Interview with Alex Dimitrov for Cosmonauts Avenue

“Everything about making this book surprised me. It was my first one. And also the way my mind works, there’s an aesthetic on the page that has to come to me, but there’s also the visual aesthetic and sensibility that goes along with that, which is equally important to me. And I don’t mean the images in the poems necessarily but the moving images, the videos, the still images, the photographs that I associate with the book. Those are all part of it. I think very cinematically. Like the book trailer I made, for example. Or the shoot my friend Rachel Silveri and I did on the rooftop of my old apartment building in New York, in the Lower East Side. That’s part of the world of the book. The visual landscape I’m trying to create. The aura. It has to be there.” Read the full interview by Megan Fernandes here

Begging for It by Alex Dimitrov is available from Four Way Books

Review of “Begging for It” by Alex Dimitrov on The Volta Blog

“The collection reads with the ebb and flow of a good party.  And you know what? A good party has a hallowed place in literature.  This one is haunted by the spirits of Baudelaire, Rimbaud, and Oscar Wilde, as well as late arrivals Brigitte Bardot, James Dean, and, yes, even James Franco.” Read the full review by Safia Jama here

Begging for It is available from Four Way Books.

Two Poems by Alex Dimitrov and an Interview in "The Quietus"

Alex Dimitrov’s poems “Handsome View of a Lifetime” and “Night Call” are featured in The Quietus, click here to read them. He also had an interview with Richard Scott from The Quietus, which can be read here

Alex Dimitrov’s poetry collection Begging for It is available from Four Way Books

Reading Tonight in NYC with Cynthia Cruz and Alex Dimitrov

Tonight, January 6, at 7 pm, Cynthia Cruz (The Glimmering Room) and Alex Dimitrov (Begging for It) will be reading with Frank Sherlock and Wayne Koestenbaum at International Center of Photography (1133 Avenue of the Americas #1A) in NYC. Admission is free. RSVP is required. Co-Sponsored by International Center of Photography. 

The Glimmering Room and Begging for It are both available from Four Way Books

Cynthia Cruz and Alex Dimitrov Reading this Monday January 6

This Monday, January 6, at 7 pm, Cynthia Cruz (The Glimmering Room) and Alex Dimitrov (Begging for It) will be reading along with Wayne Koestenbaum and Frank Sherlock at International Center of Photography (1133 Ave of the Americas #1A) in NYC. Co-Sponsored by International Center of Photography. Admission is free. RSVP is required

The Glimmering Room and Begging for It are available from Four Way Books

The Rumpus Interviews Alex Dimitrov and Kate Durbin

“I’m using the city to get to strangers and read them poems. My chapbook American Boys and my book Begging for It are full of New York imagery. I suppose I think of the city as a character that’s constantly changing, much like I’m constantly changing.” Read more of The Rumpus’ interview with Alex Dimitrov’s and Kate Durbin.

Begging for It is available from Four Way Books

What's Happening Next Week?

Begging for It is available from Four Way Books

On Wednesday, October 8, at 6 pm, David Dodd Lee (Animalities) will give a poetry reading after a free public reception and gallery talk at Overbrook Theater (221 S. Quarterline Road) in Muskegon, MI. David Dodd Lee’s collages will be on display at Overbrook Gallery (across the street from the Overbrook Theater) from September 22 through October 31. 

Animalities is available from Four Way Books

Read an Article by Alex Dimitrov in "The Brooklyn Rail"

“Because art-making in my mind is haunted by this ‘special point,’ where what we know (our lives) and what we don’t know (what art attempts to give shape to, not fill in) meet, or maybe not, perhaps they touch or glance or mimic one another’s difference.” Read more of “Maybe I’m Just Simple, Real, and Human After All” by Alex Dimitrov (Begging for It).

Begging for It is available from Four Way Books.

"Begging for It" by Alex Dimitrov and "Hemming the Water" by Yona Harvey on "Top 40 Poetry Books of 2013" List by "Coldfront"

“There is a sense in many of the poems of trying to get in. Not just to belong, but to become.” David Eye from Coldfront says this of Begging for It by Alex Dimitrov which is 27th on Coldfront’s “Top 40 Poetry Books of 2013” list. Begging for It is available from Four Way Books

Another Four Way Books title, Hemming the Water by Yona Harvey, is 26th on the same list. John Deming from Coldfront says “her recurring insistence on a certain chaos at the center of consciousness and decision-making yields a startling clarity….” Hemming the Water is available from Four Way Books