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A majority of Finchel/Monchele and Quick/Salgron fans don’t understand the meaning of “respect”. Like I said once before, I think the Puckleberry/Lark fandom is the most respectful out of the glee fandom.

I couldn’t agree with that more. & its not just because I love the bubble and am part of it, but I rarely see PR/ML shippers going into other ships ask box and attacking them for who they ship. Its just rude and childish. I think you tend to attack people for ships when that ships is a threat to yours, I mean why else would you care.

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3. Song

I have a lot of songs that I love, it usually changes every so often, but I guess right now the song I enjoy hearing the most is this


8. Candy


they are my heaven

10. Quote

Answered this before but I’ll add another quote

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”  

- Oscar Wilde.

18. Actress 

I already said NINA DOBREV in a previous post but I think I’ll also add CHLOE BENNETT from Agents of SHIELD just because she really reminds me of myself LOL

19. Actor

There are three that’s rather tied at this point


this crazy man just means a lot to me, though I am still not inclined to forgive him for leaving him stuck in a mud puddle damn him!


a true angel and inspiration and he gave me a lot of smiles growing up


sweet gentle man who is so kind, always greets me with a hug when we meet up, and oh so funny!

25. Band 


I just really love their songs, I love Ryan Tedder’s voice and I love that even in their live performance they always try to match the sound of their album version, and oh god the cello parts - I’m a violin player so I’m a bit biased to the strings

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↕ - How many blogs do you follow?

I follow 452 blogs.

♥ - My tracked tags

bellarke, captain swan, cs bangarang, cs graphic, hart of dixie, jason dohring, john and cameron, logan and veronica, lost n stereo, mark salling, ouat spoilers, psd, puck and rachel, puckleberry, veronica mars, veronica mars movie, vmmedit & zade

I hardly ever go into my tracked tags though, I’m just far too lazy to unfollow a tag!

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The one were Rachel tells Quinn she thought that Quinn and Puck would end up together? Or am i missing something more ridiculous?

Yeah, that’s the one. I mean they already stuck the knife in our hearts and now they are twisting it to cause more pain.