alien beanie

Galactic Gal Outfit

Little Green Alien Handmade Beanie £7.67 etsy

Silver Hologram 90s Vintage Cyber Top £41.73 etsy

On sale Handmade Galaxy Shorts £15.34 etsy

‘I want to believe’ UFO necklace £3.99 etsy

Leopard Round Sunglasses £8.99 ebay

Silver Lips Evening Clutch Bag £6.50 ebay

Green Chuck Taylor Converse Shoes £19.99 ebay

Lost in Space Tattoo Tights £16.57 etsy

£120.78 total 


photos courtesy of FunAroundTheClock etsy

Fun Around the Clock

Hi, Tumblr! I discovered a crochet MASTER this week, and her name is Annarita Monaldi. I’m officially in love with all her little crocheted creations (but, I also love Toy Story…and when I saw that 3-eyed alien cap, I instantly fell in love. It hit me right in those nostalgic feels). 

Something that’s really cool about her products is that they can be made specific for different uses…for instance, say you wanted that Nigiri Tuna piece, because it was too cute to even THINK of resisting (like, you just couldn’t EVEN) you can buy it as is, OR you can get it made as a brooch, OR as a key ring =] It’s incredible how much variety she can display to you with a single medium! Some of her other products can be framed to create cute decor for any naked walls you might have in your home! 

I promise you, whether you’re rocking some nigiri on your keychain, a cartoon-inspired beanie, or some new crochet wall art, you’ll be sure to bring a smile to everyone you see! 

Check out Annarita’s etsy shop Fun Around the Clock by clicking on the link above, and tag us in a post if you happen to purchase anything from her! We’d love to see if anyone has supported this artist, and the artists we’ve showcased before! Just hashtag #IASart !

Enjoy, and talk to you next week!