Goodbye Guys

Hey guys! It’s Jennifer here. Woah I sound like a dork.

Anyways, I want to say thank you for a great sophomore year. I wish we can spend summer together too but CAMBODIA HERE I COME. I can’t thank you all enough for putting up with me this year. I’ll honestly, seriously, truly miss you all. I’ll miss our laughter, humorous jokes & smiles. Let’s go down the list of the members of THE GROUP.

Alex Pham: Yeahs. I’ll miss you. I wonder if you’re even going to see this. LOL. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I’ll miss making fun of you for the next two months, but hey, have you ever been insulted from another country? I THINK NOT. :D I’ll miss being around you & stuff. Have fun and be safe :). QUIT STRIPING. AND SANTIAGO IS NOW ALLOWED TO TOUCH YOU IF HE SEES YOU LOL. :) Remember to always smile and be happy. 2months isn’t that long :)! (See how I tried to keep this as friendly as POSSIBLE?)

Andrew Trinh: I’ll miss you too. I’ll miss your humorous jokes and our deep sometime talks. Teehee. Take care of Tram for me. Quit striping with Alex. LOL.

Angela Do: Hey there ninja. I’ll miss your presence around me. I can’t believe you’re shorter than Edwin. No one is… but you now ):. I’ll miss your hugs. We need to hang out more and I hope you enjoyed your early birthday LOL. TEEHEE :)

Betty Vu: Hi Pole Lover <3 I’ll miss you LOTS. Hehe. I’ll miss our camera whoring for the next two months. ): Tomson better take care of you or else he’ll die ):< Muwhaha. I love you & miss you lots. Have fun here.

Cassia Gu: I rarely hung out, but I’ll miss you. Our hang outs with Johnny too. I hope you have a fun summer without your ninja mommy :(. I really don’t regret disowning Johnny for you.. LOLOL.

David Banh: Hey dude. Aren’t you glad you met us? Would you be able to dance and stuff? I GUESS NOT. I HOPE YOU GET OVER YOUR FEAR OF TALKING TO OTHER GIRLS DUDE. I’LL MISS YOU AND YOU’RE WEIRDNESS HEHEHE.

Edwin Tran: I’ll sadly miss you.. LOL.. Short boy. HAHA JUSTIN BIEBER WAS GETTING SOME WITH SELENA.

John Tu: Be strong for me dude. I know you been going through stuff and I’ll always be here. I don’t care if I am that far. Just IM me and I’ll be there ;) !

Johnny Nguyen: I’ll miss you raiding my house and keeping me company. I’ll miss venting to you about random stuff & baking with you :)! Be safe, and if you turn Alex even gayer, I am going to stab  you when I get back. LOL.

Matthew Du: Hey little man. Keep it safe with you know who. I’ll miss you hi’s :)!

Rainier Rivera: YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO FIGHT LOL. Just kidding I know you won’t. :)! I’ll miss hanging out with you and Alex and sometimes Betty <3; 4 of us and our adventures. Hehehe. <3;

Richie Nguyen: Hey there buddie. I’ll miss you too LOL. Quit being an ass. HEHEHE. BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN. QUIT WORRYING ME SOMETIMES. I hope you find your perfect girl.



Victor Giang: Hey son I decided to keep. LOL. Have fun and don’t think too much. I’ll seriously miss you and our jokes. Hehehe. QUIT BEING SO GAY. KTHANKS.


We have #Alexpham in da houseee ❤
Thank u so muchhhh, hope that we still have another chance to be ur student☺☺
Nhờ có sự rủ rê nhiệt tình của cô gái @ency.vcdz mà cta đã có một buổi tối max phởn :)))
En ni quẩy, ít nhất cũng làm thêm đc 1 việc mình tự nhủ “sẽ làm” 💃💃💃
Có insta nhưng k dám tag 😂
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Cr pic, vid: S.U.D crew (at S.U.D’s practice room)

August 16th, 2011: My Last Adventure With The Group

Author: Henry Nguyen

Do you know what sucks? That I’m leaving these incredible people that I grew close to over the past two to three months. It’s actually pretty sad, but at the same time I couldn’t be happier. I’m grateful to have met these people; I’m really glad that I went to that first BBQ back near the beginning of the summer. That’s when it all started for me.

But like most adventures, they come to an end. And today, I couldn’t have wished for anything better. I woke up at five in the morning just so I could go to Edwin’s house. After watching the news, Edwin woke up his aunt to take us to McDonald’s to buy breakfast and then we went to EV.

That’s when I met Regi - the guy that I’ve heard so much about from the dancers in the group. Edwin and me helped him with his book stuff until Richie and Matthew showed up. Everyone from that pointed started to show up to the school.

Second period came and I went with Richie to his math class. I thought it was amazing how nice his math teacher was. I’m jealous, actually really jealous throughout that period. I wished I had a teacher like that, and hopefully maybe I will when I start school.

Third period came and Dana, who was suppose to pick me up from the Quad stairs, never showed up. It was horrible, I waited for her and ended up going in the wrong building. Andrew Truong showed up a little bit afterwards and showed me where the gym was, where I waited for Dana to come out. I went in and out of the gym hella times and I still couldn’t find her and I finally gave up and waited outside.

The funny-ish part was that I did get caught today. Two college girls found me - I didn’t think they were college students at first. I thought they were administrators. I lied to them and told them I was lost, they tok me to the office and I told them I couldn’t go in. I told them a shorten version of the long story and they told me to roam around and keep looking like I’m lost. Yay! :D

Third period came and I went to Drama 1 with Johnny. Holy crap. I was going to shit my pants in that class. I got hella nervous because the teacher was making everyone do introductions. Luckily, he didn’t reach me. Honestly, I got hella nervous but then fourth period came.

I had art with Edwin and Santiago. That teacher, she looks mean as hell. Edwin, he makes me laugh too much during that class. Every time he opened his mouth, I was somewhat laughing or holding back. Edwin should be a comedian one day~ :D

I had U.S. History with Edwin, Rainier, and Angela afterwards. That was also kinda nerve wrecking also. But after that period, my nerves calmed down. Though, the look on Angela’s face when she saw me there made it priceless. She was like “O MY GAWD HENRY YOU’RE STILL HERE” surprised look on her face. It was priceless. If I got caught after that moment, it would’ve been so worth it.

Then last period came and I had English with Johnny, Victor, Regi, and Angela. We played a game where we were suppose to find people who has something that was in the box. Eh. I gave up on it shortly after it was given out.

At the end of the day, everyone as hella surprised to see that I made it throughout the whole seven / six periods. I was actually surprised myself. There were so many chances where I would’ve been caught, but I didn’t. Then Rainier took us to Tap-Express and yeah. I ended up hanging out with Richie and Johnny for the rest of the day.

Like I said, today was worth all the trouble and nervousness that it brought me. I’m going to miss everyone, even the people I just met for the day. Everyone who knew me from outside the group, I told them that I transferred over. Eh, they could figure out that I’m gone tomorrow. (:

Well, I guess I’ll see everyone in the group later - in 9 months! Victor is going to give birth to a baby in 9 months~ He better name it after me…

But yeah, I’m going to miss you guys. Thanks for the amazing summer! See you guys late ^-^ bai bai~