"Why be someone else when you can be yourself?"

happy birthday to our dino llama amber!

Amber… You represent everything I think people should strive to be. The way you worked hard to get to where you are today, the way you put up with so many people’s crap every single day, the way you truly are yourself and don’t put up any barriers to hide who you really are… You truly are an amazing human being.

Amber to me is a role model. You understand that yes, you’re not most people’s idea of beauty (especially in Korea’s eyes), but you’ve found other ways to make herself beautiful through more than just your physical appearance. The way you’re able to light up a room just by walking in, or how you’re able to make so many friends and be so well known in the KPOP community… Amber’s beautiful in her personality, and not many people can say that about themselves. Your love for those around you is truly astounding. You love your family, your friends, your fans, and so much more. You’re able to open up to so many people and connect with others in a way no one else can. You stick up for her friends, back them up when they need it, and stay with them until the end. Your dedication and loyalty to everyone around you makes you who you are, and I honestly think that that is one of the most important qualities a person can have. Amber is Amber. You don’t pretend to be someone else, or try to be someone you’re not. It’s so hard to find someone as down to earth and as genuine as you are, especially in the entertainment world where everyone puts up a front in order to be accepted. You don’t have to be anyone else but yourself, and look at the results: you’re truly loved by so many people.

Amber is talented. Amber is friendly. Amber tries her best. There’s a reason why I consider you to be my girl bias, and I do think it’s because I think you’re the most genuine. You made it to where you are today by just going out there and doing what you love, and to me that is extremely admirable. I can only hope to become as happy as you are, and when you smile, I smile. Happy birthday, Amber Josephine Liu. Just keep doing what you love and I wish you nothing but happiness for the future. 我爱你,and 加油!