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This is what Luca Barcellona, the 34 year old freelance designer and calligrapher from Milan has and what inspires him every day to give his best for typography. Letter are the main ingredient of his creations. While working with different materials and tools he says:”The means of my work is to make the manual skill of an ancient art as writing and the languages and instruments of the digital era coexist.” Famous for some work for Sony, Dolce&Gabbana, Nike, Volvo and like we see above for Carhartt, he left a big road from graffitti to calligraphy. We adore his work and the power of typography love he puts in it.

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Northern Letters

Some time ago we Matt Simpson from Northern Letters, a typography shop of art and homewares featuring designs based on letters and typography asked us to write something about. He has found NL in and around Manchester in the UK, where he has lived for the last eight years. As he said:”When I moved to Manchester I lived in a vibrant area of the city centre called the Northern Quarter, which is full of creative independent businesses including bars, shops, restaurants and exhibition spaces. I was fascinated by the range of styles of typography used for these businesses as well as lettering found engraved on many of the beautiful old buildings in the area.” Northern Letters was born out of a desire to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the city of Manchester, in particular the Northern Quarter. Although the choice is small but well selected we like to show you this shop for maybe a cool typography gift for easter. Have a look!

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Nigdy już się nie dowiem,
co myślał o mnie A.
Czy B. do końca mi nie wybaczyła.
Dlaczego C. udawał, że wszystko w porządku.
Jaki był udział D. w milczeniu E.
Czego F. oczekiwał, jeśli oczekiwał.
Czemu G. udawała, choć dobrze wiedziała.
Co H. miał do ukrycia.
Co I. chciała dodać.
Czy fakt, że byłam obok,
miał jakiekolwiek znaczenie
dla J., dla K. i reszty alfabetu.
— Wisława Szymborska
—  Wisława Szymborska

anonymous asked:

that ask that said you're bad at helping people with questions, that's so not true. you're so patient with everyone and give them categories that they're looking for, and a lot of people ask for really specific things and your blog is so big you've probably shared so many tattoos how do you know if you have exactly what they want? love your blog and your sense of humor, keep up the good work. and I can't wait for your iPhone app to come out!

I mean, there’s a page categorized, alfabetically arranged with a bunch of stuff and I still have to direct some people to the exact thing they want hahaha people, I will never understand them. thanks a lot dear and stay tuned :D xx