Gethin & Emma interview couples on Week 3 LATIN Night

Making up for lack of rehearsals from me, I’ll record & post the All Access show hosted by Gethin Jones for you guys during DWTS. These are private links but feel free to share, they can’t be previewed just click the link. They also comment on the dances in the order in they danced.


Interview Breakdown PART 1: Alfonso 0:00, Emma Slater :5:49, Robert & Kym 12:58, Nastia & Derek 20:15, Rumer & Val 32:48, Noah & Sharna 43:58, Willow & Mark, 54:55

PART 2 :

Interview Breakdown PART 2: Suzanne & Tony: 0:00, Riker & Allison:10:33, Chris & Witney Carson & fiancee Whitney 16:46, Michael & Peta 35:47


Get To Know Me Meme: 5 Families [2/5]

The Banks-Smith Family

"We never started out trying to make some big social statement or leave a big fingerprint on American pop culture, we were just trying to have fun. We wanted to not only present some positive black images, but also give people a vehicle to relieve some of the stress in their busy lives."

-Will Smith - L.A. Times, May 20, 1996