Pizzas! The base is made from Jamie Olivers recipe for a basic pizza base and its so good. Then just top with whatever you like. Mind has red onion and goats cheese on one half and red onion and feta on the other, then  sprinkled with mozzarella. The rocket leaves are put on top about a minute before it comes out of the oven just so they have warmed up and wilted a bit.

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For the next 2-3 weeks I will be on a no Lactose, no chocolate diet so my recipes will be either lactose or dairy free.

Researching, there are loads of options. One of the best I have found is the brand Lactofree which offers milk, cream, butter, soft and hard cheese which has had an enzyme added to destroy the lactose. There are some good recipes on their website. So for many recipes I will be simply replacing the ingredient with the lactofree option. Obviously this doesn’t work if you have a milk allergy or are vegan, but there are some dairy free options I will also explore.

I have found some really good ideas, the one I would really like to try is replacing cream with coconut cream when making ice cream.

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