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theoctoberoctopus said:

I really liked your response on your views regarding undocumented immigrants. Though you mentioned that you feel like they should go back and come back legally. I suggest you research the requirements they have to under go in order for them to even get put on the waiting list. After 9/11 it's almost impossible for them to be able to come here legally. You should also look over (the Mexican drug war) which is the reason why they are fleeing to America. remember it was once illegal for a ....

theoctoberoctopus said:

…person of dark skin to drink out of a “white water fountain”. Laws are not always right.

  1. People are not illegally immigrating here to flee violence.  That’s just an excuse they use to get through a loophole in our border rules.  Liberals have been just pushing that myth as justification for giving them ”refugee status.”  They are not refugees.
  2. This surge of aliens from countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are coming here for purely economic reasons.  In fact, many have been escorted here, by relatives living in the States, through high paying coyotes smugglers.
  3. There is just as much drug gang violence in many major US cities as cities in Mexico or other Central American countries.  For example, the Maratrucha Salvadoreña gang originated in Los Angeles, not El Salvador.  Many gang members start in the US and go back to Central America.
  4. Border Security has nothing to do with skin color.  Just because the majority of illegal aliens come in from the southern border, does not mean the same rules apply to those white Canadians in the northern.
  5. Yes, immigration is tough, but not impossible. In 2012, 18.7 million immigrants became naturalized citizens.  That’s still only half of all the immigrants that year though.
  6. The term is “illegal alien” (although I’ll also accept “illegal immigrant”).  There is no reason anyone should be labeled “documented” or “undocumented”.  That is one of the stupidest PC terms ever devised.  Not to mention, obviously not all of these aliens are actually working.  Many are children who are now an incredible burden on our public school system considering many can read or write in their own language, let alone English.
  7. The reason for a secure border is simple - you want to know who’s coming into this country and make sure they integrate into our society, not the other way around.  When you have an open border, you have no idea how many criminals, drug dealers, or possibly even terrorists are crossing over into our country…maybe even into your community.  And if they don’t have any respect for the simple border laws, what makes you think they will respect any other laws of the land that protect you and your property?

Stop thinking with your irrational emotions.  We have laws for a reason.  They are there to protect you.