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Shot/Edited by Claire Marie Vogel

blanketbloggers said:

sherlock finds himself smiling at nothing after john leaves the room and immediately scowls, confused, until he catches himself doing it more and more often and sometimes even when john is in the room and he realizes he's looking at john's lips and thinking about how gorgeous john is and he's like what is this so he googles it and takes "do you like him" quizzes that are really meant for middle school girls and he comes to the conclusion that he has a huge crush on john and he gets all giddy ugh

sherlock reading up on ways to get john to notice him

sherlock unbuttoning one more button on his shirts and leaning over to reach things a lot

sherlock dropping things deliberately in front of john and bending to get them with his ass in john’s face

sherlock “accidentally” leaving the door open while he showers

sherlock sending himself flowers from his “secret admirer”