second, maybe he isn’t the one who was blessed with magic.


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7 Jason/Tim Song Drabbles

WELCOME TO MY NEW FOLLOWERS. I’m so sorry I haven’t said hello properly, I’ve just been swamped with school…. /cries

Instead of doing homework, I decided to write some song drabbles. Since there are so many things to write but I am just stuck :C

If you want to take/continue any of them, go ahead. Just give me credit and link me! :D

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Rating: PG13


  1. Tim has never seen Jason look so peaceful in his sleep.
  2. "You coming with me this time?"
  3. Maybe he came back for Tim.
  4. It’s absolutely infuriating because Tim used to be so good at this.
  5. Sometimes, Jason cries at night. (Gen)
  6. Time slips away.
  7. Everyone’s looking at Tim like they want to go home with him.


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varevare said:


When he’s younger, Jason plays pretend because he can’t afford anything else, can’t bring himself to be selfish enough to ask his mother for any toys.

He pretends he’s not cold and not hungry. Pretends his dad’s not some deadbeat in jail.

He pretends Bruce will come for him, pretends he kills the Joker when he doesn’t make it.

When he comes back, it isn’t that much different.

Except it is. Because the Joker’s still alive and his dad’s still a deadbeat.

Because there’s a new player in his game, someone who picks up exactly where he leaves off.

A replacement, that’s what he is. Everywhere Jason goes, the kid’s not too far behind. Tim, his name is Tim, and he’s a lighthouse of all of Jason’s failures.


Starting tomorrow, Monday, the 1st of April, I will be taking prompts as thank you for 300+ followers! You don’t have to worry that this is a joke because as I am making this post, it is still 31 March in my timezone.

Here’s how it’s going to go down: (read carefully because if you don’t follow the rules, I won’t be taking your prompt!)

  1. Every day, for the next seven days, I will be making a single post requesting prompts.
  2. I’ll only be taking the first three but you should still reply even if all the slots are “filled up” you never know when I might take you up on your prompt (let’s be real, I haven’t written in months and I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep because I’m still working on prompts from 1+ years ago). But I do want to treat you all for being so kind (ノ´∀`*)ノ♥
  3. Because I understand that many of you are in different timezones, I’ll try to vary the time of day that I make these posts. It will be a surprise so keep an eye out (or track ‘alisonfic’).
  4. This is open to all my followers, new and old, but because I’m taking a limited number of prompts, please one per person.
  5. If there is something I don’t feel comfortable writing, I’ll message you and we’ll figure something out.
  7. wait no this is the last and most important rule HAVE FUN!

Thank you and I look forward to writing once more for you! This is my treat to all of you for being wonderful people, for being you, and for following me even though all I post is BS these days. I love you guys!



P.S. if you’ve already asked me to write something (like Bee and my promises for more Ohana verse), you don’t have to request it again because I will be writing it for sure DON’T YOU WORRY just wait for me onegaishimasu (◡‿◡✿)

anonymous said:

3-sentence? Severely misfortunate thief Tim and evil wizard Ra's

Hello anon! Prompt reminded me of Aladdin.

If you ignore most of the punctuation, it turns into 3 sentences.


Tim doesn’t plan on jumping out the third floor window but he does and really, it’s more like slipping on a misplaced rug than anything else. He loses the stolen loaf of bread mid-air, and there goes dinner, there goes Tim.

But not exactly. When Tim opens his eyes, both he and the bread are suspended in mid-air. The bazaar guards are barely out of reach at the window and below him—

“Thief! I have a request!”

— is Ra’s al Ghul, known across the desert for his league of bandits and assassins-for-hire.

“Whatever it is, you can leave me out!”

Ra’s holds his hand toward the loaf and makes a fist. Instantly, the bread crumbles and joins the sand below him.

Ra’s al Ghul, who is more well-known by his other name, the Demon’s Head, because of his dark sorcery.

“I will not ask a second time, Thief. But bear in mind, the next word out of your mouth will determine the speed of your descent toward the ground.”

Tim sighs. All this trouble for some bread….because Damian’s cats were hungry.

Twenty-Four (1/3)

My part of a fic trade with Elizabeth. Sorry it took so long, here’s the first out of three parts since it actually reached 4k words *A*

Sort of her Star Wars AU, sort of not. You’ll see why soon enough.

Note: The numerals correspond to what order I wrote each one, sort of chronological but not necessarily. Then I took a random number generator to order them, moved some stuff around, and voila!

Title: Twenty-Four

Pairing: Ben/Tim

Rating: PG13

Summary: It’s not "I love you" but it’s close.

[ Part One | Part Two | Part Three ]


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(since it’s so short, I’ll let you in on a little secret! This is what I was originally planning when I wrote The Fake. I still might make it part of that verse. coughcough I mean if I decided to continue it. which I probably will.  some day.)

Jason shoves him bodily against the lockers, and his head rattles against metal. The heavy locks dig into his back, and Tim can barely do more than gasp against the arm pressed against his throat.

This isn’t how he’d planned on officially introducing himself to Jason. Robin. His idol.

(here, have some kidnap verse c:)

Bruce is actually surprised it’s taken Ra’s this long to visit him.

“Your children have taken something from me.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

But then they both look through the window and Bruce’s plausible deniability flies right out of it and straight to the garden, where Jason holds a parasol over Tim and Cassandra while Dick parades Damian in his arms like Simba out of The Lion King.

“They have been trespassing on my property. The next time I won’t be so willing to let them leave.”

babybirdblues said:

<3<3<3 pssst can it be the ohana verse? *sparkly eyes at you*

(YEAH! I was waiting for you to send in a heart, because I really want to show you that I am working on it! I have too many WIPs @m@)

Everything has to be perfect this year, considering how Dick’s gift had been broken last year.

When they’d presented the carousel, messily glued together, their older brother had ruffled their heads and pulled them into his arms. He’d said he loved it and kissed their tears as they began to cry.

Anything they do makes Dick happy. That’s why they can’t just do anything. Especially after he gives Tim Dad’s old camera, all cleaned and polished, for his birthday, and Damian a trip to the zoo for the whole family. He gives them everything they need, and more, and it’s their turn to return the favor.