"In 8th grade, the jocks kind of picked on him a little bit. He was kind of a dork, according to them. He was very intelligent; he knew Shakespeare like the back of his hand, he knew science really well, he knew math really well, he was a very intelligent guy and he was funny, he was very funny. And in middle school I thought he was kind of cute, haha. 
  He was a completely different person in high school. Um, he was very quiet. And he was very very very dark towards senior year.”

- Alisa Owen, Eric Harris’ 8th grade science partner. 

I had fun putting together last year’s post on all the lovely things that followed me home from Drink & Draw Like a Lady, so here goes again! Left-right and roughly top-bottom, assuming three rough rows:

Top row:
Lost Girl by Caroline Percello- lovely little drawings in this comic.
Alisa Harris's card! Lovely cooking/ recipe comics at the linked site, and she also makes the excellent Urban Nomad and Counter-Attack! series.
Marion Vitus not only makes sweet illustrations and comics, but she also acted as the photographer for DDLL this year!
Alice Meichi Li makes pretty illustrations.
9 PM by Melanie Gillman is full of this lush colored pencil work that you’ve gotta see to believe. Great stuff.
Patricia Burgess’s card says she’s a swell lady, and I agree!
Laura Kovalcin does cool costume design as well as illos.
Wendy M. Xu makes some cute daily drawings.
Jane Archer throws around these rich saturated colors like it’s nothing! They’re great.

Middle row: 
Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman put together a Dirty Diamonds preview for DDLL this year! It’s awesome and they’re awesome too.
Lucy Knisley (who continues to be a lovely, brilliant DDLL host) and Raina Telgemeier (who is a font of encouraging words) put together adorable sketchbooks for everyone who donated!
The Dragon’s Wife by Angelina Fernandez is chock-full of gorgeous linolium carvings.
School of World is a comic about life, lessons, and life lessons by Megan Brennan and Rel. You should read it.

Bottom row:
Up she Goes by Amy Falcone deserves your attention both for its adorable story and its lovely artwork!
Kristin Kemper's illlustrations have a sweet soft atmosphere to them.
I’ve followed Sarah Becan's stuff for a while and it was lovely to meet her! She's got a kick-butt collection of comics going on at Sauceome.
Tara Abbamondi makes fantastic, articulate, crisply-drawn comics. I picked up The Stolen Lovelight (actually a collaboration with her husband, Paul) from her this year and it’s excellent- well worth a read!
Ellen Crenshaw’s hourlies were so good, I actually bought them on the show floor on Saturday too (oops :) )! Another person I followed on Twitter before ever meeting in person, but it was excellent to do so. Her hourlies are incredibly clean and composed— I should do a giveaway for my bonus copy.
Diana Mallery does really cool things with interestingly-structured comics! This one was a neat little fold-out called Motherland.
Not pictured- Melissa Zhang, who combines food and artwork into excellence.

PS- Do you have a post about your DDLL/ MOCCA 2012 comics? I’d love to see it! Hoping to put together a collection of what I bought on the show floor later tonight.

2014 Creator Spotlights: Rothman, Harris, Wilgus, Tsurumi, & Davis

Some creators who’ll be appearing at Philadelphia’s Locust Moon Comics Festival on October 25…

Alexander Rothman

A cofounder of Ink Brick, Alexander Rothman has been combining comics and poetry since 2007. His work has appeared in publications including the Seneca Review, the Indiana Review, Suspect Device, The Brooklyn Rail, and The Rumpus. He cohosts Comics for Grownups, a comics-review podcast available for free on iTunes. Rothman lives in Queens, New York, and posts additional work on his different websites.

Websites : versequential.cominkbrick.com
Tumblr: versequential
Twitter: @inkbrick

Alisa Harris

Alisa Harris is an animator who lives in Queens, New York, and makes comics about the quirks of living in the city, her crazy cats, and vegetarian cooking.

Website: alisaharris.com
Twitter: @CookingUpComics

Alison Wilgus

The most important things to know about Alison Wilgus are that she lives in Brooklyn, she makes comics, she has cried while watching NASA TV, and she permanently imprinted on the women of Deep Space Nine as a teenager. Everything else is gravy.

Website: alisonwilgus.com
Twitter: @aliwilgus

Andrea Tsurumi

Andrea is an illustrator and cartoonist who likes (in no particular order) history, absurdity, dogs, and monsters. Born and raised in New York, she received an MFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Now living in Queens, she draws and makes books in Brooklyn.

Website: andreatsurumi.com
Tumblr: andreatsurumi
Twitter: @AndreaTsurumi

Andrew Davis

Somehow, “Samantha Peartree, age 5” has managed to remain 5 years old even after starting her own webcomic over four years ago! She’s the main character of her self-titled Samantha Comics, drawn in reality by the 27-year-old Andrew Davis. Is your inner child fascinated by fairy tales, pop culture, obsessive behavior, cruel, untimely death, and puppies? You might get along well with Samantha.

