On my way to the The White House see the First Lady to screen The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete and talk about higher education in the United States. Too many of our kids are facing unfair obstacles - we need to step up for them. Shout out to Michelle Obama for fighting the good fight! You can join us today watch at 4pm EST here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/live

"Dedicated to spreading light. It's contagious!;-)"

If you’ve read my last convo with AK yayyyyy then you know that I met AK like 2 weeks ago, I can’t get over it !!! Yes it’s REAL I can’t believe it yet, here are some AKFAM ‘s love that I recieved !!! love you all :)


"France fam, you were amazing!!! I love u with all my heart!! Merci Beaucoup!!!!" U were AMAZING ! Thx 1000 times ”

« Paris! I love u with all my heart!!! I Thank u for your enormous love!!! #Unforgettable »

The Fam

« yaay ! I’m so happy for you !! That is so cool to see people from my #AKFAM meeting Queen Alicia! Tell me how it was »

« yaaay!Alicia Keys is and will always be the best ! SHE is our Girl On Fire :D »

« I know exactly how you’re feeling! She just leaves you speechless right?! So glad you had fun :’) »

« aww Merci pour ta petite dédicasse haha! c’était avec plaisir! Ca change de voir des gens un minimum reconnaissants »

« I don’t like it, I looove it :D damn she’s so kind I wanna live it! (and you lived it ! few days after me Myriam:-) »

« I’m shaking omg it seems like it was wrote for me lol!! »

« read it first thing!!its too cute so happy for you! Can’t wait to meet her some day!!? »

« Avt j’ai bien aimé “i slept 3 hours and i looked like Crazy ” moi si j’dors 3heures je look like zombie LoL » (il fallait que j’ajoute ce commentaire tu m’a tuée Vira :-)

« J’ai bien aimé, ça donnait trop envie d’être à ta place :-) »

« Ça fait rêver une rencontre comme ça ;-) »

« I read it on tumblr and was wondering what your twitter was! :-) »

« Oh Gosh !!! I just read it, it reminded me all the good memories about that magical night !!! »

« And they were right! I felt your passion and love for ak in your convo =) That gave me goosebump! <3 »

« oh baby, reading this was amazing! The passion, the love in every word! God, its beautiful! Love it :) »

« ravie de savoir que j’ai pu rendre une personne heureuse et réaliser un de ses grand rêve »

« you’re welcome! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! »

« this made me cry while I was reading, it’s beautiful! So happy that you lived your dream, you totally deserve it. #AKFAM ❤ »

« : -) Nice to see AK inspire and touch the heart of another AK fam member! »

« What a beautiful story! Thank u for sharing with us! Took me back to my meetings with AK! :-) #akfam4life »

« Yeeeeessss !!!! T’as trop de chance :-) »

I was exactly the same! Just when u think u can’t love her anymore….she proves u wrong! :-) »

« Beautiful story mama <3 @Aliciakeys #AKlove »

« Thank you for your love! It’s so important! I can feel it ♥ »

« awh im so happppy for u, u wanted it as much as i did!!! #AKFam4Life »

« i just read it, reminds me of the moment i had with her! She is so serene @aliciakeys »

« u welcome love. i been reading ur post repeatedly. i love it. ima follow u on tumblr too. :D »

« i love it. its very beautiful. and the way u described the hugs, i could almost feel them :D so sweet and memorable. »

« aaaww, ur blog post is sooo sweet. i love the details. and i could picture everything. im actually soo jelous. OMG! how awesome. »

« yeah. and im sure those hugs are never gon wear off, u wouldnt even realize she aint following u. :P as #AKFAM we dream »

« This moment was… amazing ! I can’t get over it ! »

and I also thanks to the people who « liked/Reblog » the post.

I haven’t had that much support in my life, so I really appreciated the love. I wanted to take the time to thanks everyone again!!! BUT wait this is not over! STAY for more :-)

I have to tell you something… What Alicia did to me? I’m talking about the day when I met her.

Did she have a special power or something ?

This is a serious question, don’t laugh ! she’s said in her bio that she’s dedicated to spreading light and it’s contagious.

