150522 In Response to Fan Bingbing

@Mr_凡先生: “联盟”还未开始,“挑战”无处不在 //@范冰冰:此处应有转发!
WYF:The “alliance” has not begun, the “challenge” is everywhere //@范冰冰 (Fan Bingbing) There should be a repost ( can be taken to mean forwarding emails, or retweets) here!

Esp: La “alianza” no a empezado, el “desafio” esta en todas partes// @ 范冰冰(Fan Bingbing) deberia ver un avance aqui!

T/N: he’s doing this in support to Fan Bingbing for current rumours that she is facing

Source: Mr_凡先生(WYF)
Date: 2015-05-22
Translation by: Jin of yifanfengshun (亦凡風順)
Please do not repost or redistribute without permission.

Su espíritu libre ligado a sus anhelos más remotos de alianza. Su despreocupación desmedida y sus encantadores escrúpulos. Ese deseo caprichoso de ataduras y solturas simultáneas. Esa mezcla insólita, capaz de atormentar a cualquiera.
—  Autorretrato. E. P. 

“Friends. Its Always Good To Have Some Friends, Someone To Make You Smile. Friends Are Good To Make You Smile. They Make You Enjoy Life”. - Raul Alianza ♥

Raul Had His Team, Family, And Friends That Kept Him Going. No Matter How Hard The Goal Is, If You Have The Support And Passion, Then You Can Do Anything. 

Rest In Paradise Raul. Always In Our Memories, Prayers, And Forever In Our Hearts ♥