mythology meme:  [2/3] mythical rulers

↳ alf of denmark and alfhild of geatland

Alfhild was the daughter of the Geatish king Siward; Alf was a Danish prince who wanted her hand in marriage and managed to pass the initial test of strength. Alfhild, however, had no desire to marry him then and there, and fled from home, electing to become a shield-maiden instead. She assembled a fleet of many ships with female crews and raided along the coasts of the Baltic sea. Eventually, Alf caught up with her near the shores of Finland, and she decided to lay down her weapons and go with Alf. 


Pictures from AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2011.

1. Crinoline dress, chiffon top, crochet leggins, lace-up leather boots by Yohji Yamamoto; Velvet knickerbockers by Dior.

2. Chiffon and jersey dress by D&G; Crinoline from National Theatre Costume Hire; Wide brim hat by Jaeyeon Lee

3. Sculpted top and hat by Jaeyeon Lee; Wool trousers by Ralph Lauren; Cotton bustle from National Theatre Costume Hire.

4. Layered tulle and satin gown by Vivienne Westwood Gold Label.

5. Cotton voile jumpsuit by Chanel; Layer face print tulle skirt by Alfhild Kulper.


Chelsea Brown

  •  36 x 48 inches
  • © 2012
  • Oil on Handmade Oak Panel

She-Wolf is a collection of new works that showcases the sword wielders, horde leaders and vengeful female warriors of fact and fiction. Chelsea’s illustrative portraits explore historical warrior culture and shines light on the zealous defiance and untamable fire that describes the Lady Hellraisers just as much as their male counterparts. The dramatic new works tell the stories of the epic violent exploits of unsung women with legendary combative skill, and re-imagine the feats of fictional fighters. 

Chelsea Brown’s illustrative works are inspired by both historical and fictitious acts of bravery, nerve and recklessness. Addicted to research, she has a pointed interest in ancient cultures and in the seemingly more passionate lives of past societies. She moved to San Francisco after earning a degree in Costume Design from UC Santa Barbara to follow her passion of drawing and painting.

On the plus side, even though Idolaf didn’t tell me anything helpful about Thorald Gray-Mane, I’m totally buddy-buddy with the Battle-Born clan now so they’re fine with me just strolling into their house.


Hey Alfhild. Now see, I might need something. And it might be some secret documentation about what happened to someone who belongs to a family your family is currently feuding with. But ah… That’s all hypothetical. Excuse me while I just sneak into this suspicious-looking room.

No no, don’t get up.


Damn right I have news! There was a report about him and well it’s probably a good thing you’re sitting down already because, ahem, the Thalmor may or may not be involved.

And by may or may not, I in fact mean DEFINITELY ARE.


Buddy, your mother is already worried sick about one son, I’m not gonna let you risk your life as well.

Also, what is that supposed to mean?!