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Does it count if I throw rocks at your window, or hide on the balcony?

That’s fine, but you still need to get some candy. o v o

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//shows up in goat costume. or a chicken one. You know ily, Lui. @7@

Ily too, Myr. o v o

I had to really consider my response to this one.

I was in the same boat as you, six years ago. I’ll do for you what I wish someone had done for me. Do this: define “a good job”. Have as little in the way of student loans as you possibly can. All of the good wages in the world count for nothing if you’re spending half it every month to pay back loans for the next 20 years. 

And once you find what you want, stick to your guns. Don’t go to one of these places like DeVry, Lincoln Technical Institute, University of Phoenix, etc. They’re scams, of the worst sort.

Go to an ACCREDITED STATE UNIVERSITYI can’t stress that enough. U.S. degrees from accredited universities are some of the most highly regarded in the world, and are accepted in pretty much every country in the world. 

If it’s your desire to get a degree, power to you. I intend to, in the future, but not on my dime, at least not directly. I’ll be going on the Army’s dime. But just make sure you don’t get sucked into the huge catch-22 that most of us do: Pay more for a better degree so you can get better pay, but spend the better pay for the next 20 years paying off the student loan that got you the degree. In the end, the result is you make the same pay as you might’ve before, because the difference in pay grades is paying off your student loans. 

Just a thought.

  1.  alexnt said: I love my Blackwings. My street size is a 13, and my Blackwings are 12’s. The fit is a little tight, but perfect. Absolutely zero dead space in the shoe, and the rubber is AMAZING.

    Thanks for replying! Would you have gone up half a size if given the chance now? And were they super tight/painful to break in? From what I’ve read online most people seem to getting their street size or even half a size up!

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Try running an anti virus scan, viruses and the like tend to slow down machines. You also might was to try clearing out the cache/cookies in your internet browser, that might gain some extra speed as well. :)

i’m so dumb with computers, but thankfully my dad works with them for a living. i’ll just hand it to him when he has a day off and i’m sure he’ll take care of it. one time i tried to do an anti-virus and i’m pretty sure the thing i used was a virus and it was embarrassing.

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That baseball stadium is gonna the biggest flop in history, if it even gets built. This town can’t support a pro baseball team, much less a stadium. I wish they’d just keep Insights (many good memories) and City Hall as is.

Yes, this exactly. I really have no idea what the hell any of these guys are thinking. It’s just going to be one big giant waste of money and space and of course -we’ll- be the people that have to pay for it in the long run.

Not to mention that if they do build the stadium and they think it’s going well, they want to take down the convention center and Union Depot as well, apparently. In place of more pointless sports-oriented shit.