Hercules and Alflyse, Queen of the Dark Elves from Marvel’s Incredible Hercules, written by Fred van Lente and Greg Pak. Art by Reilly Brown.

Such a fun character killed off recently in Thor:God of Thunder by Jason Aaron.

Great book Incredible Hercules. Great art, good writing, excellent gags.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any other favorite characters aside from Malekith and Algrim? For munny.

Ah, I’m not sure. I think I’d pick Alflyse.

 and I know allot dislike her character but I find both her versions quite well. I liked her best because she wasn’t this stereotypical evil Dark Elf character that just wanted to cause trouble. She was fun and quite honestly loving for what we usually see depicted in the comics of Dark Elves. But obviously once knowing she was deceived by Hercules she did not take so well. (But really in the end didn’t hate him for it.) Granted having parties and not beating up Hercules for endangering her people was pretty idiotic, but I think the comic was really mean’t to be comedic and disregarded what she would have really done.

I’m uncertain if her GoT!counterpart belongs to the same universe as Hecules!verse, as they do not share similar personalities, and for the brief times we saw Alflyse, she seemed more mature and allot more violent with words. I thought it would’ve been cool if we saw her battling with Malekith before she died instead of being in the background. (In Hercules!verse, she seemed all up for fighting, willing to go to war with her subjects; hence the armor.) And obviously she’s queen for a reason, so she like Malekith, probably killed a thousand Dark Elves too. (Unless she inherited the throne)

I like her Hercules!verse best. She had like a billion flaws, but I liked her quite well. She wasn’t an ruthless murderer as far as we knew. I don’t think she’s the best queen, but definitely a goodhearted Dark Elf.

algrimthestrong asked:

"Sire... why is there a rather disgruntled looking swamp shark in your bed? And is that the late Queen Alflyse’s negligee you’re wearing? I was under the assumption that it had long since been disposed of along with the rest of her extensive wardrobe. Why, I was not aware that your fondness for spider silk ran that deep – or was it perchance the lingering whiff of eau de Hercules that made you keep it? – though I must admit, it looks rather fetching on you."

“–Whatareyoutalkingaboutalgrim,” was the garbled reply that sounded from under Malekith’s arm that was currently (and not so artfully) had draped over his own face before he rolled onto his side– the perfect picture of  groggy mess of silver hair and exquisite spider silk. One leg was thrown out over the tossed sheets (the sand shark didn’t quite appreciate it), nd the Mage’s other arm was hanging limply over the edge of the bed still in posession of a goblet half filled with the Dove Gut’s tribes finest, home-brewed moonshine. 

Jus’leaveandclosethe–” Again Malekith found himself articulately incapable of separating his words, (his mouth too dry for too much dwarven corn whiskey and elderberry wine– all before the moonshine of course),before at least realisation had finally hit– and Algrim’s perplexing observations sank in.

Malekith shot upwards, eyes half lidded and one brow raised in confusion as he looked down, plucking at the ‘fetching’ negligee before glancing over his shoulder at the sandshark (was it glaring back?), who flopped irritably on his bed in response. “What in all of Hel did I do last night– wait– Algrim what day is it?” Judging by the oddness of the situation, the King was willing to wager he’d  probably spent more than one night partaking in the finest alcoholic beverages the Realms had to offer– before he was stealing dangerous beasts and trying on the dear, deceased Queen’s left over underwear.

With a telling lack of grace, the Accursed staggered from the bed, negligee on and all pride forgotten, as he stumbled towards the bathroom blearily. “If you so much as open your mouth again Algrim,” His stomach was twisting again, one hand shooting to his mouth as he inhaled deeply through his nose– before finishing his poorly delivered threat, “-I’ll feed you to the damn shark.”

How he managed to reach the bathroom in time to reacquaint himself with whatever alcohol was left in his guts was a mystery only the Norn’s themselves could solve.