Website: samanthacomics.com
Twitter: @Samantha_age5

Philadelphia, PA / October 25, 2014
Website / Twitter / Facebook


Hey all! I wanted to take a minute to talk up all the comics, cards, prints, and zines I got at DDLL and MOCCA this year.  DDLL remains one of my favorite things across all possible categories of things. The new location was wonderful - and actually allowed some drawing to happen!- and big thanks to Lucy Knisley for organizing it in the middle of her new book tour.

First pic is goodies from DDLL. L->R and top-> bottom, these are:

  • Kaitlin Sullivan- love the tetris motif!
  • Alisa Harris made a cute and informative mini! Cooking up Comics is excellent & highly recommended.
  • Ashley Austin drew this card on the spot based on a two-word prompt!
  • Katie McDermott has an awesome website URL and makes even more awesome illustrations.
  • Dre Grigoropol is sorely missed in Philly. 
  • Rel made a clever little mini with a neat twist!
  • Rebekka Dunlap's zine Waterslide is lovely and deserves a few readings.
  • Rebecca Mock is killing it with her illustrations (and mentoring a whole host of brilliant MICA students while at it)! Her tiny chewable zine was excellent for getting folks to make fun faces. Check her work out!
  • Kelsey Sunday's work is full of lovely palettes and neat game assets!
  • Michelle's card doubles as a cool sticker!
  • Luca is a rockin animator and possessor of a host of hamster cards.
  • Elise Dinkelaker does wonderful things with ink.
  • Bridget Gibson is making some amazing creature (and everything else!) illustrations.
  • Maugerite Dabaie has a really gorgeous comic going on that you should all check out.
  • Dirty Diamonds- I’ll be sharing a table at SPX with DD editors Kelly and Claire! Now open for submissions for Issue # 4 : )
  • Aimee Fleck makes awesome fresh illustrations and comics!
  • Meg Brennan is currently making Pencil Pup, among many other wonderful things. It’s delightful and terrifying and worth your time. Pencil Pup loves you! ◑‿◐
  • And a bonus donation sketchbook because DDLL is a worthy cause. I met a bunch of other wonderful people who had run out of trading things —a whole crew of kick-ass illustrators from MICA included— and I can’t wait for next year!

I also bought a couple prints, continuing on my ridiculous goal to fill a whole wall up with artwork bought from illustrators I dig:

  • Othello by Steen- gorgeous screenprint with brilliant colors!
  • Smallest Feline by Hillary Blair - Hillary let me yoink the one blue variant of this super-sweet print, but I love the orange as well!
  • Sleep Sleep by Nora - I love the paisley & the pale pink goat together! Thanks to the artist for solving the mystery of who made it : )

And finally, an absurd hoard of comics- I went way overboard and over budget, but I’m really happy with everything I bought.

  • Women Warriors Zine, edited by Abby Boeh and Roxie Vizcarra- 100% full of amazing work by a ton of my favorite illustrators and comics folks. Should be available for purchase online soon!
  • Lead Paint Comics- a webcomic that makes me laugh; minicomic did the same!
  • Harbinger - stay tuned for a possible new URL for this comic, by Hillary Blair!
  • The Blacklight by Kelsey Sunday - intriguing and well-executed preview; looking forward to the rest of the comic!
  • Three Tales by Connie Li Chan- weird and wonderful retellings! Love the expressiveness of her drawing style.
  • Tomorrow and Boys with Flowers by Aimee Fleck-Aimee’s comics are a treat and her zine full of drawings is wonderful, too!
  • Sup Kids by Noelle Stevenson - fresh & fun & friendly & generally delightful drawings! I got to meet Noelle at DDLL, too, and was very glad to do so.
  • Moonlight by Katie McDermott- a one-pager with a delightful surprise of a gorgeous full-page illo on the back. 
  • Pocket Book by Gregory Benton- a gorgeous collection of drawings from life. Love the tiny format. 
  • Let’s Make Out by Annelise Capossela- fun accordian format and cute drawings. Check out her larger-scale color works!
  • Opposites Attract- a gorgeous zine collecting work from MICA’s new MFA in illustration. I got to chat with Kevin and Alex about the program- thanks again!
  • House of Women by Sophie Goldstein- Sophie’s work rules! Can’t wait to read more of this one, and be sure to read Betsy and Mothership Blues as well.
  • Life of Luna by Meg Brennan- if you don’t read Meg’s comics (see: Pencil Pup, above) then you’re missing out on a lot of clever, funny strange & wonderfulness!
  • Rockall, Part III by Amelia Onorato- no joke, this comic made me cry on the train. I think Amelia’s putting together a collection of all three issues soon- buy them!
  • 45* Dogs by Nora- super-cute little zine!
  • Animals with Jobs by Laura Kovalcin- funny & unexpected!
  • How to make strawberry milk by Milkyaway- I will never look at strawberry milk the same way.
  • Bug Boys 1 & 2 by Laura Knetzger- earnest, delightful, sweet, and fun. Read these!
  • Art Block by Chandler Moses- I laughed, I sobbed, I found my new life goal.
  • Freeze by Kelsey Sunday-really neat & well-drawn designs!
  • Between Blood & Water by Katie McDermott- another comic I very much want to read more of.
  • My First Time Buying Condoms, edited by Maritsa PatrinosRebecca Mock ‘s and Kris Mukai's might be my favorites for the moment, but they're all brilliant and make a wonderful collection! 

