Kuldar Leement is a 27 year old artist from Estonia.

He specializes in designing vast, otherworldly, and futuristic concept art. When asked what inspired him to get into art, Kuldar said:

“…Just curiosity to try out new things, interest to be inspirational to others, [and] need of skill to visualize my dreamscape.

Creativity and community keep me going. I like to be inspirational and that’s why I try out new things all the time. I have still a lot to learn, but I’m moving in the right direction.“

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Noah Bradley is a 26 year old artist from the United States.

He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, but his creativity has been a life-long pursuit.

“I started seriously pursuing art when I was 18, though I had always been busy making things as a kid… It’s varied from programming to carpentry, but I’ve always loved taking bare materials and making something out of them.

[I’m inspired by] the freedom to create whatever I can imagine. It’s my small way of playing God.” 

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Ali is obsessed with Aria

I am finding more and more clues that hints Ali was obsessed with Aria and wanted to be her/like her.

1. Aria wonders a lot why Ali picked her as friend, and the show emphasises on why Aria in particular. In 3x16, Aria has an hallucination/dream of Ali telling her : “You know why I picked you right ?”. We know Aria was hallucinating because during their conversation, Ali also says that she knows who A is when obviously she doesn’t (in season 3 we deal with big A/uber A). 

Then in 5x12, Aria admits she has always been wondering why had Ali picked her as a friend :

“I never understood why Alison chose me. What made me so special.” Mona then gives her an explicit explanation saying it’s because she’s the compasionate one. I feel like the show insists a lot on this diaologue. Well I say Ali chose Aria because she was obsessed with her.

2. Ali wrote in her diary : “Despite her freekish pink hairdye, I have always admired Suzy for her great sense of style.” We know Suzy is Aria because the girls say so (and because of the pink hair lol).

Aria reading Ali’s diary out loud.

3. Ali has pink hair when she wears a Lady Gaga in The First Secret. A tribute to Aria ? As long as I know, Lady Gaga isn’t specially associated with pink hair. By the way, why did Ali want Aria at the party so badly ?

4. In 5x12, Spencer is looking at an old photo album and the camera insists on one particular picture :

We can see Ali and Aria wearing almost the same outfit. I don’t know about you, but I feel this outfit is more Aria than Ali. Was she copying her ? It seems Alison really cherished this picture because she wrote on it : With my four besties, Kisses - A.

5. Alison pretends to be Aria when she meets Ezra. This clue is not from me, I came across on tumblr and I think it’s great. Alison pretends to read a lot, and tells Ezra about her diary. She even wants his thoughts on her writing, which sooo not Ali but is sooo Aria.

6. Ali’s alter ego, Vivan, looks a lot like Aria (the picture of Vivan is not mine) :

7. Last but not least : Ali was taking freaky pictures of Aria according to Jason !

So what do you think ? Could it be a possibility ?


“Voices” - A resin art exhibit by Mitch Gobel

Mitch Gobel is a renowned Australian artist and environmentalist. You can follow him on Instagram to see more of his breathtaking resin art. 

He recently held an exhibit and art auction at Mossgreen Art Gallery & Auction House in Melbourne, Australia. The event was a massive success, with support from the likes of Australian celebrity and wildlife activist Tim Dormer. Mitch and his team sold 5 of his stunning and detailed pieces, for nearly $9000 each.

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Dobro se sjecam da sam jednom cekao bus sam. Ali bukvalno sam. Na stanici nije bilo nikoga i ulicom nije niko prolazio. Jedino oko mene sto je bilo je bio prvi snijeg te godine. Bilo je jezivo jer nisam navikao da na tom mjestu ikad bude mirno. Jedino sto je nekako davalo zivot cijeloj toj slici bili su semafori. Do tada nisam znao koliko je tuzno biti semafor kada nema ni auta ni pjesaka. Onako mijenjaju boju bez ikakvog razloga ali u tacno odredjenom redu i to istom onom redu po kome su programirani prije puno godina. Nekako mi to sad sve lici na ljude. Cijeli svoj zivot provodimo kao taj semafor, ponavljamo svaki dan ponovo i ponovo. Nekad bude zanimljivo, kada je guzva i tada imamo osjecaj da smo mi ustvari bitni. Ali ustvari smo cijeli zivot tri svjetla koja se ponavljaju ponovo i ponovo i ponovo… Dajemo signale ali niko nikad nije izasao iz tog zacaranog kruga.
Tuzni su semafori nocu. Tuzni su i ljudi