hii so this is my second follow forever. i didn’t make a follow forever in a long time and i’m really close to my nex k so i thought why not yay. thank you so much for making my dash amazing, i love you!! 

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daddylouisaf devotedtolouis dewdroptomlinson dildoau dimpledlxrry droppedmyburrito druglarry elounever fvckniallers girlalmightyau glitterlourry 

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happyharrylovelylouis haroldfuckinglouis harrylouisw harryndlou harrytonlinson hazloubear hazstyzles hazzabeartops iblamelarry illbemasculineipromise imanofficialfangirl iridescentlou itsmorethanabromance itsnouis karamelised knightchanges

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ladsdoingladsthings larents larriesrainbow larryaki larrycake larrygay larrygirls larrymirrors larryperfection larrywellingtoncurse larrywillbefree lou4prez louis-almighty louis-little-strawberry louis-louisboyfriend louisfringe louisfuckingbeautiful louisharryaf louislikesboys louist91-harrys94 loutopian lowkeylourrieaf lwtftdagger megalourry mightylouis mirrorlouis mortallouis mutualboyfriends

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no-freedom–till-we-are-equal nocontrolonlarry nsfwtommo nuzzlenarry ohtomlinson orbituharry osnaptomlinson ourlittlesecret-larry parma-ham pinklouis pocketfuloflouis prettyhusbands rxinbowlouis

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sensitivelou shadylourry since-he-was-eighteen sinceimetyouinthetoilet smokinlouis softlouisaf someday-we-will-surrender spouselourry steampunklouis stilynsn stylinsau stylinsstrong stylishlou sugarlous sunlouis sunshine-lou suspendrs sweetharold tastylouis teatommo thelarryelite tommosblues trulylourry twinkflames twinks-larry

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uptownlarries urnotmystyles vansandcurls viplourry yorkshireking yourssincerelylarry zarah5undercover

special shout out also to the larry squad, i love you guys!! sorry if you’re not in this or if i forgot you, this took really long.

Happy late valentine’s day! (I was supposed to send this as an ask, but I got ask limit sorry aahh) Hope you had a good day and will have a great weekend :) x