Daily Money Allowing Vibe Alignment (14)

The law of attraction is responding to your emotions 24/7. It is always bringing you more of what you focus on and more of how you are feeling.

The purpose of these posts is to cause focus on money in ways that you do want to money to attract to you, combined with positive energy that then attracts money to you and in more abundance with more consistency.

Do not seek to stop the momentum of the past negative emotions and past negative focus all today. Simply utilize these posts as another way to slow down the negative momentum so you can then more successfully change direction to what you do want.

And the more you focus on money in the ways that you do want to focus on it, the more you will attract it that way as fact into your reality.

Here it is:

I know that sometimes I think negatively about money. Whatever, that’s fine. Sometimes I’l look at my life from a perspective of lack and then I see the bills and the lack of money, and I get frustrated. Then I see that I’m working hard and still not as wealthy as I’d like to be, and then I start complaining. Then others come and complain with me, and we have a complaining party. But that is fine too… I know that the bills are real and that the money is low and that’s real too, but I’m starting to realize how all of this works now. It is cool because what I do want as reality is justa as real. And I’m feeling a bit more empowered now. For real. And I’ve noticed that when I think about things from a negative perspective, that it’s not really negative. It’s just contrast, and the contrast helps me figure out what the heck I do want. And if I can attract what I don’t want, I can surely attract what I DO want. Right…And if I continue to feel bad about money, or focus on my lack of money while feeling bad from a negative perspective of contrast, then I know that I’ll just continue to attract more of what I’m complaining about…

And I don’t want to do that sh#t anymore.

I want to attract money with ease. I want to feel good and to feel good about how much money I have, and I want to feel good about life in general.

So today, with my newfound and continually expanding awareness, I am choosing to see opportunities where I would once complain. Because I know that my emotions are being responded to by the law of attraction. And I know it’s true that my emotions are being responded to by law of attraction all the time. And When I feel bad I know that I will find and receive more to feel bad about, and you know what??

Again, I don’t want to do that sh#t anymore.

I want to feel good about it.

So I’ve decided that I’m ready to allow money to flow to me with ease now. I really am. Everything I’ve experienced has led me to this very moment where my life changes in the direction of what I desire and appreciate. In fact, I feel like I am gaining new friends that are feeling the same way about money. And that’s good. The more good vibes the merrier.

I feel like a success in all areas of my life right now. And If I didn’t I’d still be imagining that I was right now because I know that my imagination has powerful attraction capabilities.

So what do I want?

I want to feel good about money. I want to feel great about money. I want to feel confident in my value. I want money to flow to me with so much ease that I have to sit down in awe at the speeds and amounts of it. I want to utlize my money in ways that uplift and inspire. I want to attract money with positive emotions. I want to be filled with positive emotion and with belief that there is more than enough money to go around for me and for everyone else. I want to let my natural abundance in more and more! I want to feel 100% worthiness for all things good. And, you know what? I feel really, really, really, good right now.

I want to have money in the way that I want to have it. And i want to literally feel like I deserve money each day and all the time!

I want my intentions to be attracting all of the positive things that I like and that inspire and uplift myself and others.

I want to watch and learn from people who are attracting money easily in abundance and I want to appreciate them becuase it feels good to!

I want to tune my thoughts and emotions positively in relationship to money and in ways that keep it flowing to me. I want to allow ideas and people and places to inspire the greatness within me into reality. I want to feel so good about money that it flows to me and everyone around me in abundance.

I want receiving money to be fun. I want receiving money to feel awesome to me. I want to feel fulfilled about how I receive my money and I want to be happy about my now, in every now moment.

It is now easier for me to focus on what I want because I’ve read at least 14 of these types of things, and or have consistently send out these kinds of vibes, and I know that I’ve slowed down the negative momentum quite a bit.

I know it’s easier for me now because thoughts of like thought attract each other and I KNOW that I’ve set into motion positive momentum that I am now allowing myself to receive the manifestations of. I am now allowing what I’ve asked for and everything in my life is in wonderful balance.

In the morning I now think about how I like money to flow to me, amongst other things, and it feels good because I’m sending out massive amounts of good feeling vibes.

I have literally seen all kinds of evidence of the positive money shift in my life and I am so grateful. I appreciate what the money represents to me and I appreciate that it flows to me so abundantly.

I am now deliberately focused on what I do want. And what I do want is so magnificent and abundant, and unconditionally loving, and it’s just beyond phenomenal. I feel spectacular. I feel like people can sense positive energy blossoming and expanding all around me.

Lots of good things happened to me today. Lots of money flowed to me, and if it didn’t…I’d still imagine that it did regardless. Because I know the law of attraction doesn’t know the difference. It just responds to how I feel. And I love the feeling of well-being. I really do. I love and appreciate the feeling of well-being.

And I noticed that people were kind to me today. I appreciate that. My favorite thing about this post is that I am really feeling good vibes right now. I really love to feel good vibes and receive money in abundance. It’s so awesome.

And I know that where I’m at is fine. Awesome things are attracting to me, and the more I focus on good things, the more good things attract to me. Including money flow. Including wealth in many good forms. Including ideas and positively inspired actions. I love knowing that everything is working out for me. I really do!

Ok, so this was another daily money allowing vibe alignment. Read it and the other 13 often if it resonates with you to do so. There will be at least thirty of these. Any more beyond 30 are just bonuses. But you know what? I might even write 365 of them.

How exciting! The anticipation is building strongly within right now.

Peace and love to you.

Fibonacci style! The world is fucking beautiful. :-)

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Personality Tests Galore

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I got Ravenclaw with that test, however it said I’m 55% Ravenclaw and 54% Hufflepuff! So I’m still pretty faithful to my Hufflepuff house <3

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Aligning with your frequency gets you what you want and makes you the creator of your reality. It make more sense when you feel it, rather than read it. It’s that feeling when something finally goes right or you turn around to see chaos where you just left. I’m not on that wavelength all the time. But I just got a rush of it. Maybe it’s a combination of feeling it, breakthroughs, and daily habits like meditation that keep it up. Hmm..

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