In closing: it was amazing and I want to go again right now. Can’t wait for SPX this fall! : )

Locust Moon Comics Festival 2014 Guest List!

Here are the artists & creators attending 2014’s Locust Moon Comics Festival (October 25th in Philadelphia), including such notable guests as Bill SienkiewiczPaul PopeMark SchultzDenis KitchenFarel DalrympleBox BrownNathan FoxDean HaspielJ.G. Jones,Rebecca MockDave BullockTom ScioliJosé VillarrubiaBenjamin MarraYao Xiao, and this year’s poster artist, Ronald Wimberly.

Aaron Lange
Adam McGovern
Aimee Fleck
Alan Brown
Alex Eckman-Lawn*
Alexander Rothman
Alisa Harris
Alison Wilgus
Andrea Tsurumi*
Andrew Davis
Andy Hood
Annie Mok
Ashley McCammon, Laura Birdsall, & FP
Benjamin Marra*
Beth Heinly
Bill Roundy
Bill Sienkiewicz*
Brendan Duffey
Bryan J.L. Glass
Carey Pietsch
Carly Tribull
Cathy G. Johnson
Chris Judge
Chris McDonnell & Meathaus
Christa Cassano
Chuck Dillon
Claire Folkman (Dirty Diamonds)
Cody Pickrodt & Ray Ray Books
Coin-Op Books: Maria Hoey* & Peter Hoey*
Colin Lawler & Joe Grabowski
The Cool Box: Jason Piperberg & Crystal Ben
Dan Mazur
Daniel Elisii*
Darshana Pathak & Rosana Iarusso
Dave Bullock*
Dave Ebersole
Dave Proch*
Dawn Wing
Day Job Etc: Sean Dooley & Hugo Marmugi
Dean Haspiel*
Denis Kitchen*
Dirty Diamonds
Drew Brockington
Dry Fish Collective: e hetrick jackson, Blakely Inberg, & Lauren Budney
Eamon Dougherty
Ellen Stedfeld
Emi Gennis
Erika Ball & Taylor Curry
Esabelle Ryngin
Estrella Vega
Evan Dahm
Eye Heart Us: Nate Bear & Laura Galbraith
Farel Dalrymple*
Gideon Kendall
Gregory Benton*
Haan Lee
Heather Nunnelly
Holly Simple
Hunter Heckroth
Ian Harker
Ian Parsons
Ian Sampson
Jacob Mazer
Jacquelyn Maroney
Jade F. Lee
Jamar Nicholas
James Comey*
James Heimer
James Kaminski
Jamie Hibdon
Jamie Tanner*
Jarreau Wimberly
Jason Rodriguez
Jeffro Kilpatrick* & Roger Petersen*
Jenai Chin & Tim Clark
Jeremy Baum*
J.G. Jones*
J.M. Dragunas*
John Vestevich
Jo-Jo Sherrow
José Villarrubia*
Judy Wong, Judith Kim, & Alexa Cassaro
Jun Cen
Kata Kane
Kate Farquhar
Kat Fajardo
Kayla Miller
Kelly Phillips (Dirty Diamonds)
Keren Katz*
Laura Lee Gulledge
Lesser Key Studios: Julie Wright & Amanda Gomes
Lisk Feng*
Locust Moon Press
Lonnie Mann
Mandy Sampson
Maria Sweeney & Eros Livieratos
Maritsa Patrinos
Mark Mariano*
Mark Schultz
Megan Brennan
Megan Lavey-Heaton
Meghan Turbitt
Mia Schwartz
Michael Primo, Anthony Palumbo, & Winona Nelson
Michael Vincent Bramley
Michelle Nunnelly
Mike Ellis
Mike Riley & David Crispino
Mike Sgier*
Mike Shea & Tim Bungeroth 
Mimi Chrzanowski 
M. Jacob Alvarez
Mont Tucker & Asia Bey
Nathan Fox 
Nobrow: Tucker Stone 
Pat Aulisio
Paul Pope*
Phil Kahn 
Rafer Roberts*
Rebecca Mock 
Retrofit Comics: Box Brown* & Josh Bayer
Riley Luce 
Ronald Wimberly*
Rosarium Publishing: Bill Campbell, Jennifer Crute, Micheline Hess, & John Jennings
Sarah Machicado
Dr. Sheena Howard
Shoona Browning 
Skuds McKinley
Stephanie Mannheim
Steve Mardo
Steve Peters & Bianca Alu-Marr
Stevie Wilson 
Tom Scioli*
Valerie Starr
Vanessa Satone
Werdy Girl 
Whit Taylor 
Will Laren
Yao Xiao 

*these 30 starred creators are also part of Locust Moon’s own massive undertaking in publishing, available in wide release for the first time at this year’s festival: LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM!

Follow LMCF on Twitter / Facebook


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