Well , I’m INFECTED by her light, her love… (I can’t stop watching her videos, help me ! I have to get back to real life)

This woman is unbelievable how did she get that POWER to make us feel like that ? She’s knew it !

I love people/celebs who spread a POSITIVE IMPACT on people this is amazing, use it WHITOUT MODERATION !!!

I didn’t think that I could love her more than the past years but she prove me wrong….This is insane, I want to meet her again, I wanna feel her love, I wanna live this moment again, I wanna look her in the eyes, and live again the friendly/Kindness moment.

I don’t know…but I still think that I’m in cloud nine…. still Am I ?

The song « How it feels to fly »  describe exactly the feeling:

Well, I never knew

This feeling ever

Now I hope it stays

And lasts forever
I am riding high

Don’t wanna come down

Hope my wings don’t fail me now

If I can touch the sky

I risk the fall Just to know

how it feels to fly

BTW, Why did my mom keep calling everyone Alicia did she got the “Alicia’s fever" ?

I’m like no her name is”Assia” not “Alicia" !

ME : MOM, Why did you keep calling everyone ALICIA ?

MOM: I don’t know it’s the same, I wanna meet her too ! next time I coming with you !

ME : But Alicia is mine ….

Maybe you think that I’m crazy, OK I am but a little little bit , but this post is sincere, maybe this kind of love thing is brand new for me and I don’t know how to react.

I’m glad that something like this happened to me…past years of being bullied, wrong friendships, bad influence, and so much hate from people, wasn’t really easy….

I guess this is life changing experience? I’m so happy that my life is turning well, I don’t take everything/everyone for granted. I Stay strong and positive and keep these memories alive.

No regrets since the day I felt in love with her 2001 Ha ! One love always !!!

Thanks for reading me! I hope you enjoyed!

(sorry for my english if I left some mistakes)

Alicia Keys Alicia Keys Alicia Keys

Happy Tuesday Luvs,

Alicia Keys is our topic today and I iunno about yall, but I am one of, if not, her biggest fan on an all around level. I think she’s beautiful and extremely talented, but on top of that she’s is a great humanitarian. She is always looking for ways to help especially when it comes to children.

Tonight at 8pm she is doing a LIVE benefit from the Nokia Theatre in NYC for World’s Aids Day/Keep a Child Alive. Visit her official website for details on how you can watch the concert on youtube if you cannot make it to the theatre.

Now since we are on the topic of Alicia Keys I have to share with you my fortune of seeing her last Tuesday morning on the Today Show. It was amazing. I’ve seen her several times in concert and I love her more every time. See photos below courtesy of Nadia J. for your viewing pleasure. She looked great in her green leather blazer, gold top, black liquid leggings and gold accessories. Her boots were very interesting, but I loved them.





She blessed us with her hits “No One, “Empire State of Mind 2” (yes she added more to her version of the song) and “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart” which is my favorite new hit from her. Check the video here if you have yet to see it.

Ms Keys new album, “The Element of Freedom” will be in stores on December 15, but you can pre-order as early as today through her website on Amazon. 


 *Isn’t the album color nice? It’s a softer look for her. I dig it.

Anyways, I am also working on a retail therapy article for StyleCaster.com on Ms A. Keys so stay tuned for that.


I’m deeply saddened by the profound loss of Nelson Mandela. He was more than just a man, but a king of peace and a beacon of hope for anyone suffering or oppressed. His courageous life touched the hearts of millions.  He was perhaps our generation’s greatest example of how you can rise above oppression and use your struggles to unite the world in peace. All of us stand on the shoulders of his profound accomplishments in raising awareness against HIV/AIDS and issues around anti-apartheid, equality, freedom and human rights. As I performed at the Mandela Day concert in honor of his 91st birthday, I was in awe of a man whose soul was filled with an effortless and rare love that only comes once in a lifetime. He was a gentle man with a beautiful smile, and deep eyes that always saw the best in humanity.  His legacy lives on in all of us! And inspires me to continue to live and work for a better tomorrow. The world feels a little bit different now….