Grace was his favorite actress. When she would come to this country [from Monaco] she would come straight up to Santa Cruz, to visit him in that beautiful place. She was a great girl, I knew her slightly. Even when she was the princess, there was something about her that was so easy to establish. He loved Grace, but not in a passionate way

Norman Lloyd (Alfred Hitchcock’s longtime friend and producer on his television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents) on the relationship between Hitchcock and Grace Kelly

Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie by Tony Lee Moral


"[Norman] gets out and pushes the light-toned car into the dark thick morass of waters to submerge the evidence, watching nervously and nibbling as it slowly gurgles lower and lower into the muck. He cups his hands in front of his chin, fearful that it won’t sink entirely. The car sinks only part way in - and then halts. Norman, looking remarkably like a scared bird, darts his head around anxiously. Then he grins approvingly when it is finally swallowed up…by the blackness. He is relieved that the evidence is covered up."
-Tim Dirks