damn, i screwed up so much. like okay, at break time, like we were talking about this filipino celebrity. the filipino celebrity has the same last name as this guy in our school. my friend and two other people were talking about the celebrity and like we were only saying the last name of the celebrity. then the guy from our school’s friend like passed by us so me and my friend like shut up for awhile , but the other two people didn’t know that it was the friend so we were like still yelling out the last name. The friend is like those bitches who like to assume shit and then tell everyone of his friends. so like he might think that we were talking shit about his friend or like one of us likes his friend (my friend was a girl and so was one of the other people) or like whatever. as soon as he heard the last name, he starts drawing up conclusions based on assumption. i’m pretty pissed about it if like the friend talks shit to all his bitches about us.

- like holy shit, i don’t even know the friend or the guy from our school with the same last name as a filipino celebrity so like i don’t wanna start problems with people i don’t even know. and plus, the guy and the friend both take the same class with me so WTHHHHHHH #done